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  • Finland: Nationalism, Development, and Values

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    affected by the three Wars which would involve its neighbor Russia. The three wars fought in WWII, events leading up to them, and their end results are all key points in developing Finnish Nationalism. These wars are the Winter War (1939-40) and the Continuation War (1941-44) in which Finland fought the Russians during WWII. Lastly, is the Lapland War (1944-45) in which the Finnish retreated from the Germans. These wars had lasting effects up until 1991 and dissolution of the USSR, making them huge factors

  • A Continuation of The Gift Of The Magi

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    It was one week from Della's 30th birthday and Jim didn't have enough money to buy her a present. "Well," Jim thought, “if I don't have a watch then why should I have a chain for one?” So, he sold his watch chain in order to have money for Della's present. “Now, what do I buy Della?” he asked himself. “I think I'll go to the flea market and look for something, because one little rusty old chain won't buy me very much,” Jim stated as he started riding his bicycle to the market. At the market

  • Continuation of A Farewell to Arms

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    This recreative writing piece has been inserted at the end of ‘A Farewell to Arms’ where the last line reads, “After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain”. I have chosen to continue writing after the end of the novel to show the impact that Catherines death has had on Frederic Henry. Despite Frederic appearing to be in control, it is clear that her death has affected him, leaving him extremely detached and isolated. I have kept my piece in a retrospective

  • A Continuation of To Kill a Mockingbird

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    The day after my twelfth birthday, the money had almost completely burned a hole in my pocket. Scout and I started to town in the early afternoon to purchase a steam engine for me and a twirling baton for her. We took our normal path, right by Miss Dubose's house and unfortunately, she was out on the porch. "Where are you going at this time of day?" she shouted. "Playing hooky, I suppose. I'll just call the principal and tell him!" She looked like the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Oh, did

  • The Continuation and Realization of the Charter Oath

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    The Continuation and Realization of the Charter Oath When the bakafu navy surrendered in May 1869, it signaled the end of an era in Japan (Schirokauer, 188). The way of the shogunate was finished, the Tokugawa family had been defeated and the wave of revolution swept through Japan. The only problem with that wave of revolution was that the men who were leading it had no real idea where it should be going. The emperor of Japan was a sixteen year-old boy, they knew that the power should not fall

  • The Continuation Of Patriarchy In Our Culture

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    play a role in its continuation. Believing in the equality of men and women is not enough to challenge the system (Johnson 94). Our culture must break down and question the parts of the patriarchal system in order to lessen its grip on our culture. In Hugo Schwyzer’s article “Janae’s Legs” he discusses the concept of homosociality and reveals the male-centeredness of patriarchy. Although he does not make this exact claim, homosociality is one of the reasons behind the continuation of patriarchy. Schwyzer

  • A Continuation of the The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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    As Kino and Juana walked hand in hand back to their brush house the song of evil hung over them like a shadow. For they could not understand why their pearl , this beautiful wonderful pearl that was supposed to bring them so much happiness wasn't worth nearly as much as they had expected. When they arrived at the brush house Kino sat in a corner while Juana placed Coyotito down in his crib for a nap. Kino again raised his pearl out in front of him. On it's shiny surface he could see the images

  • Globalization: A Continuation of Western Imperialism

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    "In ancient times the opulent and civilized found it difficult to defend themselves against the poor and the barbarous nations; in modern times the poor and barbarous nations find it difficult to defend themselves against the opulent and civilized." -Adam Smith During a recent visit to Jamaica, I observed a number of resorts that themed their golf courses and pools after the old sugar plantations of the island. As the sun-burnt American and British children splashed among the recreation of the

  • Paddy Clarke Continuation in Author's Style

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    He looked at me and half smiled. He looked nervous as he waked in. he was going to say something. I thought he was. He didn’t. He just put the parcels on the big armchair in the parlour. He sat by the fire, he smiled an empty smile. Still silence. “Patrick, give me a hand love,” ma said. I walked to the kitchen, she handed me a drink for Da. I wondered if they would spend the day in different rooms. As I gave him the drink I wondered if he knew how I felt when he left. Did he care how I felt

  • Globalization: A Continuation of Euro-American Colonialism

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    The major lasting impact of human mobility across borders and across cultures is the rise of the western domination and exploitation of cultures; and which now manifests itself globalization. In this essay I seek to explain the cultural values which made western domination possible and the impact this culture, once globalized had on ecosystems. The supremacy was the product of cultural forces which were favorable to European domination, and on the part of conquered peoples, their biological susceptibility