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  • Oedipus Fatherhood

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    ..nately both Cory and Oedipus make it of their ordeals alive, but they are both mightily scarred for life. Oedipus physically loses both of his eyes once he finds out what he done to his real father and mother. If any of his other father figures had informed him who he was, that wouldn’t have happened. Cory has to deal with never being able to see his father again and also knowing that his father died without them reconciling their relationship. However a minor difference for Cory rather than Oedipus

  • Analysis Of Fences

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    The brothers’ relationships with their father run in opposite directions. In Act I Cory struggles to obey his father while Lyons doesn’t hesitate to discount Troy’s opinion. By Act II Lyons is embracing Troy’s views, praising him, and even reciting his mantra, while Cory is desperate to defy orders even from beyond the grave (2.5.85-96). Ironically, it is Lyons’ distance from Troy that allows him to grow closer to him. He sees

  • Character Analysis of August Wilson's Fences

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    Perhaps the most important and fulfilling relationship a man can be involved in is one with his own flesh and blood. At the beginning of the play, we learn that Troy has two sons, Lyons and Cory. Lyons is Troy's son by a previous marriage and Cory is Troy's son by his current marriage. Neither Lyons nor Cory share a close relationship with their father and Troy is mostly to blame for that. Looking at Troy's relationship with his eldest son, Lyons, you can immediately see that their relationship is

  • Baseball as a Plot and a Metaphor: The play, Fences by August Wilson

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    with his son Cory. Cory wants to become a football player but Troy disagrees. Cory gave up his job and school studies to focus on football but Troy doesn’t like this and he kicks him out of the house. During all of this, Troy is dealing with racial prejudice at his work. His boss will not allow blacks to drive the garbage trucks, but after Troy’s pleading, his boss allows him to drive the truck and he becomes the first black man to drive a truck in the entire city of Pittsburgh. Cory leaves the house

  • fences

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    speedy slugger, lost much more with age than Paige did. Troy’s failure to make it to the MLB affected those around him and himself, for the rest of his life. His son, Cory, wants to play college football and is being recruited by a prestigious school. Troy fears his son will face the same trials and tribulations he faced, and opposes Cory playing any sport at a high level. This is selfish of Troy to hold back his son because of his own past. Troy’s past is the general influence baseball has in Fences

  • The Relationship Between Fences By August Wilson

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    Fences, a low diction play by August Wilson, expresses the complex relationship between a father and his sons. Troy Maxson, once a baseball star on a Negro League, is now envious of his son Cory who dreams of having a successful football career. Troy also worries that Cory will be treated with the same disrespect that he (Troy) once was during his baseball career. Lyons, Troy's eldest son, is completely misunderstood by Troy, mostly because of his refusal to get a “real” job and his drive to become

  • Edwin Arlington Robinson Analysis

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    Edwin Arlington Robinson, the author of the world renown poem “Richard Cory”, was born in Head Tide, Maine on December 22, 1969. Robinson’s early difficulties led many of his poems to have a dark suspicion and his stories to deal with an American life gone bad. At the age of 21, Edwin entered Harvard University as a special student. He took classes in English, French, and Shakespeare, as well as one on Anglo-Saxon that he later dropped. Robinson’s desire while studying was to be published in the

  • fences paper

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    relationships discussed in the play are between Troy and Cory, Troy and Lyons, and Troy and his father. All of these unsatisfactory relationships show the reader how complex life can be even for ordinary people. The characters Troy and Cory have a very interesting relationship. In the beginning of the text, they seem to have a neutral relationship, but underneath it is much more complex and interesting. As Cory’s father, you would think that Troy would love Cory and want him to do what is best for him, however

  • Act one Scene 3 of Fences

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    scene three opens with Cory coming home from football practice and his mother Rose letting him know that his father is upset with him. Cory then lets her know that his father, Troy, has told him that they were going to work on the fence for the past five Saturdays, and Troy always ends up doing something else. Then Cory goes off to eat lunch and do his chores, this is when Troy enters the house and yells at Cory to come help him build the fence. In the midst of the build Cory ask Troy why haven’t they

  • A Discussion of a Father and Son Relationship in the Play Fences

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    play Fences. Throughout the play we are amerced into this complex connection of Troy and his two sons, Cory and Lyon. Additionally, we see a slight picture of the relationship between Troy and his father through the lens of Troy. Troy is overtaken with bitterness and he is convinced that his color makes him powerless. This mentality of powerlessness streams into the lives of Troy’s youngest son, Cory. Moreover, it is evident that this mentality was passed down from Troy’s father. Socio-cultural issues