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  • The Importance Of Academic Honor Code

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    Honors Code An academic honor code is a set of rules and regulations set into place governing the ethical principles of an academic community. Academic honor code is important and should be established in all higher learning schools, such as high-school and secondary-education facilities. Honor codes are viewed by society as a way for students to show not only personal honor, but also integrity for the work they do and respect for the people around them (Potsdam).The Academic Honor Code teaches

  • Dress Codes In the School System

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    Dress codes have long been the subject of debate in our educational institutions for many years. Administrators have struggled to find effective ways to deal with discipline problems. The introduction of dress codes has been a common intervention in our educational system to help decrease the number of disciplinary issues that are dealt with on a daily basis. Topics such as gang activity, bullying, increasing violence and Freedom of Expression have been thrown into the discussion, causing controversy

  • Persuasive Essay On The Honor Code

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    The Honor Code A quote spoken by once famous philosopher Aristotle states as such: “Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them,” (Motivational & Inspirational Corner). This quote very reasonably explains what it means to possess either an honor code or an academic honor code. Simply put, the self-dignity that comes along with properly following an honor code does not come by possessing such honors, but by deserving what is given to you by taking the code seriously. An individual

  • Censorship In School Dress Code

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    Censorship even extends to school dress codes. A school dress code is a set of rules about what clothing may or may not be worn in schools. As previously mentioned, a set of criteria are used to determine whether or not student expression should be censored in schools. For censorship involving dress codes, there are two: the “Tinker disruption standard” and the “forum issue,” which determine if student expression disrupts the school day and by who it is regulated, respectively (Emert). One case

  • Student Dress Codes are Useful

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    Dress code is a matter that is always being discussed and talked about. The Berean Academy handbook states “the dress must be honoring to God, be appropriate for the occasion, and be neat and clean,” (16.0). Some people like dress codes while others despise them. There are both pros and cons to having a dress code; however the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. It is essential to dress modestly, dress sharply, and dress for success. Students that do not have a dress code tend to wear what

  • The Wretched Violators of Dress Codes

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    person created to that of other sinners. A person who is more sinful and creates more chaos is punished more brutally than those who committed minor sins. Dante would view the violation of the dress code as a combination of fraud, violence and incontinence; therefore those who violate the dress code should be condemned to extremely severe punishments. Conformity requires everyone to be forced into certain behaviors so that there is order and peace. Dante believes the wrathful should be punished because

  • School Uniforms and Dress Codes

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    doesn’t have a uniform then they should have a strict dress code. Dress codes are a set of rules, specifying the required style at which you should dress in. Dress codes are used in order to make sure kids aren’t wearing improper clothing, in a school setting. (Marian Wilde; Do uniforms makes schools better ?) School uniforms are a specific set of clothes a school assigns that the students are obligated to wear. In that case school dress codes are just a set of rules that are made in order to make a

  • School Dress Code Essay

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    At the beginning of each school year students and parents receive the student handbook which includes the school’s dress code. Most students hate the dress code because it prohibits them from wearing certain things to school. Schools feel the need to have and enforce the dress code because they want students to be in a safe learning environment while avoiding distractions. However, it seems that girls are usually the ones getting dress coded for what they wear while boys seem to get away with more

  • The Code of Hammurabi the King of Babylon

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    Code of Hammurabi was established by Hammurabi, the king of Babylon, in order to create and maintain social order. Judging by these laws, I would say that the society defined by these laws consists of rather rigid structures and rules in the aspects of family, economics and justice system. It seems that the various social roles are very clearly defined in terms of what is expected of them, as well as the punishments they will receive as a result of not fulfilling their duties/responsibilities. For

  • Negative Effects Of Dress Code

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    Implementing a school dress code has both positive and negative effects on the students following the limiting rules. Dress code can affect students attitudes, personality, motivation, stress level, and influences in numerous ways. The effects it can have on a person vary in both good and bad ways. While possibly fixing a person attitude and negative traits it may also alter one 's personality. Over time there has been arguments and court cases discussing the fairness and constitutionality of this