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  • Gender-based Violence (GBV) Data Collection

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    Violence against women, particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence, is both a public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights. The issue of gender-based violence (GBV) has increasingly become an agenda item addressed by nations across the world. International organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN) and humanitarian aid/relief agencies like the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and PLAN International have been collectively working

  • Country study comparison Indian vs. Brazilian women

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    oppressed position of women in the household continues to be a prevalent problem. In both India and Brazil, women are not equal to their male counter parts within the household. Factors that cause this inequality to manifest and continue can be attributed to, male dominant and patriarchal histories of the countries, employment opportunities, legal issues, especially the rights of women to control reproduction, educational opportunities for girls, marriage customs and vulnerability of women within the family

  • Comparing the Role of Women in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Go Tell It On the Mountain

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    Role of Women in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Go Tell It On the Mountain Literature is a reflection of the community from which it comes. Understanding the role of women in the African-American community starts by examining the roles of women in African-American literature. The portrayal of women in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937) and James Baldwin's Go Tell it on the Mountain (1952) provides tremendous insight into the role of African-American women. Their Eyes

  • Comparing the Role of Women in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Go Tell It On the Mountain

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    The Role of Women in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Go Tell It On the Mountain Historically, the job of women in society is to care for the husband, the home, and the children. As a homemaker, it has been up to the woman to support the husband and care for the house; as a mother, the role was to care for the children and pass along cultural traditions and values to the children. These roles are no different in the African-American community, except for the fact that they are magnified to even

  • Comparing Women in Rappaccini's Daughter, Prophetic Pictures, Lady Eleanor's Mantle, and Birth-Mark

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    The Role of Women in Rappaccini's Daughter, The Prophetic Pictures, Lady Eleanor's Mantle, and The Birth-Mark When researching criticism on Hawthorne's works, I ran across an interesting piece that dealt with the feminist view of "The Birth-Mark."  The article, written by Fetterly, explores the relationship between Aylmer and his wife, and how this relationship is a typical male-dominated situation.  Although there is the fact that the story deals with the failure of the scientist, there is

  • Stirring up the North to See the Horrors of Slavery: Harriet Jacobs’s Narrative "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"

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    Life of a Slave Girl is very effective in using various tactics in order to get women in the North to pay attention and question the horrifying conditions in the South. By acknowledging that not all slaveholders were inhumane, explaining the horrific abuse and punishments slaves endured, and comparing the manner in which whites and slaves spent their holidays, Jacobs’s narrative serves its purpose of arousing Northern women to take notice of the appalling conditions two million Southern slaves continued

  • Analysis Of Don T Sweat The Small Stuff For Women

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    Don’t sweat the small stuff for women is one of several Don’t sweat the small stuff series. The series was first written by Richard Carlson and co-written by his wife Kristine Carlson. With their books being such a success Kristine felt that it was time to write a book for women. She wanted to write a book that women in all aspects of life could relate to. This is when Don’t sweat the small stuff for women was written. Don’t sweat the small stuff for women is a book that walks you through how to

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest: A Sardonic Commentary on Christianity

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    sacrifice to convey white male fears of having minority groups in control. In comparing McMurphy to Jesus, Kesey questions the true nature of Christ’s service while also conveying how negatively minorities are considered. By portraying McMurphy as a Christ figure who dies, Nurse Ratched and the black boys are being considered “sin”. According to the Bible, Jesus’s death brought the remittance of all sins and so when comparing the two, McMurphy’s sacrifice is meant to be the absorption of all of Nurse

  • Body Image Essay

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    Pettibone & Segrist, 2012). Images depicted by the media have a habit of making people strive to be someone else’s idea of perfection, while subconsciously ignoring their own objectives. Stereotypes formed by the media that include flawless men and women have led to a decline in self-acceptance (Martin & Kennedy, 1994). Most of today’s media often presents the perfect body to the public, in hopes that consumers will strive to attain health and fitness by utilizing a certain idea or product (Women’s

  • logic

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    to sell things. Their main goal is to sell the product and find the best ways to do so. First there is a product and then there is a setting for the product. By trying to bring these two aspects together logical fallacies are formed. For example comparing a comb to a porcupine, which is a false analogy. Through analyzing these magazine ads I will present the logical fallacies within the ads. These ads are from the October 2001 issue of GQ magazine; first ad portrays Michael Vick, quarterback for