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  • Alternative Ending to Mockingjay

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    ten feet in front of me, an automatic and bright sliding door stands. I just hope that I am not being recorded by the security cameras, because if I am, my life has already been condemned to die within a few minutes. No one knows that I am here, except for Cinna. I am acting on behalf of his plan. So far, Cinna’s plan is being precise, but, I don’t recall this being part of Cinna’s arrangement, something doesn’t seem right. I face the door, trying to slide it open, but it won’t open no matter how

  • The Elevator

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    The elevator is safer,’ she rationalized as she pushed the button to summen the steel box. The doors swooshed open, and Amy had to step back from the glare of the lights. Then, very timidly, she stepped inside the death trap, and watched as the doors clanged together behinde her. Her work area was on the 25th floor. Takeing deep breaths Amy stared back at herself relected in the mirror like doors. Her long blonde hair was slightly messed up, and there were bags under her dark brown eyes. She

  • Mainstream Horror Story

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    the nearest school doors swung open with a resounding boom that echoed across the school grounds. “I guess it would be best if we promenaded towards the vicinity of the school doors and entered to commence our learning experience!” Missy exclaimed loudly, twirling towards the doors and nearly bouncing into the school I hope Cal thinks I’m smart like him! she mused to herself. The other students followed her into the school doors. It had an ominous feeling to them, like the doors were about to swallow

  • The Silent Fields

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    The thin and frail little girl ran through the busy streets. Her long and curly hair was being dirtied by the dry, brown dust suspended in the air above the ground. Her facial expression was lavished with freedom and joy. She hopped on one foot while simultaneously brining the knee of her opposing foot up towards her stomach creating a skipping motion. Her small body was covered only by a thin, yellow textile dress that did not extend beyond her knees. She moved seamlessly between the crowds of busy

  • elevator

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    friends lives as I sprinted for my own. Yeah, okay, call me self centered if you want. I heard the zombies follow the three of us making... ... middle of paper ... ...he doors opened and I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the elevator, once again running but, this time to the nearest exit. As we made it to the doors, all of my friends were already standing at the Zombie machine waiting. “There you two are! We’ve been waiting forever!” heh, funny…. Sure you have. As if she heard what I thought

  • Short Story: The Importance of Upholding Recycling Day

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    sleepy town, everyone was buzzing with curiosity, peering out of windows and door peepholes at the mysterious van. After what seemed like an eternity, the drivers’ door of the van opened up and a tall man in a crisp black suit, black tie, black shoes and limousine-tinted black sunglasses stepped out, walked around the van and opened the sliding door on its’ side. Now, all the residents in view of the van started opening their doors, shamelessly curious to know who the strange man was or what oddities were

  • gg

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    Henry had already began walking toward it. I ran after him and spouting off a question. “Will we look odd walking into an all-female school?” He didn’t seem to acknowledge me until we were at the front doors. “Most of the staff is male so it won’t be too much of an upset.” He said opening doors. The inside was even more grandiose, it was a wonder how they got a building like this up in only a couple of years. Henry walked over to a reception table and asked the whereabouts of a man named Roy. One

  • Distance: Don't Look Back

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    I stood there frozen; watching as he slowly began to walk away. I bit her lower lip and felt the tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I knew I had to do something, anything to keep him from leaving me behind. For the past 10 years, we’ve have always been together, so why is he leaving me all alone? I wanted to scream at him, but my mouth was dry and the words got caught in my throat. I wanted to run to him, but my feet were frozen and I was unable to feel them. Now he was hugging his parent’s goodbye

  • Essay About Myself

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    less than 1500 citizens offered little diversity. I grew up around others that belittled people for their beliefs, color of skin, or sexuality. When I moved to downtown one of the first people I naturally ran into was my neighbor in the house next door. Right away when I met David I automatically knew that he was gay. Months went by without anyone in my household or me talking to our neighbors. After this long period of time I noticed one night that they were having a get together and I thought it

  • It Takes a Thief

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    There it was again, the sound of sandaled feet echoing through the hall. Dropping down and touching the floor, he felt vibrations reverberating through the stone. And they were coming closer! He swore softly, and looked around quickly. Spotting a door, he hurriedly said a prayer to whatever god was willing to listen, and he stepped through it. He noted that he was in a large, empty candlelit room, but that was all he looked at for a moment. Breathing a sigh of relief, he wiped his brow and pushed