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  • Rape on College Campuses

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    Rape on College Campuses Nicole Johnson*, a 22-year-old senior at an area university looks back at her college experience as graduation approaches, generally happy with how everything turned out, however, a dark cloud still looms over her freshman year when she was raped. “I went to a party with a few girls I just met,” Nicole recalls. “I had two beers and felt really drunk and could barely stand up.” After lying down in an empty room in the apartment, Nicole only remembers the moment she woke

  • Safety on College Campuses

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    Safety is a tremendous issue on college campuses, and additional procedures need to be taken to prevent crimes from happening. When walking onto a college campus as a young adult, people get a rush of the unknown. The unknown could be going to college parties and late night study groups. College should be like any high school or elementary school and have better security measures to protect their students. The reasons we need these extra steps are to prevent violence, give students a sense of

  • Cross-Cultural Communication on College Campuses

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    Time Cultures in the American Campus Introduction: For most of international students, the American campus life is full of challenge because of the cross-cultural adaption process. Once you step into a different culture, you will face the differences from external aspects such as food, dress and customs to the internal ones, such as values and beliefs. And anyone who first comes to the America will notice the Americans¡¯ attitude towards time. Why the Americans never seem to have enough time

  • Having Cable Television on College Campuses

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    Having Cable Television on College Campuses Eleven o’clock on a Tuesday night, walking through the brightly lit halls, many doors wide open in a dormitory complex on the campus of Bowling Green State University, one can see that the only light that emerges from the open doors is the constantly changing illumination coming from television consoles. Passing from door to door, sounds such as sports cheers, gun shots, screams of people being slain, and moans of woman in ecstasy can be heard. Although

  • The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment on College Campuses

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    The Prevalence of Sexual Harassment on College Campuses One night, “Amy,” a student at State, was hanging out with some friends in her room. “A bunch of people were there, and one guy I didn’t know was obviously drunk and kept asking me out. I tried to brush him off, and didn’t take it seriously because he was drunk. I left to go to sleep. “He followed me to my room and kept banging on my bedroom door, trying to push it open and asking me to talk to him. I talked to him for a little while just

  • Rape On College Campuses

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    head off to college campuses. All with the common expectation that their daughters and sons will remain safe and make adequate decisions. The chilling reality regarding the well-being of college students, is that accounts of rape are very prevalent on college campuses. Many may even puzzle at the question as to what rape is. Rape is defined as “to have sexual intercourse by force without the approval of the victim (Vera). With lack of awareness regarding rape throughout college campuses, students across

  • Violence on College Campuses

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    On college campuses today, there is a lot of violence. Violence occurs for many reasons, its unfortunate but true. One of the main reasons that violence accurs is because 90 percent of violence on college campuses is alcohol related. That is one of the many reasons why violence occurs. There have been reports of increased violence on U.S. college campuses since the early 1980s. Alcohol-related problems have included vandalism, fighting, injuries, and rape. However, as in the past, crime on campuses

  • Speech On College Campuses

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    speech on public college campuses include whether the speech takes place on the campus itself, what specifically is being spoken or demonstrated, is the speech directed to someone or a group specifically or is the speech broad, at what point has the speech turned to action, is the speech considered hate speech, violent, disruptive, or threatening to any reasonable individuals’ ideals? These are just a few factors which must be asked when dealing with speech on public college campuses. For instance:

  • The Importance Of Diversity In College Campuses

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    Policies, programs, and services are essential to support college success by fulfilling the needs of the various student populations. As college campuses are rapidly becoming more diverse there is a responsibility for college campuses in promoting inclusion to foster a sense of belonging. To support the needs of every unique student population, college campuses have taken the initiative in creating programs to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. People with disabilities face many challenges

  • Disabled Students On College Campuses

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    like students who are not disbaled and those who are should be at college campuses.Rachel Adams wrote a piece called ‘’Bringing down the barriers Seen and unseen’’,which was published on November 6,2011 in the chronicle of education.In this article Adams argues that disabled students are not treated fairly on college campuses despite their being a Disabilties act.*which prevents professors in schools from discriminating against college students.Adams wants all students to be treated fairly and not looked

  • Sexual Assault On College Campuses

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    Lit review Colleges are one of the most studied locations for crime. There are many different forms of crimes and colleges. These colleges can be first classified as two-year or four-year institutions. There are also graduate schools and other levels of institutions. Looking at trends from 1974-1990, the highest rate of crime occurred in medical school, and the lowest amount of crime occurred in two-year institutions. A trend between high crime rates on campus and low unemployment in the community

  • The Importance Of Diversity On College Campuses

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    When diversity is being discussed, there are a plethora of ideas that are associated with it. Whether people are talking being put on a waitlist for college, about people of color, or about representation in the media, the subject of diversity is not rare. Recently, the conversation of diversity has become more common because colleges want to demonstrate that they have diversified campus. How would diversity on campus be defined? Most importantly, diversity is more than having an extraordinary personality

  • Inadequate Parking in College Campuses

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    Sheridan College rests at the bottom of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, in a small, friendly Western town where everyone believes that everyone else is their neighbor and treats them as such. After a week at Sheridan College, I guarantee that any visitor would mistake it for Heaven; that is, except for one issue: the lack of parking on campus. Nearly every time in the past that I have attempted to locate a desirable parking spot, I have failed and have had to settle for a spot at least five minutes

  • Racial Diversity In College Campuses

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    The dominant conceptual and empirical literature on college choice has characterized the college choice process and college choice itself, as most informed by students’ perceptions and expectations related to financial aid and college costs. Despite efforts by researchers to improve college choice predictions for Black and Latina/o students’ by integrating sociological constructs, these analyses are still grounded in the economic theoretical perspective. Finances are undoubtedly an important factor

  • Ethical Relativism In College Campuses

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    Academic advantage coincides with taking drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, to improve and sustain academic performance. This moral issue has been largely discovered among college and high school campuses. The conflict that arises is that students without a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD are taking the drugs. They are prescribed drugs as opposed to over-the-counter; meaning a prescription from a physician is needed. The moral complication is from students demanding academic achievement due to external and

  • Sexual Assault On College Campuses Essay

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    College is a time for new experiences, new challenges, and a fresh start from High School. College is supposed to be one of the best four years of any student’s lives. Students expect that they receive the best from professors, administrators, and a safe environment. However, in recent years the amount of sexual assaults on campuses has dramatically increased, “During their time at college, Department of justice estimates one in five women will be sexually assaulted” (Nehring). So why is this number

  • Causes And Effects Of Anxiety In College Campuses

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    Anxiety In College Campuses Everyone has been told the importance of college as well that stress comes with it and it can lead to anxiety with time. For most it’s more than just going to school, college is known to be the most important four years of a student’s life since the next four years they will figure out what they will do for the rest of their life. When it comes to thinking about the future, it can be overwhelming for many. So what is anxiety? “Anxiety is a general term that can cover

  • Measuring Safety & Fear of Being Victimized on College Campuses

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    Measuring Safety & Fear of Being Victimized on College Campuses Introduction This study attempts to measure the fear of crime on the campus of mainly the University of New Mexico and other campuses across the nation. I attempt to explore the fear of crime from a student’s perspective. This research will enhance the research that has been done on the issues and topics of fear and crime on college campuses. This study will measure the level of perceived risk by taking into consideration various

  • Smoking on College Campuses

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    The days of smoking on college campuses is coming to an end! (Daneman) The Department of Health and Human Services made an announcement, backed by the White house, to act on getting colleges everywhere to enforce a tobacco free campus! (Daneman) Smoking is a choice made amongst an individual and falls within the first amendment in the constitution along with eight more! So how can we legally ban smoking from a whole college campus? In the end, the individual is going to do what he/she pleases if

  • Stereotypes In College Campuses

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    On American college campuses nowadays, many people talk about microaggressions and political correctness. For example, there is an Asian guy studying in the library, and a white guy comes up to him and asks for help with his math homework. Some people say this act is offensive because the white guy assumes that the Asian guy is good at mathematics because he is Asian. There are many stereotypes about Asians in the U.S, and being good at math is one of them. Stereotypes are usually bad, but in this