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  • Congestion Essay

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    implication of congestion Congestion is a condition of traffic delay due to the number of vehicles trying to use the road exceeds the traffic network capacity to handle them. Congestion is a major problem growing in many towns like Windhoek. In general congestion delays travel to reach their destination on time as planned. One can be thinking of implementing congestion charging to reduce to reduce this issue. There are many various economic implications of congestion as follow: Congestion causes loss

  • Traffic Congestion In Business

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    Wikipedia defines traffic congestion as the condition on road networks that occur as the use as use increase is characterized by slower speed, longer trip times and increased vehicular queuing. Congestion occurs when the demand for transport is greater than the supply of transport in a particular part of the transport system. Congestion is deemed bad for the economy as it has a negative impact on the business activities that are common in towns like Windhoek. Traffic congestion is popular during the

  • Traffic Congestion Essay

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    b. Traffic congestion is a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queuing. The most common example is the physical use of roads by vehicles. When traffic demand is great enough, that the interaction between vehicles slows the speed of the traffic stream, this results in some congestion.(Wikipedia). As demand approaches the capacity of a road (or of the intersections along the road), extreme traffic

  • Traffic Congestion Essay

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    of theoretical on the review of congestion measures demonstrated at the outset of this project that a number of different approaches are used to quantify the level of congestion for an urban area. Although there are a number of different congestion measures, travel time measures offer the best means for estimating the economic impacts of the congestion. There are several reasons for this: 1. Travel time corresponds directly to the traveler’s experience of congestion, when measured from a given origin

  • Traffic Congestion In Los Angeles

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    the United States had an overall congestion level of 39%, which is much higher than the average congestion level of 30%, in the ten worst traffic-congested cities in the country. This congestion level in Los Angeles is so detrimental that it causes motorists to waste an average extra 92 hours a year sitting in traffic. Considering the value of not only wasted time but fuel too, the Texas Transportation Institute estimates the annual cost of traffic congestion in greater Los Angeles is close to

  • Reducing Traffic Congestion

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    roads, driving cars has turned from an innovation to pure frustration. The problem is traffic congestion; the increased usage of cars has created slower speeds and longer travel times due to greater demand for the road than the road has to offer. Roughly 3.4 million Americans endure extreme commutes, in which the trip to work and back eats up at least three hours of each day (Balaker, Staley 2006). Congestion slows life down by causing massive delays, eating away at valuable time and productivity. This

  • Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970

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    Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970 In 1960, Great Britain still had no urban freeways. But with the ownership of private cars becoming ever more common, the problem of congestion in British cities was unavoidable. Investigating the possibilities of freeways as alleviators of big-city traffic jams, the government-sponsored Buchanan Report was pessimistic: ... the study shows the very formidable potential build-up of traffic as vehicular ownership and usage increase to the maximum. The accommodation


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    The burgeoning cities population is attributed to transport inefficiencies in urban areas. Traffic congestion arises when the demand for road exceeds the capacity of the available infrastructure. It is estimated that traffic inefficiencies cost Nairobi city 50 million shillings daily, which translates to 18.2 billion shillings annually through lost productivity, fuel consumption and environmental pollution (Mungai, 2012). ICT, which involves storage, retrieval, manipulation, and transmission of information

  • Solving Perennial Traffic Congestion in Ho Chi Minh City

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    From January to October in 2009, there were over 61 cases of over 30-minute traffic congestions, and 12 serious cases, which occurred about 40 minutes to 8 hours in Ho Chi Minh City (qdt. in Quochung). The traffic situation would be more complex in the later months, Mr. Tran, the president of Ho Chi Minh City department of transportation, declared at the meeting of searching methods to manage traffic jam in urban areas (qdt. in Quochung). This number did not mention the under 30-minute traffic jams

  • The Car and Society

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    The Car and Society The automobile has had a tremendous impact on society and the environment since its development in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, there are over 500 million motor vehicles on the earth. The automobile's efficiency, style, and performance have changed over the years, but there is one thing that has not - the pollution the automobile generates. Because of the pollution, people find themselves asking whether this technology has helped our society or hurt it. Should


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    victims’ symptoms usually are fever, chills, weakness, loss of appetite and body, head, back, arm, and leg ache. If you have the disease you may also suffer sore throat, a dry cough, nausea, and burning red eyes. Usually the victim will have nasal congestion and mucus discharge. The fever can reach to about 104*F but it only lasts about 2-3 days then it recedes. Occasionally in more severe cases there will also be gastrointestinal upset. In short, after all these horrible symptoms the patient still

  • Are Compact Cities a Desirable Planning Goal?

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    compare it with cities in the United States. Throughout the article many topics and arguments are discussed which are; agricultural land, density preferences, energy glut, the scope for transit, suburbanization and congestion, the efficiency of compactness, technology and agglomeration-congestion trade-offs, downtowns in eclipse, rent-seeking and politics, compactness and equity, and competition among cities. From these issues displayed in the article, many valuable arguments could be agreed with. The

  • Does UK Public transport live up to expectations?

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    to expectations? Introduction Public transportation has always been a key issue to the government by trying to promote public transport more than using a car. Today public transport is pushed more to help reduce factors of pollution and congestion which seem to be growing all over the UK. Transportation needs vary greatly depending on peoples commuting needs and therefore trying to focus on transport as a whole over the UK is very difficult to research. I have used over 20 documents

  • Effects Of Traffic Congestion

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    as more cars on the road means more traffic and congestion, especially in cities and highways. Traffic congestion has many negative effects in many different places, varying from phsychological problems all the way to environmental problems. There are many causes of traffic and congestion, ranging from too many cars on a road to poor traffic management. Sometimes, a couple of these reasons occur at the same time, which leads to even severe congestion and traffic issues. Many

  • The Effects Of Congestion In Windhoek

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    Congestion is when road is overloaded with a lot traffic making it hard for road users to move or drive at ease. Those affected by congestion in Windhoek are commuters (Home- Work Car trips), Regional Freight delivery (work-work internal truck trips, Interregional freight delivery (work- work External truck trips, Regional service delivery (non-commodity trips), Personal travel (non-work based trips) are the topics to be discussed. Commuters (home to work car trips) although the commuter absorbs

  • Advantages Of Traffic Congestion

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    Traffic congestion has become a huge problem in the developing countries, such as China and India. Nowadays a lot of people prefer to buy their own cars rather than using public transportation because they think it is more convenient and time-saving. Even though owning a car has so many advantages; however, it has certain setbacks as well, which outweighs the benefits. The more cars we have on roads, the more congestion we will have to deal with on daily basis. In the urban cities of China, such

  • Traffic Congestion Essay

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    Traffic congestion in many of the nation’s metropolitan areas is prevalent, with the cost of congestion including lost time, wasted fuel and vehicle wear and tear topping $78 billion per year for the nation’s 437 urban areas .Antonio (2010). A key point in tackling congestion is that it is non-linear a small reduction in the number of vehicles on the road will produce a large reduction in congestion as happens for example during school holidays. This paper will also present evidence which shows that

  • Traffic Congestion In Canada

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    this issue is the fact that the Canadian population is continuing to rise; according to Statistics Canada, Canada's population could be 47 million by 2050[1]. This brings challenges, especially in the domain of day-to-day transportation. Traffic congestion already costs Canada billions of dollars annually, and as the population booms, this issue will only worsen if nothing is done to counteract it[2]. To alleviate the problem, it would be wise to implement improved alternative transportation, specifically

  • Traffic Congestion Essay

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    Traffic Congestion is defined as a condition of traffic delay (when the flow of traffic is slowed below reasonable speeds) because the number of vehicles trying to use the road exceeds the traffic network capacity to handle them. It is widely viewed as a growing problem in many urban areas across Namibia as well as other countries, because the overall volume of vehicle traffic in many areas continues to grow faster than the overall capacity of the transportation system. The resulting traffic slowdowns

  • Telecommuting

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    day for most people in today's world starts out with an early commute to work. People working in the city know what a hassle it is to deal with the many thousands of other trying to make their way to work. Dealing with long commutes and traffic congestion is a commonplace in today's fast-paced society. What if you had a chance to do most of your work at home? Would it be beneficial to you and your company? That is a common question one, which more and more companies are finding out is the future