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  • Developing Ideas on How To Counsel Children

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    effective counseling skills. This article also offers modifications of basic skills to make them more applicable to the needs of children. Next, addressing children’s special characteristics on counseling is discussed. Building trust in the relationship, maintaining a facilitative counselor, and using questions appropriately is discussed in full detail. This article is targeting counselors, parents, and children. Professional Revelence This article enhances issues related to the counseling profession

  • Structural Theory and Solution-Focused Brief Theory

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    Brief Theory Theories As a marriage, couple, and family counselor, theories are used to help guide individuals, couples, and families. Theories help with the development of relationships, strengthen connections, and improves negative behavior. Counseling clients will not only help them, but it will also improve the development of the counselor’s practice. Comparison of Structural Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Structural therapy focuses on the family as a whole. It is concerned about

  • Role Of Counseling In Counseling

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    group with the aim of finding solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil. Counseling is to ultimately improve individual’s courage and self-esteem. A perfect counselor is one who is aware of contemporary society relating to people's culture, race, and so on. The complexity of the world's culture has made the need to familiarization with people’s culture relevant in the administration of effective counseling. The essence of this is the fact that culture affects people’s ways of doing things

  • Greg Dawson and the Psychology Class

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    Introduction Although Biblical or nouthetic counseling has existed as a modern movement since Jay Adams first published Competent to Counsel in 1970, it still needs describing to many in Christian ministry. In Greg Dawson and the Psychology Class Jay Adams explains the difference between Biblical and Christian counseling in a fictitious setting. Jay Adams needs little introduction in any Biblical Counseling context. Adams is a retired professor, author and speaker, he has written more than 100

  • A Productive and Independent Life

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    Fourth Edition. Florida: Krieger Publishing, 2007. 310. Print. • Crenshaw, David A., Bereavement: Counseling the Grieving Throughout the Life Cycle. Wipf & Stock Publishers, August 2002. Print • Vaillant, George E. Aging Well. First Edition. New York, NY: Little Brown and Company, 2003. 384. Print. • Simon, Joel, MSW ACSW BCD. Solution Focused Practice in End-of-Life and Grief Counseling. First Edition. Springer Publishing Company, October 2009. Print. • Sanders, Catherine M., Grief:

  • What Are the Career Doldrums?

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    What Are the Career Doldrums? The notion of the career doldrums is not a new one. Individuals have suffered from the symptoms associated with this concept for as long as jobs and careers have existed. What is new is the more open acknowledgment of the phenomenon. Judith Waterman, a career counselor in San Mateo, California, has seen her client base change significantly during the last 20 years. After beginning with reentry women in the 1970s, Waterman reports that "during the 1980s, [she] was

  • Ron's Assessment and Educational Plan

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    Vocational Psychology and Career Development. Rotterdam, NLD: Sense Publishers Salomone, P. (1996). Career counseling and job placement: Theory and practice. In E. M. Szymanski & R. M. Parker (Eds.), Work and disability: Issues and strategies in career development and job placement (pp. 365-414). Austin, TX: PRO-ED. Stewart, J. (1999). Ethical Issues in Career Counselling. Guidance & Counseling, 14(2), 18 – 22 Super, D. E. (1990). A life-span, life-space approach to career development. In D. Brown

  • Non-Profit Marketing Plan

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    I. Executive Summary Grief Counseling Center (GCC) is a non-profit organization established to provide counseling services for individuals who are suffering the loss of a family member. Services will be provided at a nominal fee. The Founder of GCC not only believes in the need for this service, but also is willing to devote his time and money to help those suffering from grief. Grief Counseling Center provides mental health services for a diversified clientele. Clientele ranges from young children

  • Careers in Human Services

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    through trying to get clean and maintain her recovery. The challenges of choosing this area of human services would be the fact that a lot of client will relapse and have to start over again. If a person is ordered by a judge to attend substance abuse counseling, the client most likely is not ready or willing to actively participate in the recovery process. These can be the frustrating, but the success of the client in achieving sobriety and success in the other areas of their lives are the rewards of hard

  • Terminating A Counseling Relationship Or A Counseling Session

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    Terminating a Counseling Relationship or a Counseling Session For many clients, the experience of counseling may be viewed as an advantageous relationship that has not only assisted them in modifying their cognition and behavior, to a more rational approach but has allowed them to encounter alternative solutions that can provide a new way of living. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and when clients exemplify that their goals have been attained, the counseling relationship must be