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  • Protecting Against Internet Activists

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    Internet activists are often times a section of people whom meet in the cyber world and collectively deny customers from accessing corporate web sites. The intention of these internet activists is often denial of service. While the intentions of ”traditional” hackers are not just denial of service but stealing valuable insider information and data, internet activists only try to disrupt service. Organizations these days should guard against cyber-attacks on their web sites by having a very structured

  • The Dominio Effect in Banking

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    regulations put in place to maintain this separation, such as the Global Research Analyst Settlement and SRO Rules. It was settled in this agreement that budget allocation for the research department was to be independent of investment banking and firms were required to separate information between the investment banking and research departments, as well as separate the departments physically, in efforts to separate research and evaluation from the pressures of investment banking personnel and to

  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP Auditors? Independence Issues & Violations

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    Arthur Levitt Jr. were extremely concerned that the public accounting firms were violating the auditors independence rules addressed through the Securities Exchange Acts. Auditing firms now had dual citizenship in public companies: (1) they issued opinions on audited financial statements and (2) they participated in various consulting engagements for those same companies. Levitt's solution was to split auditing and consulting. The former Chairman was concerned that the public would lose confidence

  • options on company telephone services

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    organized operation. Another factor in choosing what type of telecommunications a company will need is what type of business does the company deal with. For example, is the company a telemarketing service, a customer service company for bank, or a consulting firm; plus, what are the majority of calls pertaining to and the time frame of each call? Are the telephone calls from customers needing to know where the nearest bank or ATM is or are they important clients wanting an estimate on a construction project

  • A Case Study Of Marsh & Mclennan

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    I. Introduction Marsh & McLennan is a consulting company that mainly uses acquisitions to expand its market share. The Marsh & McLennan acquisitions before such as William M. Mercer Limited or MPA Limited happened successfully as these small companies were integrated successfully without any problem. However, due to cultural differences, Marsh & McLennan seemed to face significant difficulty to combine two companies that are Temple, Barker and Sloane (TBS) bought in 1987 and Strategic Planning Associates

  • SWOT Analysis: Strategic Competition

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    Introduction This paper will introduce possible consulting ideas that one could use to assist a firm that manufactures titanium alloys for industrial and military applications to establish a strategic alliance with a competitor. The preliminary discussion will include how the external environment, SWOT, corporate governance, and alliance will assist in establishing a strategic alliance with a competitor. In addition, this paper will consider the possible risk of establishing an alliance with the

  • My Dream Boss Essay

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    American Apparel but she was also the CEO of Big Strike LLC., a Gores Group portfolio company. Again, she has held many leadership positions in her life, so it is expected that she would have even created her own consulting firm. The Paula Schneider Consulting firm offers strategic consulting in Global Brand Development, creating institutionalized processes for best in class operations, acquisitions, and creating and executing brand strategies (Linkedin). As one can see, Paula has a lot of experience

  • Downfall Of Major Corporations

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    Downfall Of Major Corporations CONFIDETIAL In this report I will be talking about how businesses choose the road to greed instead of choosing the ethical road. Some of the largest companies in the world fell to this type of thinking, naming some such as Worldcom and Enron. But as stated in the article "business ethics at work", There are huge ethical dilemmas plaguing the world today because it is very hard to mix ethics and profits because the main focus of many businesses are to

  • IT Services Case Study

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    1. IT SERVICES India is one of the main suppliers of IT services. The fundamental model followed known as off shoring wherein Indian firms take into account the particular requirements of its clients by employing quality management skills and employing efficient project for its execution. This segment comprises of: a. Project Oriented Services These services are conveyed as individual projects. The services are taking into account the wants and needs of the clients, and the expertise of the vendor

  • India's Growing Economy

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    their experience. William Nobrega is president and founder of The Conrad Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in emerging market strategic planning, advisory services for institutional investor groups, and mergers and acquisitions. Ashish Sinha is the COO of RocSearch, a UK-based research and analytics offshoring firm. He has a portfolio of more than 12 years experience in investment banking, consulting, and knowledge process outsourcing. Over the last six years, Ashish has built business research