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    Computer Systems Push a single button and you are connected to the world. It has revolutionized our economy, culture, and lifestyle. It connects you to the world through the internet, where you can check e-mail or read the news. It also allows you to process and store important data and information. When you think of computers you think of a variety of things, such as games, the internet, and e-mail. The computer in our generation serves as a tool to educate and entertain. The technology for

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    it without losing data or having to put off the entire system. It is also known as ‘Hot-swappable’. The method of redundancy relies on which version of RAID is used. • Increase Performance: IS only available when you use curtain versions of RAID. The performance is measured by the number of hard drives you have in your array. • Lower costs: The purpose of RAID is to provide the same storage capacity, or higher storage capacity, than systems that use single high-capacity hard drives. For Example

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    Introduction In as much as the computer is a vital device to its users, a lack of software would make it become an ordinary artistic invention. According to Goel (2010), the computer cannot perform any task on its own. This means that for a user to be able to conduct their tasks with the computer hardware, the software must be available in order to ensure that the users’ command are executed by the hardware (Goel, 2010, pg. 115). Thus, one can therefore deduce that the computer software acts as a go-between

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    INTRODUCTION A computer is an electronic machine that works by sequential reading of set of instruction, organised by program, which make it execute logical operations on binary numbers. The computer consists of hardware and software. And this study will turn around hardware components and their interconnection. Diagram of computer 1.1 Analyse hardware components and their interconnections The different hardware components are: 1. PSU Power supply Unit Diagram

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    CONTENTS 1     Introduction.     2 2     Specification of new Computers by category.     3 2.1     Designers     3 2.2     Sales Support and Accounts     5 2.3     Sales Manager     5 2.4     Production Technicians     5

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    Choosing a Computer System When considering the purchase of a system there are several components involved and those components are software, hardware, data, procedures and people. (Kroenke, 2008, pg.5) Also when purchasing a new computer system it can be extremely unnerving and costly. When thinking of the hardware of a computer system one would look for the following components: the size of the monitor, the CPU type and/or speed and the warranty that generally is offered with a new

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    Computer Systems Analyst      I push the button, I hear a noise, the screen comes alive. My computer loads up and starts to process. I see the start screen for Windows 95, and I type in my password. Even though this takes time, I know that I will be able to do whatever I want to do without any trouble, without any glitches, without any questions. My computer is now easier to use and more user friendly because computer systems analysts have worked out the problems that

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    Introduction 1.1. Topic Computer system have become an essential part of life, having significant impact on modern society. A computer system consists of hardware components that have been carefully chosen so that they work well together and software components or programs that run in the computer. It is a set of integrated devices that input, output, process, and store data and information. There are several types of computer systems which are “Mainframe” computer and “Desktop” computer being the main ones

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    1. Computer hardware is the physical pieces of a computer. It’s the equipment that makes up the computer. 2. A piece of computer hardware is a mouse. A mouse is a pointer for your screen. Clicking the left button, right button, or scrolling with the wheel performs different actions on your screen/with your software. 3. The CPU is the central processing part of your computer; the processor performs the instructions given from programs. 4. The system unit is the outside case of your computer. It holds

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    Introduction In this report I will be going over the different parts and components which make up a basic computer system in detail, including parts such as the three box model and IO mapping. The key components of a computer system (P5) The Three Box Model Here is a basic diagram of the 3 box model which is used to refer how the computer system operates. There are three main parts to a computer system this is why it is known as the three box model, these are. All three components send data to and from