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  • International Copyright Circumvention

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    International Copyright Circumvention A little under three years ago, I heard about a case where a programmer had been arrested for a program that bypassed the copy protection mechanisms in one of Adobe's products1. People who have published information on or performed security circumvention in the past, even when done in a non-destructive manner have faced some legal problems. Specifically, it reminded by of the Kevin Mitnick case2 a few years earlier. In that case, a hacker was detained for

  • Privacy and Copyright Infringement Laws

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    The process of fighting piracy and copyright infringement has become increasingly difficult with the advent of new technologies. The transitioning of music and videos to an online platform has impacted the entertainment industry as well as consumers. The availability of online content has changed the way consumers purchase and listen to music. There are several legal channels available for consumers to obtain music and videos online, through live stream, on demand, pay per view, live tv, and other

  • Copyright Laws Protect the Owner from Loss of Profit

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    Copyright laws are designed to protect the intellectual ownership of the author or creator of artistic works. Originally, copyright protected the writer or author of a specific work from other people or any company from collecting credit or money for the original publishers work. However, today copyright law is more often used to protect the rights of corporations from losing profit, if someone else creates a similar product or posts the original product online for the public to view without having

  • The Pros And Cons Of Copyright And Intellectual Property

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    Let’s face it, copyright and intellectual property use is was one of the messiest, entangled webs between content owners, providers, and consumers. One of the biggest issues involved with copyright and intellectual property is with illegal infringement on use of property. I would venture to say that presently, the majority of people, under the age of 40, have been guilty of illegal use of such material. Talking from personal experience, I have been a repeat infringer. Starting when I was in 8th

  • Contract Law and Music Copyright

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    the inclusion of samples of a recording made by *Pink Floyd constitute an infringement of copyright? In civil law regarding copyright, there are two types of infringement; primary and secondary. Primary is concerned with the unauthorised use of copyrighted works and secondary would involve the dealing or making commercial use of such infringing copies. In the music industry, an infringement of copyright often consists of an existing piece of music being used by an artist without permission from

  • Copyright in the Digital Millenium

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    taken down for copyright infringement. But not as many people know that without that, YouTube could be shut down. Since the printing press was invented, copyright has existed to secure the livelihood of content creators. The idea of copyright is that an author can continue to sell their work without fear of mass reproduction without compensation. This way, content owners are able to pay for housing, materials, food, and other necessities to support them and their families. Without copyright, anyone who

  • The Right Balance On Conflicting Interest Of A Copyrights Owner And The Public

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    It has always been a challenging task to uphold the right balance on conflicting interest of a copyrights owner and the public especially when it comes to private copying. According to Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA), creators have several exclusive rights they can exercise to restrict others from using their work. These include, amongst others, the reproduction right. This means that, in principle, any act of copying a protected work, including for example saving a copy of a song

  • International Copyright vs. Online Piracy

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    revolution of data and information transfer. This topic lies at the heart of modern consumerism. Screens are everywhere, with people consuming more and more of the multimedia that corporations have to offer. Online piracy is the largest form of copyright theft. In order to find a solution to modern piracy, all countries involved have to reach a solution where their corresponding companies as well as their citizens are content. It’s an issue that involves anyone with internet access. Illegal file

  • Reading Copyright and the Issue of Downloading

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    Reading Copyright and the Issue of Downloading When you buy music legally, there is usually a copyright mark somewhere on the product. Stolen music generally does not bear a copyright mark or warning. Either way, the copyright law still applies. A copyrighted creative work does not have to be marked as such to be protected by law. “The copyright allows the holder to control the reproduction, display, distribution, and performance of a protected work,” (Corley, Moorehead,, Reed, & Shedd

  • Issues on Patent and Copyright Laws In China

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    Issues on Patent and Copyright Laws In China This site contains information on China's patent and copyright law. It goes on to discuss some ethical issues about China's lack of law enforcement on intellectual property protection. History of Patent System China’s patent system can be traced back to the late Qing Dynasty when China began signing international treaties. For example, on August 18, 1903, China and the United States agreed on a treaty on navigation and commerce. The treaty provided