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  • The Oppression Of Crimea

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    On March 18, 2014, Russian President Valdimir Putin announced the annexation of Crimea, two days after voters in this semi-autonomous territory approved a referendum on separating from Ukraine. Crimea is an eastern Ukrainian peninsula located on the Black Sea. It’s connected to the rest of the Ukraine by a small strip of land. “Ukraine screams ‘robbery’ while Russians and Russian Crimeans feel Crimea is ‘coming back home’,” (Hodgman, 3/28/2014). Cremia was absorbed into the Russian empire along with

  • U.S. Interests in Crimea

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    In a recent White House brief, President Obama called the Russian invasion of Crimea a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and international law. When assessing the Russo-Ukrainian crises in Crimea, the commander of European Command (EUCOM) and the Supreme Allied Commander of European Forces (SACUER) must account for U.S. interests in the region before deciding a proper course of action. This essay aims to assess four of the United States’ national interests through

  • Crimea: Paradise Divided

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    possession of any place, especially paradise, is anything other than a tenancy” (Newman, 2011).Crimea may be compared to paradise, the crowning glory of many an empire, and it is no wonder with its subtropical climate, fertile lands, soft meadows and sprawling coastline. But the very aspects that make an Eden out of the Crimean Peninsula have also been the causes of struggle and conflict. For it may be said that Crimea is a contested land in an identity crisis and is the subject of much debate still today

  • The Reasons for the Conflict in Crimea

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    Recently, a new conflict arose in Crimea, a Ukrainian territory, which has put the country on a cusp of a civil war. In addition, Crimea has become the peak of political tension between Russia and Ukraine because of the ethnic tension among Russians, Ukrainians, and the Tartars, and the weary relations between West and East. The recent situation is problematic for the future of Europe; the conflict will end either with peace or with a new Great War. Decisions made during the Cold War, a broken promise

  • Crimea-Whose Land is it Anyways?

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    Crimea - Whose Land is it Anyways? Imagine that all your life you have been immersed in the culture of your homeland and then your land is suddenly given to another country. You and your people are not represented by this country’s government what-so-ever and you have been forced to live under that country’s flag and leadership for 20 years. The new government created a regional governmental representation which has no power to get rid of unfair laws for your people. Suddenly one day the regional

  • Successful Accession of Crimea to Russia

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    and Crimea’s recent accession to Russia are events that clearly highlight the underlying sources of conflict in global politics. While Russia sees its actions in Crimea as a “reunification” and the respect for the right of self-determination, the West views it as a threat to European security and a violation of territorial integrity. Crimea has been a debatable topic from the time it came under the control of the Russian Empire in 1783 during the reign of Catherine the Great. The justification then

  • How Russia's Annexation Of Crimea Happened

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    happened. Russia made the move for Crimea, arguably one of many more to come, which will ultimately reinstate its place as an international superpower and a force to be reckoned with. To understand the events that led to this geopolitical decisions it is important to look into the history of the peninsula and later look at the repercussions it holds for the future. According to Taylor the Romans and Greek Empires initially referred it to as “Taurica”, and Crimea the name from which is commonly known

  • Comparing Putin to Hitler

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    annexation of Crimea, by leader Vladimir Putin, draws many historical comparisons to Adolf Hitler’s annexation of Sudetenland almost 76 years ago. Vladimir Putin, three term President of Russia, signed a document that officially acknowledged the "reunification" of the Ukrainian region of Crimea with Russia, after recently invading the region. He claims not only to have been invading the area for the good of the ethnic minority, but to also have been amending the historical blunder that gave Crimea to Ukraine

  • Media Portrayal of the Ukrainian Crisis

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    The future of the Ukraine is unpredictable as they have the influence of United States and they have a strong monopoly in the region and EU is also with U.S. And Russia is also strong enough to defend herself from all the sanctions and make the Crimea of Russia part. REFERNCES • • • http://www.aljazeera

  • The Crimean Crisis

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    new Ukrainian Government and seized the Crimea stating that it was only for "precautionary" measures (Mills). With the unrest that is happening in the Crimea, it is our job at Global Citizens to help. Many things could help but, the most effective way to help would be to build a website to help spread awareness. To help solve the conflict that is going on in the Crimea maybe Russia can decrease the amount of military power that it is sending into the Crimea, which will help lower death rate. The fact