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  • Insurance Coverage of Contraceptives

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    The refusal of some health insurers to include contraceptives as a part of an insurance plan for women is one of the most contentious disagreements in the health insurance industry. Insurance plans today cover a variety of prescription drugs, however some still do not approve of prescription contraceptive drugs and devices. More than half of U.S. states insurance policies require that other prescription drugs along with the FDA approved contraceptive drugs and devices be included on their health care

  • Pros And Cons Of Contraceptives

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    Contraceptives: Should they be legal? Contraceptives have long been an issue that people have argued over, in and out of court. The New York Times reported that a federal appeals court ruled that four catholic non-profit organizations were going to be required to offer access to contraceptives for their employee’s, or they would face having to pay large fines. Two weeks later, The New York Times reported that a federal judge ruled that employers do not need to provide health insurance coverage for

  • Contraceptives and the Teenage User

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    Contraceptives and the Teenage User For years now a debate has been ongoing concerning teenagers and contraceptives. Some argue that giving contraceptives or even allowing teenagers to purchase them only encourages premarital sex. This attitude, however, denies the simple fact that premarital sex in adolescents has been common throughout the ages. It occurred before effective contraceptives were available, it occurs now despite the well publicized existence of untreatable and deadly diseases

  • Introduction to Contraceptive Equity

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    Introduction to Contraceptive Equity Healthcare is a costly, yet highly valued resource for most people. There are few things in life that people value more than their health and well being. While most medical insurance plans can agree on coverage that protects people in the case that they contract a life threatening disease, or are severely injured, there exist many gray areas in healthcare that are covered on a case by case, company by company, basis. One of these gray areas can be found in

  • Griswold Vs Connecticut Era Of Contraceptives

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    proclaim that they professed the same qualities as men. This mentality and knowledge possessed would later help women make decisions for the health of their own bodies. This relates to the use of contraceptives. Until this time, the history of contraceptives was related to government laws that ostracized contraceptives. Then in this era of women challenging their stereotypes, arose a distinguishable case known as Griswold v. Connecticut which would challenge the Supreme Court system and later alter other

  • Persuasive Essay On High School Contraceptives

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    effort to prevent the consummation of a child or the spreading of a sexually transmitted disease. This negligence not only affects the individual involved, but also the families surrounding them. High schools in the United States should provide contraceptives discretely to their students through a School Based Healthcare Center (SBHC) to prevent unwanted pregnancies, diseases, and to protect students’ health. When a teenage girl becomes pregnant, her world shatters knowing she might have to raise

  • The Tuskegee Case And San Antonio Contraceptive Case

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    The Tuskegee case and the San Antonio Contraceptive study are both instances in which physicians showed a disregard for patient well-being because these patients where part of disenfranchised minority groups. Researchers in the Tuskegee case rationalized their deceit of these patients due to the

  • The Misunderstanding of Contraceptives Affecting Teenage Pregnancy Rate

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    pregnancy prevention dates back to ancient Egypt in 3000 B.C. Drawings found from the time period show men wearing condoms, although it is not clear if they were traditional in nature or used for sex (Birth Control). The earliest evidence of a contraceptive device used by women also comes from Egypt in 1850 B.C. A set of instructions on how to create an object or mixture that is inserted into the vagina to block or kill sperm, was found from that time (Birth Control). Various materials were tried

  • Providing Teenagers Contraceptives in High Schools is the Next Step

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    Providing Teenagers Contraceptives in High Schools is the Next Step "Approximately four million teens get a sexually transmitted disease every year" (Scripps 1). Today’s numbers of sexually active teens differ greatly from that of just a few years ago. Which in return, projects that not only the risk of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) has risen, but the actual numbers of those infected rise each year as well. These changes have not gone unnoticed. In fact have produced

  • Why High Schools Need To Provide Sex/Contraceptive Classes

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    There has always been a lot of controversy over the education of contraceptives and sex being included in the high school curriculum. However, as parents, mentors, and leaders that these children look up to we have an obligation to these children. Providing a contraceptive/sex education class to high schoo students would be so beneficial. It would ensure that they are being educated correctly and not by other kids their same age. The United States has one of the highest rates when it comes to