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    Comets Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen a little ball creeping by? If so, did you wonder what it was? That little ball is called a comet. Comets are small, fragile, and irregularly shaped. Most are composed of frozen gas. However, some are composed of frozen gas and non-volatile grains. They usually follow very strict paths around the sun. Comets become most visible when they cross the sun. This also applies to people who view comets with telescopes. When a comet gets near the

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    COMETS Comets have been witnessed ever since man has been speculating about objects in the nighttime sky and appear in records from the beginning of recorded civilization (Schweighauser 20). Comets are made up of four distinct features. The first is the nucleus. The nucleus is made up of frozen gases, mostly water vapor with lesser amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and imbedded in the frozen gases are interplanetary dust and tiny fragments of stony and metallic meteoric material. Some

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    The first written records of comets date back to nearly 3,000 years ago from China and Europe. The accounts of these comets were believed to be the causes of terrible events that occurred afterwards. In more recent times, however, astronomers have found out what they really are. A comet is basically a mixture of ices, from both water and frozen gases, and dust. They have also been given the names “dirty snowballs” or “icy mud balls.” The typical comet is less than 10 kilometers across. They spend

  • The History Of Comets And Comets

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    Comets and asteroids. They are some of the first celestial bodies that humans observed and truly thought about. From ancient cultures interpreting these near-Earth objects as signs of disaster, to 18th century Europeans studying their paths, to even the extinction of the dinosaurs, comets and asteroids have always been prevalent in the majority of Earth’s history. These objects have intrigued the human race for generations, and continue to do so today. These similar subjects of fascination have many

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    Seeing a comet with the naked eye is a somewhat rare occurrance. On the average we get a naked-eye comet once every five or six years and this includes comets that become barely visible to the naked eye. Classic comets with long tails only appear about once every 10-12 years. The motion is very difficult to detect and comparing its place with naked-eye stars over several days is the only way to see it move. In general, comets are best observed with telescopes or binoculars. What are They? Comets are

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    Comets What is Cometography? Cometography is a four-volume project I have been working on since the mid-1970s. Jump-started by comet Kohoutek of 1973-1974, I began researching comets and immediately found myself becoming more and more intrigued by them. It was fascinating to read about comets that unexpectedly split, brightened, or faded. There were also interesting stories concerning the discovery circumstances of some comets, as well as tales about how comets affected cultures. As I continued

  • Halley's Comet

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    that occurs within our galaxy, comets are one of the most amazing. Being the most popular, it’s safe to say that when talking about these small bodies, Halley’s Comet comes to mind. Even though it only graces us with its presence about once every 75 years, Halley’s Comet continues to astonish us to this day. Despite the fact that humans have been observing comets for centuries, we still don’t know all there is to know about them. The three main parts that make a comet are its tail, coma and nucleus

  • The Age Of Comets

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    Dec.97) by William R. Newcott. It tells about how comets are important and their effect on earth and its people.Comets are leftover scrubs of material that did not make it to planethood in the events creating our solar system. They orbit in a perpetual Deepfreeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance. The Great Falls begins. First a snowball drifts towards the sun and steadily accelerates. As solar radiation heats the comets the ice within sublimates, escaping as gas from

  • The Importance Of Comets And Asteroids

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    Though most people have heard about Comets and Asteroids many are unware of what they are and more significantly, their importance to life itself. Comets and asteroids are often described as small planets differentiating in sizes, some are baseball-sized meteors while some others are about one third the size of the moon. Other common terms used to describe them are rocky and icy bodies left over from the formation of the solar system. According to Don Yeomans from the Propulsion Lab, “Initially there

  • The Mercury Comet

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    In the year of 1960 the Mercury comet was born. It was originally going to be a new compact car for Edsel, but Edsel was discontinued in 1959 before the “Baby Edsel” or the comet could be made. They were only made for 17 years and had many different options available. There are five generation of the comet series in the last few they kept the body style but changed the name. The Comet name was purchased from a company that made funeral coaches. During the first generation the Ford Motor Company used