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  • The Horrors of Imperialism: The Belgian Congo

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    and dependencies. In 1870, the European powers took over the African Congo and enslaved the natives. Moreover, they were forced to work the land, so the Europeans could obtain the products they needed by using a cheap labor force to turn around and sell them at a profit. These products included such commodities as rubber, diamonds and coffee (A New World Order: Imperialism and World War I). Unfortunately, the people of the Congo were beaten, over worked, raped, and even killed by the European powers

  • The Congo Crisis

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    Over a period from 1960-1965, the first Republic of the Congo experienced a period of serious crisis. There was a terrible war for power that displayed senseless violence and the desperation to rule. There were many internal conflicts among the people. The country eventually gained independence from Belgium. For many countries this would be a time for celebration. Unfortunately for the people of the Congo this became a time to forget. Almost immediately after independence and the general elections

  • Colonization in the Congo

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    position there are many variables that need to be taken into account. Congo is a country on the western coastline of the African continent. After being colonized by King Leopold II from Belgium, Congo lived under his ruling for centuries until it gained its independence in 1960. Because of the colonialization and decolonization process the Congo had to surpass many events and these events have an important role in present Congo. During the colonial era the African continent was treated like a cake

  • Congo

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    Desperate Battle Defines Congo's Warlike Peace At the southern extreme of a ragged front line that winds 1,400 miles across Congo lies a ferry, dirty pink and half-submerged in the muddy Luvua River. Facing it on a gravel ramp stand the burned-out husks of 33 military vehicles -- armored personnel carriers, trucks, an ambulance -- waiting in a line that never moved forward. Unopened syringes lie underfoot, amid charred tires and a trampled note that a fleeing Congolese junior officer left behind:

  • The Origin of the Congo

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    Encouraged by their knowledge of iron technology and agriculture, the Bantu-speakers moved to the Congo and South Africa by the end of 1st millennium, while they were developing new related languages. From about A.D. 700 Bantu worked in the copper deposits of South Katanga and traded with overseas. By about A.D. 1000 the Bantu had settled in the Congo. By the beginning of 2nd millennium, the Bantu population had increased and were united into states. some of them had large governed areas and complex

  • Various References of the Congo

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    “The Congo” refers to several different areas of Africa, all in the same general area but in different settings. Congo can refer to the political regions of The Democratic Republic of Congo or the Republic of Congo, it’s also possible to refer to the Congo as a geographical location varying as a general location, a rainforest, a river, or a river basin. The Congo River is also known as the Zaire river and the world’s deepest river and due to its depth, it gives the wildlife plenty of places to live

  • Congo-Kinshasa: The Country in Decline

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    Many solutions have been proposed to improve the problem of poverty in Congo-Kinshasa. These include cancelling all past debts with other nations, providing education for all people, providing everyone with ample employment opportunities, targeting human rights, and using self-sufficient energy. These resolutions would not only decrease poverty by putting money back into the economy, but would also help the common population to be able to provide for themselves, the government by having more money

  • The Atrocities of the Congo

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    the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a span of twenty-five gruesome years, over ten-million Congolese were slaughtered and mutilated ("Congo Free State, 1885-1908"). In fact, the genocide is considered one of the worst in history because of the number of people massacred. Although this genocide is not as well known as more infamous ones such as the Holocaust, the Belgian-Congo genocide is still considered one of the deadliest. The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in the central region

  • How Society Functions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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    Many used to say that the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the agricultural potential to feed all of Africa. Roughly 80 percent of the total population lives in rural areas and is therefore dependent on agriculture (Kasemunana, 8). In its prime, the agricultural sector supported two-thirds of the Congolese population; however, production has stagnated over the last 40 years, soon after the country’s independence. Agriculture is divided into two basic sectors: subsistence and commercial. In the

  • Conrad’s Congo Journey

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    Conrad’s Congo Journey Joseph Conrad’s own experiences during his trip through the Congo helped him provide a foundation for the writing of Heart of Darkness. In 1890, Conrad took a job as a captain on the river steamer Kinshasa. Before Conrad took this job, he had worked for the French merchant navy as a way to escape Russian military service and also to escape the emotional troubles that had plagued him. Conrad had been in a financial crisis that was resolved with help from his uncle. After