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  • In An Oldsters Mind

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    passing my wheelchair. What I see at the back actually is a nurse who is frightened by my active and rare movement. When I look back again, the nurse has a already fallen onto the floor. Screaming and nervousness spread out all over the floor. Bang! The door close behind me. Staring at the mirror, I used to count the number of wrinkles on my forehead. They remind me the number of inerasable past events that I had involved in. Rapidly, I climb on the bed. Bed is my lovely place. I call it, the gymnasium

  • Monique and I

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    Opening……...Complete BornNYC: so, where are you .-. CaliChick: home being lazy :) BornNYC: im like so excited <(‘.’<) (>’.’)> [dancing] CaliChick: why CaliChick: coincidentally its my b-day XD BornNYC: oh is it ;) CaliChick:what ?_? BornNYC has closed Chat BornNYC has logged off CaliChick has finished Chat CaliChick has logged off Monique’s POV I was home, eating my perfectly balanced diet of a Caesar Salad, and apple and a high protein milkshake. I normally walk around in Most teens would

  • The Door of Fears

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    pebbled street, the moving trucks pulled up as Clara followed. She stepped out of her car and looked at the house thinking of how this is a fresh start in her life. “Its perfect” she said with a smile on her face. As the movers pushed open the trailer door Clara walked through the white picket fence gate on to the pebbled path and felt the feeling that she was safe, she whispered to herself “Home”. She stepped of the porch into the house to help the movers by telling them where she wanted the furniture

  • Descriptive Essay On The Day With My Grandmother

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    house, I relented to my mother’s nagging and agreed to swing by her house while I was out for lunch. I pulled up her steep driveway, and immediately saw Grandma’s car parked in the carport. Alright, well she’s gotta be home. I ran up the steps to her door. After several ignored doorbells and knocks, I figured, you know, she hasn’t been feeling well, Mom’s been over here bugging her for the past couple days, I bet she’s just taking a nap and doesn’t want to be bothered. I had learned over countless holidays

  • hs

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    second best. It was an uneasy evening when there came another knock on the door. Samuel had refused to let his heart be seduced by the bellowing sound. There was the usual query from Valarie and Sophia. Samuel responded to the door without delay. ‘How can I help you sir?’ Samuel lowered his voice coaxing the man to respond in the same tone. ‘I believe you can help me’, replied the man. Samuel stepped outside pulling the door behind him. By now the two women’s attention was drawn to the hushed voices

  • Creative Writing: Christmas with Earnest Hemmingway

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    freaking out. I was so felicitous that the college had chosen me out of all the other professors there, and now the gravity of the situation was weighing down on me and I was panicking. 'Welcome' I screamed as I opened the door. To be honest, I did expect the person at the door to be Earnest Hemmingway himself, for he really was the only one that mattered to me tonight and I had done this whole stupid dinner for him. But it wasn?t him it was my co-workers. ?Is he here, has he arrived? Jules demanded

  • The Sliding Doors by Peter Howitt

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    Peter Howitt’s Sliding Doors (1998) is a film that explores the events that unfold in Helen’s (Gwyneth Paltrow) life after she simultaneously makes and misses her train. Throughout the film, sliding doors appear as a motif and signify that an important event is about to occur or has occurred in Helen’s life. By manipulating the range of story information and mise-en-scene, Howitt is able to juxtapose Helen and James (John Hannah) with Gerry (John Lynch) and Lydia (Jeanne Tripplehorn) to ultimately

  • Evansdale Heights Case Study

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    the property manager by call by Bob. Bob being a tenant of the unit, a few weeks back he badly damaged the car park roller door, it was now jammed in the raised position and couldn 't be lowered. This incident happens under the old management. Bob tried to get the previous managing agent to get the door repaired but had no success. On the day Bob reported the damaged roller door to Kate, she contacted two companies to repair it. First one said the dent can be repaired but the

  • The Way The Mind Works - Original Writing

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    "I'll get it!" shouted Amanda, Robert's youngest sister. "NO YOU WILL NOT!" snapped Robert's mum. While, for the first time ever, Robert's mum and Amanda were arguing, Robert answered the door, and no one was there. It was probably Danny, he was always playing tricks on Robert, so Robert closed the door and

  • A Winter Wonder-Miracle

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    The wind whistles through the open door, dusting the living room with fresh, glistening, white snow. Inside there is an elegant Christmas tree, twinkling in the corner of the room, adorned with unique ornaments, reminiscent of trips shared between a man and his wife. On top of the tree is a lone star devoid of any light. The charming, little, one-story farmhouse is not vacant, though it is so silent that it seemed like a Charlie Chaplin film. An elderly man, George, snoozes in his tattered old rocking