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  • Solution Focused Counseling Interventions

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    my counseling journey to have a mentor. Because of that mentor relationship I feel that I have the benefit to find a counseling perspective that undoubtedly works more me. That counseling model is Solution Focused Therapy, which is a pragmatic approach that focuses on problem solution or management by the most efficient route. Brief counseling does not espouse the notion of ‘cure’ or have character change as one of its goals (Burwell & Chen, 2006, p. 191). The article I found in Counseling Psychology

  • Grief Counseling

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    Having come so far through our loss and grief, we have gained something. There comes a special calmness and depth to our soul that we never knew before. This calmness is not something we wish for anyone because it is born of terrible hurt and pain. We are able to smile again now – perhaps not as bright and innocent as it once was – but smile all the same. In losing the innocence we once had we have gained a compassion and gentle strength that would never have been gained any other way. We now

  • Grief Counseling

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    Two dear friends of mine contracted cancer. Both had tumors removed before, had received treatment, and gone into remission earlier in their lives. Russ was given months to live – he had a terminal diagnosis. About the same time, my dear friend Terry was told her cancer had returned, and had spread. A few months later, Russ had a miracle. The cancer was gone, and he once again went into remission. The doctors even stated it was a miracle. They had no explanation for his recovery. Terry’s cancer

  • My Life, My Style, My Counseling Framework

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    My counseling path at this point has involved private practice. As well, in the near future I am anticipating continuing on in the private sector. As a result of experience and education I have a connected with a constructivist modality of counseling. This modality assert that individuals create their own reality based on their understanding of, and participation, in their previous experience. As well it poses that clients’ whole environment, and the interactions within it, influence behavior.

  • Grief Counseling

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    How many times have you heard a person talk about getting closure? The conversation usually goes something like this: “It is good that they are having a funeral service in a few days so the family can get closure.” Or maybe something like this, “Now that they have made it through the first year without their loved one, they should have closure.” We should note that the second year is actually often more difficult emotionally than the first year. We will talk more about the second year grief in

  • Grief Counseling

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    No one wants to have to go through grief. Going through grief means something has happened to break our hearts. This most commonly means we have lost a loved one to death. None of us are immune to grief hitting us at some point in our lives. One of the most difficult times to be going through grief can be during the holidays. Everyone wants us to be upbeat, and happy. They want us to be cheerful and celebrate the holidays. But if we are going through a tough time, we may not want to be cheerful

  • Grief Counseling

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    Our minds are remarkable things. God created us in such a way that we can remember things that happened to us as a small child. Yet we can forget what we had for breakfast this morning. Our grief may cause us to dwell on the details surrounding the death of our loved one. The nearer we are to the passing the harder it is to remember the good times we had together. We may have to work at it to remember the memories we made in life especially when the grief is new. It is healing for us to remember

  • Alaina, A Career Counseling Study

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    which can affect how she feels from day to day. Her medication helps keep her moods stable, but she is not able to have real joy about anything. This can affect how she views in occupations and how she performs in that job. This can also affect the counseling relationship in the way that the counselor will have a difficult time trying to gauge if she likes the career choices that have been chosen and if the counselor is going in the right direction for this client. Her mood disorder can crate career

  • Essay On Grief Counseling

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    Introduction Grief counseling, or also known as bereavement counseling is a kind of counseling where it deals with individuals who are reacting to trauma related grief. One of the characteristics of bereavement counseling as mentioned in Wheeler-Roy and Amyot (2004)’s guide is that bereavement counselors have to see the bereaved people as teachers, the bereaved are the own experts on their grief, thus it should be the bereaved that would be teaching the counselors on their experience. A bereaved

  • Grief Counseling

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    No one can tell you that how you are grieving is right or wrong. Everyone grieves differently. However, we often care so much about what other people think that we will try to model the way we mourn by other people’s opinions. Society has a certain unspoken belief that everyone’s grief should fit a certain shaped mold. It’s as if they take a big wad of dough – roll it out – and grab their grief shaped cookie mold. They stamp out a bunch of grief shaped cookie dough, and they say, “There! This