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  • The Clinic

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    The Clinic The Clinic is one of a series of Alex Delaware novels written by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex Delaware is a psychology doctor who is often employed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to provide psychological profiles of both victims and killers. The book is 465 pages long. In this novel Dr. Delaware has been asked to provide a psychological profile of the victim of a particularly gruesome murder. The victim is Professor Hope Devane, who was found murdered under a large elm tree

  • A Mobile Clinic

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    Community Action Committee (WLACC), the mobile clinic will provide additional supporting services that will focus on bringing mental health services, healthcare and social services directly to our clients. As we strive to integrate our services by collocating a mobile clinic, we will focus on disease prevention and healthcare promotion through primary care, while employing a biopsychosocial approached. By working hand in hand with WLACC, the mobile clinic strives to add an important component to existing

  • Health Clinics

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    Most communities are described as undeserved and as such require having free clinics that help them to deal with the major issues affecting health (Huntington, 2012). The mobilization of these free clinics comes with a price as they affect the community both positively and negatively. Free clinics can either be temporary or permanent and this incurs different expenses depending on the type of structure chosen. Free clinics are effective for those people without insurance as they tend to get treatment

  • Retail Clinics

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    Probably as a result of these situations, there has been a growth in the number of retail clinics in the nation with the current number being above 1,000. As Kaissi and Zucker (2010) reports, this number is expected to rise to nearly 6,000 soon. These clinics are either independently managed or are in contract with hospitals and staff nursing practitioners instead of physicians. Many people consider these clinics as a boon because of their easy accessibility, less expenditure, and evidence-based care

  • Methodone Clinics

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    The effects of drugs are terrible. Drugs have ruined many families and lives. However, there have been many attempts to get these addicts off drugs. In trying to cure addicts, doctors have tried to treat them by giving them the drugs that they are addicted to. Drugs should not be used to treat drug addiction. There are various effects of drugs, they include hyperactivity, sickness, dizziness, hallucinations, and can also lead to death. However, despite these symptoms people still use drugs. Drugs

  • The Gross Clinic

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    In 1874, Thomas Eakins took a second course in anatomy at Jefferson Medical College. He attended surgical lectures and clinics presided over by Professor Samuel D. Gross. Eakins painted “The Gross Clinic,” to show the emotion involved in medical procedures. It appears as if the doctors performing the surgery have emotionally removed themselves from the situation at hand. By removing themselves from the emotional aspects of the surgery, the doctors can complete the task much easier than they would

  • The Mayo Clinic Diet: The Mayo Clinic Diet

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    The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to change your lifestyle by replacing bad habits with new, healthy ones. There is no need to eliminate foods, just reduce the portion of certain ones. The goal of the diet is to lose excess weight, and to then maintain a healthy weight for life. Changing your daily routine and adding new habits is what it focuses on. The Mayo Clinic Diet was developed by medical professionals. It is known to be a diet you can stick with for life, not just a fad or quick fix. The

  • The Mayo Clinic

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    The Mayo Clinic is one of the famous hospitals that provide extremely desired health care services to the customers. Many people have positive opinions based on the services that are offered in the Mayo Clinic. Dr. William Worrall Mayo, his two sons Drs. William James Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo, and the Sisters of St. Francis established the Mayo Clinic in 1889 in Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic is one of the oldest, but steadfast health care organizations that have traversed the ages. Initially

  • Crowded Clinic: Critical Analysis: The Crowd Clinic

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    The Crowded Clinic: Critical Analysis The Crowded Clinic Case Study (Colorado State University - Global, n.d.) discusses the issues of practice management as they apply to access to care. Access to care may be as inconvenient as lengthy patient wait times to issues far more serious that may have a profound effect on the health and well-being of a single patient or an entire cohort. In order to properly address the issue and look for a remedy, it is necessary to understand the underlying conditions

  • Importance Of A Clinic Manager

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    movement and purpose all around you and as you’re sitting there you think to yourself, “I wonder who is managing all of these processes, procedures and people.” The answer to your question is a clinic manager. The clinic manager is an educated person, often holding a