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  • Animal Testing Essay

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    the country. Animal testing as a means of researching medical advancements and product quality for consumers is a large problem in today’s society. The research experiments executed with animals in the name of scientific discovery call into question the compassion and integrity of the human spirit. If we do not put an end to animal testing in the United States, many animals will suffer in anguish through the torment inflicted upon them in a product testing lab. Product testing on animals should be

  • Animal Experimentation

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    that” (Britain: Tweaking the Experiments; Animal Testing). Imagine the world without the essential vaccines that are used to promote healthy humans, but that is the world without animal experimentations. The lack of animal experimentations is the lack of vaccines which would cause many illnesses that would also lead to losing countless numbers of lives. In addition, society has been more dependable upon cosmetics; therefore, the demand of cosmetics promotes animal experimentations to insure on the

  • Animal Testing Proposal

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    Millions of animals are being unneedlessly tested on for cosmetics, even though there are plenty of alternatives available and most of the results are unreliable or not applicable to humans. Although the fight against animal testing has made huge progress recently, America has yet to stop this cruel practice and chooses to torture animals while other countries are making a stop to the testing (“Animal Testing 101”). Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals

  • Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

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    Animal testing is the unethical process of forcing unwilling living creatures into often painful or deadly experiments. This process of animal torture is allowed to continue because society’s attitude about animals is very mixed. Many people regard animals- commonly dogs, cats, birds and fish- as their pets and “family members” while companies view test animals as a renewable source of income. So it is believable that among the most commonly tested animals are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and small

  • Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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    Every year in laboratories, hundreds, upon thousands, upon millions of animals are used, abused, plagued, diseased, and mercilessly killed for testing. On animals, people called, “vivisectors,” test loads of products, such as cosmetics, cleaning chemicals, medicines, warfare supplies, and pesticides on animals. The animals that are most commonly used are rabbits, guinea pigs,and mice, but they also tend to use other animals such as dogs, cats, cattle, swine, chickens, monkeys, reptiles, and many

  • Disadvantages Of Animal Testing

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    Furthermore, most companies test cosmetic products on animals before they are sold to the public to ensure the safety of the consumers. “Tests that use animals to assess the safety of cosmetic and personal care products- such as lipstick, mascara, and cologne- are still extremely common in the United States.” (, p.1) Although the testing of new ingredients before being sold to the public is mandatory, it is not required to be done on animals. Companies test their products on animals

  • Against Animal Testing

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    named fluffy would you wont some one to test medicine or cosmetic on your pet so why let them on some one else. Today I am going to tell you why animals testing is wrong, what the drug and cosmetic companies do to these poor creatures. Drug testing on animals is unnecessary because animal‘s body never reacts to drug like humans. Drug and cosmetic companies are the biggest animal tester. They have a lot of drug recalled because animal testing didn’t show that they where harmful. It is just a waste

  • Results of Animal Testing

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    animal testing. Because testing on animals has become a law throughout the world, a lot of scientists have not realized the immortality that has been put upon the animals. Is it fair to test cosmetics and potential carcinogens on animals? During each year, millions of animals are tested on for biomedical research, chemical testing and training (Lee Bowman 2011). Testing cosmetics and chemicals on animals is catastrophic because it is abusive, detrimental and carcinogenic. Testing cosmetics and chemicals

  • Overview of Estee Lauder

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    tremendous amounts of growth despite economic challenges faced throughout the globe. Annually, people in the United States spend eight billion dollars on cosmetics alone. (Matters of Scale- Spending Priorities, 1999) Estee Lauder is a pioneering company that is internationally known for its cosmetics. The company has made major contributions to the cosmetics industry for the sixty-seven years that it has been in business. Estee Lauder was established in 1946 by a woman named Josephine Mentzer who had an

  • Animal Testing Essay

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    thousands of animals are euthanized due to animal testing such as cosmetic testing, medical testing, and dissection. (A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation) (Types of Animal Testing) Some of the things we use every day such as; make up, soap, furniture polish, and varieties of cleaning supplies, are tested on rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and other animals. (Animal Testing) Cosmetic testing is used to test a product and its ingredients, medical testing finds cures for different illnesses; and dissection