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  • The Long Term Effects of Concussions in Children

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    We have all heard of the term “sports injury”. Usually an accident that occurs when engaged in a sport, the ideal can apply from something as frustrating as a rolled ankle to the more debilitating shock of a broken arm. Yet the fact remains that these physical ailments will heal, and properly, if they are treated properly. But what about concussions? What are the long term effects? In her brief editorial in TIME magazine, Alexandra Sifferlin explores the effects of concussions and specifically how

  • Adolescent Brain Development And Underage Drinking By Marisa Silveri Summary

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    highly credible source, and improves the author’s chance of making the point really stick. The article is easy to follow, and split up in subcategories that each cover a specific point the author is trying to make. Professor Silveri, with great credibility, uses logic and also emotional appeal to effectively convince the reader that alcohol use affects the brain negatively, and the importance to discourage the excessive consumption of alcohol by adolescents. Using logic and

  • The Negative Effects Of Sexualization In The Media

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    The purpose of this paper is to describe the extreme damage caused through sexualization in the media. The question at hand is, what are the damaging effects on women that is influenced through the media? This of course meaning, exactly what are the impacts on daily life that women suffer as a result of sexualization presented in everyday media. Therefore, this would lead to the hypothesis that the media is influencing the sexualization of girls and causing the negative effects and that the null-hypothesis

  • What Is Mutual Respect And Mutual Responsibility?

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    and suggestions have value just like I have, or do individuals merely exist for my using them as needed (Arbinger, 2010). In order to create a conducive climate that promotes mutual success and understanding, the leader must demonstrate personal credibility (as discussed earlier), while also building trust with the people who are on their team (Franklin Covey, 2008b) by acknowledging and honoring them as people who deserve dignity respect and care. With this new paradigm of “seeing others” in place

  • Research Proposal

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    mode of information processing that requires less cognitive effort and fewer cognitive resources” than systematic processing. Based on the heuristic view of persuasion, recipients who are less motivated rely on simple decision rules (e.g. source credibility, other people's opinions, or the length of a message) and use mental shortcuts to judge their validity and make decisions, whereas highly motivated recipients process information systematically, who actively attempt to put comprehensive effort to

  • Music is a Huge Part of Our Lives

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    Whether we realize it or not, music is a huge part of our life. I love listening to music; I listen to it in the car, between classes, during gym, at home, basically everywhere. Music can influence us to feel a certain way. It can make us sad, happy or to cause us to reminisce. Musically, I am very narrow-minded; I only like a couple of genres, and the rest I do not really care for. One of the genres I have never really liked is classical music; it either makes me feel sleepy or very bored. However

  • Two Articles on the Motives and Mind of a Serial Killer

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    The mind of a serial killer can be very interesting in being able to find out what makes them want to do what they do. Knowing if someone was abused as a child and if this makes them more likely to become a serial killer or not become a serial killer is something I was very curious to learn about. Something that happens in a person’s childhood can affect the way they act when they become adults. I found two sources talking about childhood abuse and serial killers. The first source was an internet

  • Web Credibility

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    Web Credibility Visualize the following scenario for a moment: You have entered what appears to be a library. The tens of thousand of rows and stacks of books seem endless. They are the focal point, an overwhelming, cartoonish image. The shelves seem ever-expanding by turns, and sag under the weight of the multi-colored volumes represented by all colors, forms and textures imaginable. There are some signs on the shelves that call out topics: Medicine, Science, Literature. Something is missing

  • Credibility of Newspapers

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    Credibility of Newspapers Newspapers have been seen to be a reliable source since 1704, this was an American newspaper called the Boston newsletter. Britain's population is around 60million, of these about 10 million read newspapers daily , and many million more read electronic newspapers. The amount of online newspapers created has doubled since 1999, and the amount of people viewing them has rose by a phenomenal 350%. I am going to analyse the statement that ‘'you cannot believe a word you

  • Honesty And Credibility In Communication

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    Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. The formula for credibility is that both elements of objectivity as well as subjectivity should be present in the source or the message or the concerned individual. The primary dimensions of credibility are trustworthiness and expertise. Both these dimensions have objective and subjective components and these components are in integral part of formula for credibility. It is more associated with perceived quality, value, influencing leadership