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  • Personal Experience: Team Fuqua

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    maintained a tightly knit Fuqua community. This collaborative learning environment really excites me because I have always been able to learn and perform better in team environment. I am sure that ... ... middle of paper ... ...ool as well as in consulting industry. Partly because of its “Team Fuqua” culture and partly because of its location, a college town, Fuqua also provides some amazing opportunities outside the classroom to interact and learn from your classmates and having fun at the same

  • Knowledge Management and Instructional Technology

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    Knowledge Management and Instructional Technology The new "buzz word" in many corporate circles currently is the term "Knowledge Management or K.M." KM is considered mostly a role for the Information Technologist because of its storage of the company's information on databases. Because of the "info-glut" that is occurring in many corporations, K.M. is strongly becoming the role for the Instructional Technologist to group that information into training modules for the corporate Intranet, so that

  • SWOT Analysis Of Deloitte

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    Deloitte uses a global association structure meaning that it is an association of independent country-level firms. While this structure is necessary for the audit business, it poses a challenge for business consulting. Partners of the country firms must be persuaded to take on new offerings or other innovations and they tend to be conservative toward investment and innovation decisions. This can lead to slowing down decision

  • Ethical Dilemma in Consulting

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    Ethics in Consulting Ethics dilemmas in consulting Ethics has become an important topic in business today with good reason. Just look at the headlines: Rajat Gupta Scandal, Anil Kumar and Rajaratnam scandal, Enron, Worldcom, Health South, Great depression, financial crisis due to unethical behaviour by the banks etc. All of these cases are related to consultants either directly or indirectly and they occurred due to the moral fallacy of some of them. Ethics is an extremely relevant value in

  • colleen

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    highlights of my education here at Notre Dame thus far. Coming into the Business school my sophomore year, I knew that I wanted to pursue my interest in the developing world, and this program has been the perfect way to do this. As a Management Consulting major and an International Development Studies minor, I have found that these two courses have allowed me to, in the Social Entrepreneurship course, extensively explore the relationship that business has with addressing social and environmental

  • The Advantages of Proprietary Products Over Open Source Products

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    1. There are several advantages to proprietary products over open source products: better quality control issues in creating products; a firmer control over the licensing, either the technology the product is based on or what material (music in this case) can be used with the proprietary device; the potential to build brand loyalty (for example Sony memory cards only work in their products, if you’ve already bought these cards you could be more likely to purchase additional Sony products in the future);

  • Marketing Spotlight - Accenture

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    Accenture has been its timing. "Accenture started life as the consulting arm of accounting firm Arthur Anderson…In 1989, Anderson Consulting separated from Arthur Anderson in order to position itself against its IT services competitors" (Keller & Kotler, 1994/2006, 366). Accenture was able to take advantage of its large parent company and use its massive support to concentrate on becoming an efficient and popular name in the consulting market. Leaving Arthur Anderson before the corruption with Enron

  • Description Of Business Plan Calico Computer Consulting

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    Business Plan Calico Computer Consulting is in th? process of being formed as a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Doug Burham. This plan is written as a guide for starting and managing this new business and will also serve as th? basis for a separate, detailed marketing plan. Following is a summary of th? main points of this plan. Th? objectives of CCC are to generate a profit, grow at a challenging and manageable rate, and to be a good citizen. Th? mission of CCC is to provide fast and

  • The Role of the Management Consultant

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    and Czerniawska (2002) discusses the consultant’s need to be professional and ethical in facilitating client’s decision is empirical. However, they also highlight the dark side of consultancy in influencing the decision making for benefits of consulting firm or individual consultant. Finally it draws conclusion based on the above discussion that the consultant as a facilitator should facilitate client to take appropriate decision and not actually change the decision which the client would have

  • The Functions of Booz Allen Hamilton

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    founding in 1914, almost a century prior. Serving as the brain-child of Chicago native Edwin G. Booz, Booz Allen Hamilton functions as both a public consulting firm and a home-land security contractor for the US government. It is designed to help government and business officials tackle complex issues by offering a wide range of services including: Consulting on financial and health reform, strategy and technology, program management, operations improvement, Cybersecurity solutions, systems engineering