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  • Jay

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    heading, “Man Murdered”, was printed across the first page in big, bold letters. The article was about a man whose body was found lying on the ground in the back of his house, next to his garden shed. The police suggested it was a break in as the front door was wrecked and his house a catastrophic mess. Tables were upside down and so were the couches, the things on the shelves and in the cupboards were thrown carelessly on the ground and a bullet hole was found in the window. But the police dismissed

  • Kingdom Of Frinda

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    flicker of light appeared at the tip of her wand, it was not a bright glow, but it was enough to show them that it was empty, and that there were no cloaks or robes scattered around, as Alison was expecting. Alison walked in smiling to herself as the door to the hatch was visible. She knelt down, pulling at the flap and with a hefty pull, it opened. Robert stared quietly, he was not sure that they should leave the vicinity of the palace, to start mooching around tunnels and seeking holes in walls, to

  • Dead End Train - Original Writing

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    and then and the air became cooler as the nights were becoming longer. It was now exactly seven fifteen, and that moment the train rushed by until it finally came to a halt. The doors opened with a slight creak. I entered the cabin nearest to the driver and took a seat. The train moved off again as the doors closed behind me. The atmosphere was very hot and humid; this made me take off my pullover. There was one passenger in the cabin. He had a funny-shaped nose, was pretty tall but his

  • The House- Creative Writing

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    I moaned softly to myself as I compelled my battered legs to carry me for the last time along the over-grown garden path, which I had once skipped down so carelessly as a young boy. I sighed as I surveyed the acres; the once beautifully manicured, but now utterly disheveled expanse of garden stretching before me. My gaze rested on the immense oak tree that cut into the landscape, once majestic and verdant but now withered and dieing. I apprehensively forced my eyes to look directly ahead of

  • Analysis: The Crash That Shook Me

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    The Crash that Shook Me Driving is a freeing and exciting aspect of turning sixteen. The day I got my license, the car ride home was about the longest drive I had ever taken. Then the moment we got home, I hopped into the driver’s seat of my mom’s beaten up ruby red pathfinder and sped away. Of course, I was only allowed to go to the starbucks around the corner. That moment though, I will never forget. And driving is still one of my favorite things to do. It’s so freeing, having the ability to simply

  • Chores on a Sunny Day

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    The warming rays of the sun slowly peeked through the window and into my room. As every morning begins, I am awakened by these beams of light shining in my face. As I sat up, I looked out my bedroom window. Through the thick brush of trees, I see what little sun I can as it casts its sunbeams in every direction. It illuminated the ground and the woods; the colors of which were slightly off, almost like looking at them through a stained window pane. I watched the sun climb higher into the sky. But

  • To the Grave, We Grieve

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    (E) Chapter Four: To the Grave, We Grieve I woke up screaming in a cold sweat. My hands flew to my face and then my stomach. Breathe. Just breathe Darcie. I let out a long breath and sunk backwards, my back hitting the headboard. I winced a little. Same exact thing again. Every little detail. Will it ever change? I glance over at the clock. 4:35 Wow, I slept more than usaul. I knew that I wouldn't go back to sleep, yet I didn't want to get out of bed. The pounding in my heart dulled down to a

  • Just A Dream: A Short Story: Just A Dream

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    Ema. I’m right here, just come to the door. We need sleep, we’re going to see your father tomorrow.” There was facade of cheerfulness in her voice, but it did not matter. I just wanted her communicate with me. She was my only beacon of light in this sea of trauma. “Are you almost at the door?” “I don’t kno-” Suddenly that same metallic silver that I previously encountered flooded my sensory nerves. “Yes! I’m here, Mom!” I yelled as I threw open the door and embraced my mother with a tight hug

  • But Where Do Angels Go?

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    destination, a tall, mostly glass apartment complex. The building stretched upwards for an impressive 15 stories, tapering off into the sky above gracefully. Neku raced to the elevator, located inside the double doors immediately to the right and pushed the buttons in a reflexive motion.7-Close Door, to ensure that no one else could get into the same one as him, so there would be no delay unless someone was getting on from another floor. Thankfully, no one appeared to slow the ascending journey to the

  • Short Story

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    inside of an envelope determine so much? Michael Livingston had plenty to lose. Try four years of undergraduate school at Morehouse University, two years of Notre Dame graduate school, and Harvard Law. Yes he had plenty to lose. Walking into the door of his closed-space apartment, he sits down with the letter in plain view. Thump, Thump, Thump! His heart races like greyhounds at a race track. The time is here. The time is now. Michael opens the letter to find his results of the BAR exam he had taken…