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  • Confederate

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    The issue of the Confederate flag has created one of our countries age long debates. It stems from its presence during the Civil War; where it represented the Confederate states, all of which supported slavery. According to many the Civil war was fought in order to end slavery in the United States, so accordingly, to those the flag represents a past of slavery that they would much rather forget. In opposition to those who feel this way about the Confederate flag, others see it as just a symbol of

  • Confederates In The Attic

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    Confederates in the Attic As Tony Horwitz illustrates in Confederates in the Attic, the Civil War is far from over. Horwitz, determined to find the answers to this conflict, treks through the South, seeking to explain man's longtime obsession with a war that divided the nation. Talking to historians and Civil War reenactors of all kinds, he finds that people are still divided today when it comes to the war and present issues in society. He collects a vast amount of data, which proves

  • The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate Flag On January 1992 the NAACP put in affect a boycott on South Carolina to pressure the state to remove the Confederate flag off of its Statehouse in Columbia. The boycott is what initially brought life to this issue. The NAACP’s removal request is based on the fact that they, the anti-flag groups, claim that the meaning of the Confederate flag is one of hate and discrimination. On the other hand, there are other groups that believe differently whom are called the pro-flag groups

  • The Confederate Flag: The Symbols Of The Confederate Battle Flag

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    unspeakable; she climbed up the flag pole of the South Carolina state house and removed the wretched Confederate Battle flag that has been swaying in the air since 1961. Many saw this as a social media act for attention, but what I saw was a woman who was desperately trying to get the attention of the ones that can make a difference for a situation that truly needed attention. Although many consider the Confederate Battle Flag to be a symbol of southern pride and heritage, it represents the entirety of southern

  • Gettysburg: The Confederate Tragedy

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    Gettysburg: The Confederate Tragedy In the summer of 1863, the United States was sharply divided in a brutal civil war. The Union army of the northern states was pitted against the Confederate army of the separatist southern states in what would prove to be the bloodiest war that the nation has ever been involved in. That summer was especially harsh on both sides. The casualty lists were extremely lengthy as the two sides faced off in some of the deadliest engagements of the war. The summer

  • The Confederate States of America

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    The Confederate States of America In February 1861 the American Southerners fearing for the crash of their economy, seceded from the Union. President Lincoln was elected in November of 1861 the Southerners knew their slaves would be abolished and their economy would collapse so they seceded. South Carolina was the first state to succeed from the Union. Ten other states soon followed the same path. The Confederate Army began the Civil War by seizing Fort Sumter in South Carolina, believing

  • The Confederate States of America

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    The Confederate States of America A culture is the beliefs and interests of a particular group of people. About 150 years ago, a proud and noble culture was created in the Southern portion of the United States. It was created by Southerners from all walks of life, ranging from the gentry to the "good ol' boys." They loved their culture so much that they created a country. It was a country of blue skies, green hills, beautiful meadows and forests, and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. There

  • Confederate States Of America

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    Confederate States Of America Confederate States of America, the name adopted by the federation of 11 slave holding Southern states of the United States that seceded from the Union and were arrayed against the national government during the American Civil War. Immediately after confirmation of the election of Abraham Lincoln as president, the legislature of South Carolina convened. In a unanimous vote on December 20, 1860, the state seceded from the Union. During the next two months ordinances

  • Importance Of The Confederate Flag

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    Time has affected and altered the true meanings behind the Confederate Flag. While the flag’s original meaning was to symbolize the Confederate States’ freedom, from the 1860s to the present day, many new interpretations have surfaced. Some feel the flag symbolizes their heritage and the fallen soldiers who fought for the Confederate States of America. On the other hand, others feel the flag represents racism, white supremacy, and hatred (Briggs). This has been argued because what might be one’s

  • Displaying the Confederate Flag

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    Displaying the Confederate Flag Ever since I first moved here, I have always wanted to know why so many people from this area go out of their way to display a symbol that is regarded by many others as a symbol of hate. I see it everywhere I go—on clothes, backpacks, license plates, and even in yards. The confederate battle flag is flaunted by many in this area, and I think that we can all attest to this. Why do so many people display this flag on an everyday basis, and who exactly are these