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  • Social and Cultural Context of Yukio Mishima's Swaddling Clothes and Evelyn Sharp's The Game That Wasn't Cricket

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    As logical as this may sound, it is not altogether accurate: readers will recognise within the text ideas familiar to their own context. This is particularly true in the short stories “Swaddling Clothes” by Yukio Mishima and “The Game that wasn’t Cricket” by Evelyn Sharp. Written in Japan in the 1960s, “Swaddling Clothes” deals with the great western modernisation of the nation and the effects this had on its society. The loss of respect for morality that shows up in the story is one thing that readers

  • Globalization and Culture

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    justification whether globalization is good or not depends on what is being globalized and the perspective of an individual. I would like to look two case studies of globalization, Karen Hansens, Salaula; the world of secondhand clothing and Zambia, and Cricket in the Trobriand Islands to asses the relationship between Globalization and Culture. Karen Hansens findings in Salaula; the world of secondhand clothing and Zambia, explores the journey in which donated clothes in MEDC countries embark. From the

  • Kohi Case Study

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    Kohli – The next big thing in International Cricket With business; organizational excellence is measured in terms of profits, targets, steady growth rate even at times of sluggish nature of market. Similarly, Kohli sets targets with every passing season. Goes about his business like a shrewd businessman, execute plans to win matches for India, perform during tough times and while doing so; improves his numbers, reaches excellence in every aspect. With the Midas touch; Kohli is winning with the

  • Sports History Related to Gender: Annotated Bibliography

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    For this assignment, I am going to analyze 3 different articles relating to how gender has had an impact on sport through history and how this has affected sport in the modern society. Sport has always been the prerogative of the male. A double standard exists in society. Males are socialized to use their bodies to please themselves. While females are socialized to use their bodies to please others. Physical prowess, team sports, thats (always been) male turf. (Harris, D, 1987.) The first article

  • Importance Of Protecting Intellectual Property

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    brand name. Ther... ... middle of paper ... ...aming their business “Kricket”. GSM Cellular even misused Cricket Communication’s trademark and logo by imprinting the latter’s Intellectual Properties on signs, banners, posters, retail displays and store vehicles. Cricket Communications Inc. was aware and has been placing GSM Cellular on notice for their actions of infringing the Cricket Communications’ intellectual property rights, their legal counsel took a further step and attempted to resolve

  • Buddy Holly’s Influence on Rock n’ Roll Music

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    variety of percussion instruments, and electric bass. Although Holly’s music career was short lived, the amount of music he produced is very impressive. As a songwriter, he is famous for developing his own material. It is in his songs and his band, The Crickets, that we truly see Buddy Holly’s unique musical personality. Holly also appeared to be a vocalist and instrumentalist, playing bass and guitar on almost all his songs. “Buddy Holly played rock and roll for only a few short years, but the wea...

  • Chak De! India

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    males the practice of a national sports is the country’s symbol of the evolution of Indian modernity. Appadurai states, “The means of modernity contained in cricket require a confluence of lived interests where cricket producers and consumers can share the excitement of ‘Indiannes’ without its many divisive scars” (Appadurai, 179). Like Cricket, Field Hockey introduced to India by the British during the colonialism of the Indian empire. Thus, in the Indian context these sports produce an unexpected

  • Assignment F

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    over seas with the army, and during that time they came across a young Korean, nick named Cricket, who was digging through the trash in search of anything useful for his family that might help them survive. His unit gave Cricket a job in the kitchen cooking and sent him home with some sort of pay be it food or money. After a while my Grandfather was approached by his Sargent who asked if he could teach Cricket English being he had asked to learn, and my Grandfather agreed. At the time there were no

  • Eating Bugs Advantages

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    Bugs? Yes, bugs! These small vertebrates have been around longer than we have. In many countries today, it is still a tradition to eat bugs like silkworms and crickets, but in most modern societies today, eating bugs is frowned upon and is thought as a taboo. Nevertheless, crucial studies have shown that by 2030, bugs will be an essential protein source for you, me, and the rest of the world. Will you be ready? Although most of us squirm and shriek whenever we lay our unfortunate eyes on a bug,

  • Swot Analysis Of Sports Industry

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    tournaments, teams and individual players, buy their media and merchandising rights in return of advertisement during the tournaments. The firms use sports as a marketing tool for their products. For example Gillette took on board several famous tennis, cricket and other games players to market its men grooming products. Some specific firms involved with sports have a direct relation with sports industry. These companies exist as they make products relevant to sports industry only. For example Nike provides