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    and settled at the base of the last door at the end. Chrissy sat on her bedroom floor, the sunshine reflecting of the faded pink bed sheets. The coloring book lay open on the small drawing table in front of her, a crayon griped in her fragile hand. Though the door was closed, muffled shouts still echoed into the room. Once again she sat lost in her coloring when her mother entered and softly closed the door. Tracy was in her mid-twenties, and was once very stunning, however the lines etched across

  • Jean Piaget's Theory Of Social Skills

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    Nevertheless, coloring and drawing are important techniques in developing and enhancing various social skills among children. Some of the skills acquired include pencil grasping skills, motor control skills and finally hand separation skills. It is expected by occupational therapists that a child begins by using small writing tools. These writing tools would then be used in big coloring areas to smaller and smaller areas. Accuracy level is also enhanced

  • Essay On Tequila

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    Melissa Vigilance Some say to take life with a grain of salt. Maybe people should, alongside the rim of a glass filled with Triple Sec, sour mix, and a bit of some wonderful Tequila. Herradura, Patrón Silver, Jose Cuervo, and Milagro Romance are all examples of go-to brands of tequilas, however different they may look, but they all come from the same story. The peppery-tasting tequila has a rich history, reaching as far back in time to Aztec culture, being birthed during Spanish conquest in Mexico

  • Water: Why Is Water Quality Is Important?

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    Slide 1 – Water Quality Slide 2 – So what is water quality? It is the condition of the water for a specified purpose like drinking, swimming, agriculture needs and concerns the physical, chemical and biological factors of water. Slide 3 - Why is water quality important? The quality of our water is important for many reasons. First, it a vital necessity for everyday life. If a human goes without water, it can lead to dehydration or death. If water becomes contaminated it can cause many diseases

  • To His Coy Mistress

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    In the poem “To His Coy Mistress”, the speaker is trying to seduce his wife. In the assumption the mistress is his wife; she is being bashful towards losing her virginity. The speaker, which is the mistress’s husband, develops a carefully constructed argument where the speaker seeks to persuade his lady to surrender her virginity to him. In the poem “To His Coy Mistress”, the speaker says, “Had we but world enough, and time…I would love you ten years before the Flood, and you should if you please

  • Experiments

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     newspaper  measuring cups  1 cup of dry cornstarch  large bowl or pan  food coloring (if you want)  1/2 cup of water Put newspaper down on your counter or tabletop. Put the cornstarch into the bowl. Add a drop or two of food coloring. (Use whatever colors you like.) Add water slowly, mixing the cornstarch and water with your fingers until all the powder is wet. Keep adding water until the Ooze feels like a liquid when you're mixing it slowly. Then

  • Summary Of The Setting Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

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    that magical is typical nonsense. Harry ag... ... middle of paper ... ...eper at Hogwarts spoke in a thick accent Ex. Yeh don` know them gargoyles at the committee fer the disposal o’ Dangerous Creatures. Harry also uses some examples with local coloring also when he says Hullo or Er which are typical accent talks on the island of Great Britain. FORESHADOWING: This novel was full of suspense and also left you wanting to foreshadow the coming events. But the foreshadowing that stands out the most

  • Avoiding Obesity as a Child

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    Avoiding obesity as a child We all know that in today’s society looks are important. They should not be, but they do play some role in who we are. Now ask yourself, if looks are important to your kids, shouldn’t the food that they eat also be just as important? A healthy diet plays a major role in how your children feel and act. So when it comes to our kids, we want them to be healthy and have all the advantages that other kids have. One big step is to have a good diet for your children and make

  • Good and Evil in Robert Frost's Poetry

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    Our world is founded on good and evil. Humans have grabbed hold of these abstract principles, interpreted them into foundations of government and religion. But there is still a powerful need to understand good and evil, to know whether our world is controlled by gods and goddess, animals, the sun, every single human on earth or nothing at all. With so many ways to interpret our existence, there are billions of ideas, ranging from the inanely simple to the thoroughly convoluted. But Robert Frost’s

  • Honors Chemistry: Oil-In-Water Emulsion

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    Honors Chemistry Period 3 IRP Lab Report What additive(s) make an emulsion last for a long time? Purpose The purpose of this lab was to investigate which additive(s) will create the longest lasting oil-in-water emulsion. Background Information An emulsion is the forcing of substances that would not normally mix. In this experiment, multiple oil-in-water emulsions were performed. An oil-in-water emulsion is when there are little droplets of oil dispersed throughout water. The most common type of