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  • Comparisons and Contradictions of the Cultures and Ideas of the Americans and Spanish by Jessica Herford

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    The following paper will be comparative of the cultures and ideas of the Americans and the Spanish. It will be primarily referring to the paper “Lived Ethnicity: Archaeology and Identity in Mexicano America, by Bonnie J. Clark”. The similarities as well as the differences will be discussed. After the comparisons and contrasts have been established, there will be a prediction of what will happen when these two cultures meet and begin to interact with one another. One of the first comparisons that

  • Babel, Color, and Kandinsky: Looking Beyond Contradictions in “My First Goose”

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    article, “Babel’s Red Cavalry: Epic and Pathos, History and Culture,” Milton includes a tedious list of contradictions for reader to explore: “the way of violence versus the way of peace, Cossack versus Jew, the new revolutionary order versus traditional society, noble savage versus civilized man, and a pair that may subsume all of these—nature versus culture” (Milton 231). With so much contradiction and polarities to explore, it is easy to see how many aspects of the story remain untouched. Since

  • Defining German Nationality: How German Identity Rose from Contradiction

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    The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word leader as “One who leads;” yet to characterize Frederick the Great, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Otto von Bismarck as men who led would not do their lives justice. They are notable historic figures because they exceeded the requirements of their respective titles. Both Fredrick and Bismarck shaped the Prussian and German governments in a dogmatic style and maintained their personal and incontrovertible identities. This however, did not mean that their

  • The Universal Law Formula of the Categorical Imperative

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    but there is a contradiction in conception or will, than this maxim cannot become universal law, and thus, the act is not morally permissible. A contradiction in conception occurs when by willing one’s maxim to become universal law, one is imagining a logically impossible world, for there is a contradiction in the very idea of every rational creature acting on this maxim. In contrast, a contradiction in will does not yield a logically impossible world, but there is a contradiction in willing what

  • Plaintiff Case Analysis

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    Plaintiff contends that the Defendant’s impeachment of Larry Reinlasoder should be excluded under Rule 608(b) of the Federal Rules of Evidence. But, Plaintiff is mistaken because Rule 608(b) does not govern impeachment by contradiction; instead the impeachment is governed by Rule 607. On direct examination, the Plaintiff sought to promote Mr. Reinlasoder as a retired police officer with investigative experience. Therefore, the Plaintiff opened the door for the Defendant to show that Mr. Reinlasoder

  • Moore Paradox Essay

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    Matthew Ang 83393632 27 August 2017 Puzzles and Paradoxes Second Paper Moore’s Paradox In order to understand the concept of Moore’s Paradox, we must first assess and understand the behavior of logical and performative contradictions. Credited for devising and examining this paradox, George Edward Moore, a British philosopher who taught at the University of Cambridge and studied ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics describes the paradox in its omissive and commissive forms in which we will discuss

  • Kant: An Inquiry Examining the Use of the Categorical Imperative and its Divergence from Common Moral Beliefs.

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    whether any contradictions occur. To universalise our maxim, we must imagine our maxim as a universal law over all rational agents, which is followed by all (422). In order to fail the formulation, the universalisation of the maxim must yield a con-tradiction. The desirability of the world with the universalised law is irrelevant to whether a maxim pass-es or fails the test. The first contradiction that can occur is that of conception. When the maxim is universalised, a contradiction may arise in

  • Historical Materialism And Fredrick Engels: The Historical Development Of Capitalism

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    notorious bourgeoisie to rein freely (Engels 292). This essay will begin by examining what historical materialism means and its connection to production and exchange, outlining the basic contradiction in capitalism according to Engels, as well as, analyzing the two contradictions that arise from the fundamental contradiction. Finally, the paper will conclude by demonstrating what Engels conceptualizes as the outcome of the historical development of capitalism, emphasizing how society can achieve this and

  • La Croix on Descartes

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    charging that Frankfurt misrepresents Descartes’ view of God’s nature and power. According to La Croix, Frankfurt holds that, in claiming that God created the eternal truths and could have done the opposite with respect to establishing the law of contradiction, Descartes conceived of God’s power as extending beyond the laws of logic. For Descartes to take such a stand, according to Frankfurt, is to have his notion of God’s omnipotence be open to the charge of being incoherent. La Croix says that Descartes’

  • Post Modernism in Architecture

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    and contradictions. Post-modernists aim for an implicit richness of meaning through complexity and contradiction rather than an oversimplified blatant clarity of meaning. A building is basically comprised of a variety of paradoxes, such as outdoor and indoor, primary spaces and secondary space and so on. In Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, Robert Venturi states that “Blatant simplification means bland architecture” and elaborates on the necessity of complexity and contradiction architecturally