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  • Water Conservation Essay

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    agencies use them for monitoring water quality, preserving water supplies, and conserving water. Since most conservation scientists are employed by government agencies they have a standard 40 hours a week schedule with the exception of emergencies and having to respond to disasters such as flooding and fires. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012 the median annual wage for conservation scientists was $61,100 (United States Department of Labor). The working environment is mixed between

  • Conservation Of The Kakapo Conservation

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    Kakapo Conservation – Biology Issue Report The Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus), a flightless parrot native exclusively to New Zealand is currently listed on the International Union of Conservation of Nature’s Red List under ‘Critically Endangered’. This listing has really highlighted the problem of the declining population of the kakapo, and can only emphasise the fact that something needs to be done to save this struggling species. In this report I am going to investigate and discuss solutions to

  • Wildlife conservation

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    In the regards of sustainable development I have a very strong passion in projects that are dealing with wildlife conservation and management. I found a website that listed a bunch of different projects that dealt with wildlife conservation projects that are currently available to learn about, support, or even join. The majority of the projects that I found occur overseas and mainly in the different regions of Africa. After reading about several different types of research projects I found several

  • A Movement for Wildlife Conservation

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    A Movement for Wildlife Conservation The Florida panther, Cape Sable seaside sparrow, and Kemp's ridley sea turtle are classified in different vertebrate categories, but they all have something in common; they are on the endangered list. These animals' lives, as well as hundreds of other species' lives, are in danger as their survivial and reproduction rates decline. Animals are becoming endangered primarily because of the effects human activities have on environmental change. Environmental

  • Conservation Careers

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    If we do not want this type of outcome to be our fortune then we need to put more efforts into conservation. Many people use this word without knowing what it really means or how to take action to increase its effectiveness. When the average person is asked about what conservation is they have a simple idea that it is protecting something. In reality though it is so much more than that. Conservation is about not only protecting species and land, but also restoring and preserving it so future generations

  • Excursion to FRIM Conservation

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    Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) was founded in 1929. Since then, it is dedicated to conservation based on science innovations and researches. In FRIM, there are five research divisions, namely the Forestry and Environment Division, Forestry Biotechnology Division, Forest Biodiversity Division, Natural Products Division and Forest Products Revision. During our excursion, we went to a seed technology lab and genetics laboratory, both are under Forestry Biotechnology Division. In seed technology

  • Wildlife Conservation Practices in Cambodia

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    Wildlife conservation is a practice which aims to protect plant and animal species and their habitat. According to Endangered Species of Cambodia (n.d.), Kouprey, known as Forest Ox in English, is considered to be endangered as it was estimated that fewer than 50 koupreys are left in the world. In addition to this, Wild Water Buffaloes, which have undergone a great decline in number and have only few population now, are reported as endangered in the IUCN Red List since 1986 since the total remaining

  • Conservation In The Progressive Era

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    The Conservation movement was a driving force at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was a time during which Americans were coming to terms with their wasteful ways, and learning to conserve what they quickly realized to be limited resources. In the article from the Ladies’ Home Journal, the author points out that in times past, Americans took advantage of what they thought of as inexhaustible resources. For example, "if they wanted lumber for their houses, rails for their fences, fuel

  • Importance Of Conservation Of Historical Buildings

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    Conservation is a technical activity towards historical buildings. It concerned physical action to preserve the fabric and material of the historical buildings. It is a procedure to avoid decay and the action is aim to extend the life of the buildings. Although the meaning easy to realize but in actuality conservation always been though as renovation. Conservation is known as a process of looking after or managing changes. It also includes maintenance and may according to circumstances consist of

  • Biodiversity Conservation

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    Discuss the different uses that biodiversity has for society, and how this may justify biodiversity conservation. Incorporate relevant case studies into your discussion. Word count: 1,126 Due date: 17/11/2014   Biodiversity and Society Biodiversity has remained an integral factor for enabling the existence of life. The English Oxford Dictionary, (2014) defines biodiversity as the: “diversity of plant and animal life, especially as represented by the number of extant species.” Humankind rests