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  • Counter-Terrorism Strategy

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    Counter-terrorism strategy has been a key issue since September 11, 2001. Daniel Byman posits, “Most elements of counter-terrorism strategy address one of two different goals: disrupting the group itself, and its operations; or changing the overall environment to defuse the group’s anger or make it harder to raise money or attract recruits” (pg. 121). However, there are some fundamental flaws concerning these simplistic, straightforward approaches. Byman analyzes seven strategic options to combat

  • Counter-Terrorism

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    there have been many controversial ideas on how to prevent terrorism. Some people have the idea that the only way it can be handled is through military action and others say that only its people within the region can convince them to stop terrorist acts. Terrorism has been going on for many centuries and will continue for many centuries more. The real question is, is there other alternative methods besides military action to prevent terrorism and if not can the governments continue to fund the military

  • 9/11 and Counter Terrorism

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    DB 2 Bell, A.M. (2013). Colorado Technical University: CJUS675 - 01 Special Topics in Criminal Justice, Professor Michael Railey. Retrieved from IP4 Counter-Terrorism: History, Strategy and Tactics (n.d.). Retrieved from Hoffman, H. (2004). Retrieved from Hurlbert, H. & Lamond, J. (2011). p. 2. Lessons in counterterrorism ten

  • The inefficiencies within Counter- Terrorism

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    rarely publicized inefficiencies in counter terrorism efforts. In this essay I will argue how many of many of the current counter terrorism efforts have been unsuccessful. Specifically looking at why there is a gap of influence on non-combatants because of focus on physical acts of Counter Terrorism instead of the growing ideological support towards the Al-Qaeda initiative despite their malicious acts of terror. Another reason for the ineffectiveness of counter terrorism tactics is because of the inability

  • Essay On Counter Terrorism

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    Civil Liberties and Counter Terrorism By: Jordan Drage (301166788) Assignment 2 - Final Draft POL 101 W – Andrew Heard In recent decades terrorism has fueled many global conflicts and played a pivotal role in domestic and international politics. Domestic policies to combat terrorism continue to be hotly debated worldwide as the lines between freedom and security continue to blur. With an almost propagandistic anti-terrorism message being advertised throughout much of the developed world, one must

  • Effects Of Counter Terrorism

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    Decapitation: Better Scenario of Counter-Terrorism. Since the beginning of 21st century the word “terrorism” became a popular issue nearly in all over the world. The incident at the world trade center in the United States on September 11, 2001 awoke the world about the peril of terrorism. Threatened by the attacks, the US called for the United Nations to be involved once again in the fight against terrorism. In response to the request, the United Nations launched its second, more extensive campaign

  • The Information Technology behind Counter-Terrorism

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    The Information Technology behind Counter-Terrorism The information technology behind counter-terrorism saves American lives. In the weeks after 9/11, President Bush authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct plethora of surveillance activities inside the United States, which had been barred by law and agency policy for decades prior. When the NSA’s spying program was first brought to public knowledge by the New York Times in 2005, President Bush admitted a small aspect of the program—what

  • Counter Terrorism Unit

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    Introduction *Note: information concerning the formation of the CTU is fictional Terrorism is one of the greatest concerns of the 21st century. It is a method that has been embraced by many groups with many different ideologies. It has the potential of causing major devastation, especially with the specter of acts of nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorism. There have been many references by both the media and politicians to a “War on Terror,” and if we are to characterize this as a war

  • Border Security and Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Measures

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    Border Security and Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Measures ABSTRACT: The United States and the European Union share common values, economic interests, and security challenges. The expansion of the European Union into the countries which were under the Soviet sphere of influence continues to complicate the internal border security of the European Union. Given the liberalization of trade within the EU and in turn into the US, the port and border security of each trading partner is connected

  • Challenges for US Counter-terrorism Efforts

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    Challenges for US Counter-terrorism Efforts As a direct consequence of September 11, a number of substantial challenges lie ahead in the area of counter-terrorism..   The most prominent of these is the changing nature of the terrorism phenomenon.  In past years, when terrorism was largely the product of direct state sponsorship, policymakers were able to diminish prospects for the United States becoming a target using a combination of diplomatic and military instruments to deter potential state