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  • The College Experience

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    The years spent in college are a big transitional stage in every ones life. The years in college are spent in preparation for future endeavors in the “real world”. Choosing a college is imperative in that it can potentially effect your level of preparation for a professional career or in some cases graduate study. Your choice will impact the quality of education you will be receiving as well as shape your independence. When it came time for me to begin looking at schools I wasn’t sure where I wanted

  • My College Experience

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    My College Experience Throughout my lifetime I have listened to people reflect back on their college experiences and explain how college is supposed to be “the best experience of your life.” The summer after my senior year I use to try and imagine what my first semester was going to be like based on what I had heard people talk about in the past. After my first semester at NC State I realized that I couldn’t fully understand what college was like until I experienced it for myself. My first couple

  • The College Experience

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    The College Experience "Tomorrow is the first day of what I will become." I wrote this in my diary the night before my first day of college. I was anxious as I imagined the stereotypical college room: intellectual students, in-depth discussions about neat stuff, and of course, a casual professor sporting the tweed jacket with leather elbows. I was also ill as I foresaw myself drowning in a murky pool of reading assignments and finals, hearing a deep, depressing voice ask "What can you do with

  • The College Experience - Exploration and Self-discovery

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    The College Experience - Exploration and Self-discovery What do you want to do with your life? If only I had a nickel for every time I was asked that pesky question ... in particular, by some overly-concerned adult! I swear, if I hear it one more time, I'll launch into a screaming fit! It's right along the same lines as the annoying, "where do you see yourself in ten years?" As a student wrapping up my freshman year at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, even

  • College: A Plethora of Experiences

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    The plight of waking up at 5:30 in the morning is a small price to pay for an education. This is what I tell myself when the dreaded alarm goes off and the time comes to prepare for the school day. I may gripe. I may grumble. But deep down, I know that I wouldn't have it any other way. School is a means of self-improvement, an investment in one’s self. That being said, throughout my four years at Wake Forest anything can and will transpire, but on commencement day at Hearn Plaza, there is one thing

  • Procrastination and My College Experiences

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    Procrastination, and my college experiences According to the article (Magazine: Journal do- Genetic Psychology, December 1999), procrastination is referred as the act of needlessly delaying a task until the point of some discomfort. This is a behavior problem that many adults experience on a regular basis. In this paper I will be talking about two studies that researched about how procrastination hits students. It will also talk about ways to put an end to procrastination and give stories about

  • College Experience In College

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    College is a wonderful experience that only a few get to expose to. Any four year university offers a great opportunity for anyone; either for the diverse rich culture college campuses offer, or the hundreds of organizations and the thousands of connections that can offer one person. In the real world today a college degree is almost “required” for any career or a good stable job. Few necessities in America are cheap or free. For example: water, health insurance, and welfare are just to name a few

  • College Experience In College

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    College is a great experience where no all high school students get the chance to live the feeling of a college student before their graduation. High school might be great for these teenagers, but college is even greater. College can offer them a lot more experience than they get while in high school. Becoming a college student and having a professional education is more than important for new generations. The importance of having an associate degree, a doctoral degree, and a master degree symbolize

  • Free College Admissions Essays: The College Experience

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    College Admissions: The College Experience In High School, college seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of. Whenever I thought about it my stomach would immediately begin to spin in circles. Although I was ready to go off and be by myself and meet new people I was scared to death at the same time. I didn't know much about the "college experience" and what I did know (or thought I knew) scared me. I pictured hard classes that I wouldn't be able to keep up with, people that wouldn't

  • My College Experience: My Educational Experience From Verville College

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    My educational experience has been exhausting but personally rewarding, from getting academically suspended from Porterville College, to making a triumphant return, I have experienced my own defeats and had made good come backs. Coming from relatively conservative parents who didn’t really support my personal endeavors and constantly comparing me to my siblings, only two of which actually got degrees but only after years because they got into relationships which only slowed their academic progress

  • College Experience Essay

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    A huge transition from high school, college can either be a wonderful experience or a horrible experience depending on the person and the situation. To me, college was both, a horrible, yet wonderful experience. I learned a lot about myself throughout the semester. With each failure I realized a little something more about myself. Regardless if I do continue attending the same university, these past few months have brought about something in me that I could have never done alone. Looking back at

  • My Experience In College

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    When I moved into my dorm, I didn’t know what to expect in college. It was something my parents expected me to attend. For most of life, I was a sheltered boy who stayed home all the time. I didn’t hang out with friends until my last year of high school. After I come home from school, I would either finish homework or watch Youtube videos. It wasn’t until the first few days of college until I realized the amount of freedom I received. College allowed me to do what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid

  • College Essay: My College Experience Of College

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    My College Experience Having a job made me fear starting college because I knew it was going to be a lot of weight on my shoulders. Though, I knew if I wanted a better life that meant I would have to go back to school. Meaning I had to do both school and work because of my car payment and other bills. After a year of being out from high school, I decided to take a chance and start college. Getting an education has always caused stressed upon me. School did not come easily to me, like how it

  • My College Experience

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    College is a collection of diverse people, new experiences, and learning how to be an adult. While it is completely different from anything I have ever done before, I feel like I have adjusted well and am getting into the swing of being a college student. The transition from high school to college is difficult and I have faced some challenges including, learning good study habits and accepting who I am as a student, time management skills and putting myself into new situations where I can meet new

  • The Reflection Of My College Experience In College

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    Happiness There has never been a time in my life where I have not wanted to attend college. Prior to my senior year, I thought they day would never come when I would become a college student, enrolled at a University. Before my graduating year, 2015, it took so long to get to this point in my life. Every year was one step closer in reaching my ultimate goal, which was graduating high school and attending college. That is what my education has been about, getting to the higher levels. Everything that

  • Christian College Experience

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    attend an excellent religious school. The nearby school system offered a Christian education and spanned from preschool to college. The school and community offered a rich variety of after school activities to keep us occupied and engaged. My grandparents were immigrants and they migrated to America for higher incomes and a richier education for their family, without a college diploma, but they were industrious and hard working and paved the path to my parents success. Church and school attendance

  • My College Experience

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    the physical separation from home is for some a difficult transition to college life. What are those things one takes for granted while living at home, and attending high school? What changes does one face upon entering college? Just think of all the times the alarm clock did not go off, and mom was there to make sure school was still reached on time. When the alarm clock fails to go off at college, then the first class of the day is simply missed. At home breakfast is made

  • Essay About College Experience

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    It is not as easy as people say and think it is. It is more fun than how some people describe. The experience is beneficial for everyone to have. It has the potential to be a new start and the beginning of a bright future. It can bring a new career to an individual. Being a college student is what I’m talking about. There are a number of varying points of view on college. College can take plenty of time out of my schedule and stress me out. I have classes throughout the whole day, which doesn’t

  • Reflection Paper On College Experience

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    wanted to know more about her college experience due to the fact that I too, will be majoring in the science field. I chose these particular questions because I wanted to know how her college experience was and how she was able to manage her time wisely with studying and being able to have the college experience. During the interview process, in order for me to be able to interact with the faculty and staff from UIC, I learned that if I have any questions about college that I should be comfortable

  • Compare And Contrast Experience In College

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    My contrast experience by college Very young, I feel excited about the idea of ​​going to college and start studying the career of Doctor of Medicine, I knew that the road was long and very difficult, but always hoping to achieve my dreams. In the pre-university period was always surrounded by friends with whom he shared the same goal, we had fun did sports and studying to enter college. In the summer of 1986 we entered the Superior Institute of Medical Sciences of our city. When classes started