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  • USC MSFinance Application essay

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    since the child is in his early growth stage, a high level of growth is undertaking and a large progress might be attained. In today's China’s financial market, it is necessary for China to gather finance professionals in development of financial market. As a recent graduate student, working in the finance field less than a year, it is extremely hard for me in making a tiny positive effect on the growth of Chinese financial. However, to be engaged myself to the development of Chinese financial market

  • Ethical Concerns in Corporate Finance: A Closer Look at Earnings Management

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    For many years, the ethics of finance has been a concern in the corporate world. With the flexible accounting standards under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards (IAS), there are many grey areas of what is, and is not, ethical. Earnings management falls in this grey area. Earnings management is the term used to describe the process of manipulating earnings of the firm to achieve a target predetermined by management. The flexibility of accounting

  • Why I Want To Become A Career In The Financial Field

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    influenced my life very much, which are also the reasons why I want to pursue a career in the financial field. From the business classes that I have taken, I realized that I like the classes that have to deal with numbers, such as accounting and finance. My grades in math and business are usually the highest, which indicates that I will do my best in the career that have to deal with numbers and business. My dad is a successful business person, which makes me want to pursue in a similar career as

  • Evaluating The Risks Involved in Equity and Debt Financing

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    Firms around the world rise funds in the capital markets to finance their expansion, acquisitions and other operations. This is usually done through equity and/or debt financing. Equity financing is the process in which a firm raises capital through the sale of shares. Debt financing involves the firm borrowing through, for example by issuing bonds. The firm‘s decision on how to rise capital influences its capital structure and as a result may affect the value of the firm. It is therefore important

  • Riordan Manufacturing Accounting And Finance Review

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    Riordan Manufacturing Accounting and Finance Review The Finance and Accounting departments within the three operating entities of Riordan Manufacturing are vastly different. Each is managed independently, not only of each other but of the corporation sector as well. The Georgia, Michigan and California branches operate different business systems for their ledgers, accounts, orders, procurement, sales history, invoicing, payroll and all financial reporting. The process to get this information

  • Maximizing Shareholder Value Essay

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    Over the years corporations have aimed to gain huge profits by means of maximizing investments contributed by shareholders. In relation to shareholders value as it relates to corporate finance, the main idea is to maximize shareholders value. This is derived by implementing measures to get competitive advantages in industries of which companies operate. These measures and procedures include the raising of funds, investing, handling perceived risk and anticipating required return. Maximizing shareholders

  • ING Wholesale Germany Case Study

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    Through a business platform like “XING” in Europe, they could initiate and lead working groups related to finance topics, such as Supply Chain Finance or Securitization. ING Wholesale Germany should carefully listen to the conversations as this allows on the one hand to gain further insights into the clients’ needs and on the other hand to show and build up expertise in these

  • Area of Study Guidelines for Business Management and Economics

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    middle of paper ... ...djusting and closing procedures, consolidated financial statements, and multinational enterprises, and governmental units. Finally, I will hopefully succeed in Business Ethics and Literature, learning how to permeate corporate philosophy and environmental concerns. I will advance in management behavior skills, and learn how to examine ethics through an in-depth study of a number of pertinent social issues related to the conduct of business in modern society. I plan to

  • How I Became the Successful Person I Am

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    industrialized his patents. From him, I picked up an unparalleled love for business, an unyielding will in front of difficulty, and above all, a respect for challenges, which are all wrought into a personality perfectly suited to the volatile arena of finance. Eager to test my muscles in business, I had spent a considerable portion of college years in business practices and competitions. For two years, I have been deeply engrossed in the year-long international business planning competition, Student in

  • Essay On Contemporary Financial Management

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    goals and maximizing the growth . Contemporary financial management espouses transparency, accountability and greater review and feedback in the finance and budgeting process, with the aim of promoting sound financial management and ensuring accountability also. The New financial management introduces a system for use of Funds which intended to finance only the targeted services, programs and projects or pre-conditioned policies and, where the recipient does not have discretionary power to spend