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  • Assessment of Two Magazine Articles

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    Assessment of Two Magazine Articles Looking at the studied articles “Lohan behold” by ‘sugar’ magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan and “I don’t need to take care of a man to be happy” by ‘cosmopolitan’ featuring Jennifer Lopez we see the main purpose of the 2 articles are to sell the celebrities lives, and meeting the purpose by entertaining their audience. The title in ‘sugar’;“Lohan behold” is automatically promotes herself , it is in a rough, somewhat untamed font and cuts through the

  • Judging a Woman by the Cover of Her Magazine

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    jumping to conclusions and stereotyping. If we had to say who is the more intellectual from the choice of a reader of Cosmopolitan and a reader of the Financial Times, the vast majority of us would vote in favour of the Financial Times reader. What our answer should be is “you should not judge, based on this information alone.” Let’s look at February’s issue of Cosmopolitan - the first thing that draws your attention is the stunning Mischa Barton who is this month’s cover girl. With the

  • cosmopolitanism

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    tolerance for religious differences. Appiah says that we should be careful about such fundamentalist groups and he rejects that type of universal community because they led to murder and we can learn a lesson from the history of war in Europe. His “cosmopolitan theory believes in universal truth. It is realistic that how hard is the truth to find. Once truth we hold, however, is that every human being has an obligation to every other, everybody matters: that is our central idea. And it sharply limits

  • The Drastically Change of Technology Over the Years

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    ). The role of newspaper in the modern society. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from K., T. (2009, August 20). Cosmopolitan Magazine and Gender Stereotypes. Yahoo Contributor Network. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from Willett, M. (2013, December 2). 25 Books That Changed The Course Of History. Business Insider. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from http://www

  • The Skeptic Theory of Morality in International Relations

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    to prudential reasons that serve the self interest of the state. During that I will give a brief explanation of Skepticism as a theory of morality in international relations. Following that I will explore ethics in the Morality of States and Cosmopolitan schools of thought in comparison to Skepticism. Skepticism: Skepticism, often known as realism, is one of the oldest perspectives to observe ethics in international relations. The basic premise of international skepticism is that states are

  • cosmopolitanism

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    importance and scholars of cosmopolitan thinking about the mutual responsibilities are arising in the global and International World. Cosmopolitanism promotes positive treatment towards differences, having great desires to construct a broad devotion and peaceful global community of citizens who should be able to communicate across cultural, social boundaries and universal solidarity. According to German scholar Voltaire in a characteristic conversation of the ideal “Cosmopolitans… regard all people of

  • scent of women

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    magazine targeted to teens, the girl in the ad is young looking, which would relate to teens. As for older women, it would appeal to them as well so they too can feel young and fresh again. Another ad for a Clinique perfume is for “Simply,” found in Cosmopolitan magazine. The name of the perfume alone, says it all. The ad shows a bottle of the “Simply” perfume set on top of a table with a woman’s fingertips lingering on top of the bottle. This ad doesn’t even use a woman’s face, which is a different approach

  • Christian Influence on Shanghai

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    cosmopolitanism today. In addition, Shanghai is comparatively more friendly towards Christianity than other Chinese cities, which enhances Shanghai's appeal to prospective Christian immigrants. Furthermore, the presence of foreign religions create a cosmopolitan essence to Shanghai's community. Christianity was an important part of Shanghai's transformation into a worldly multicultural city since the beginning of this process. Christian missionaries were a major component of Shanghai's first connections

  • By referring closely to J B Priestley’s account of Bradford, explain

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    from, what might seem like, conflicting ideas. These ideas contribute to what Priestley calls Bradford’s odd quality. The character of Bradford, in 1933, when Priestley was writing, was made up of two extremes, provincialism and that of a cosmopolitan city. Provincialism remained in Bradford, firstly because the railway went to Leeds and not to Bradford and therefore the city didn’t get much new trade, such as any other manufacturing and/or greater educational opportunities. As this was

  • Fitch The Homelessness And The Homelessness

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    such as anorexia and bulimia. Bartsch mentions magazines and states that, “They are telling girls that they need to be skinny to get a boyfriend, to be popular, and to be happy.” She mentions the magazines she refers to are: Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue. “You read these magazines and they all have skinny models” (Bartsch).