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    The action of studying the properties or characteristics of objects, people or processes to group them under different categories is called classification. For example, a person can be classified as an introvert or extrovert depending on their nature and behavior. Classification is used as a tool in day-to-day life to differentiate between things/people based on their properties/nature. Sometimes, classification is all about identifying patterns and categorizing based on the inferences.

    The Importance of Classification

    One of the key reasons for classification is to reduce chaos in cataloging, search, and recall. For example, a book in a library is categorized based on genre, author name, etc, to make the process of finding books easier. Classification helps in identifying different categories, and simplifying the process of categorizing things in future. While some classifications in human beings based on religion, race or nationality can cause a divide, many a times classification of people based on their interests or passion can develop a feeling of community. For example, a category of dog lovers would unite like-minded people who love dogs.

    Classification plays a huge role in various fields of science. In physics, an object can be classified as solid, liquid or gas based on their state of physical form. Depending upon the pH value, any object can be categorized as acidic, basic or neutral in nature. In biology, the anatomy of the human body is classified as organs, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, etc, based on their functions. Based on their body structure, nature and other characteristics, animal kingdom can be broadly classified as mammals, reptiles, birds, marsupials, and more. Similarly, an animal’s eating habit helps in categorizing them as herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Based on what we eat, humans can be classified as meateaters, seafood lovers, vegetarians, and vegans.

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  • Classification Essay

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    According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, researchers have found that much of a young person’s personality is formed as early as first grade. It is fascinating how important these formative years are to a person’s future life. If our personality and perspective on life is formed by such a young age, it should then be understood that those people closest to us are the ones framing our perspective on life. These perspectives follow us throughout much of

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    There are many different types of students. All students have their own way of studying and learning material. A student’s attitude is the most determining factor in how well a student performs academically. Some students are eager to learn and try their best; however, some students could care less about learning. Each year students decide whether they will succeed or fail in school. All students fall into one category or another. Students can be classified into three categories: Overachievers, Average

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    There are three types of domestic cats: indoor domestic cats, outdoor domestic cats, and indoor-outdoor domestic cats. Though these cats would look very similar if they were clean and sitting next to each other, they would also be very different. Indoor cats are generally very clean, since they do not have to work for their food. The excess time allows them to clean and pamper themselves on a daily basis. The fact that they are usually fed on regular intervals makes an indoor cat overweight

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    RECRUITMENT PROCESS Job classification is to group job positions and then value them in a fair and transparent manner according to various functions as well as geographically. Job titling is to provide a title to each job classification in order to define and recognise the responsibility and level of the position. At ArcelorMittal, they use a customised statistical tool known as the LDA methodology which rates the function of the job, its content and the responsibility involved. Factors such as

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    Construction of Racial Classification When you type the word race into the first result defines race as, “a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving, or sailing.” It is not until you scroll down that you find the definition for race used in a way to define origin of race. If the word race has such a large stigma surrounding it, then why do you have to scroll down to find the anthropologic definition for the word? Until the government decided to come up with a classification system to help

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    Classification of Friends On a conscious level, we rarely spend much time actually thinking about and classifying our friends. However, since I was a small child, my mother taught me to recognize and appreciate various types of friends. I have discovered that there are three different types of friends. I group them according to how well I know them and how well they know me. We encounter each type of friend everyday, whether in school, home, or at the gym. First, there are the "pest friends"-

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    which I started talking with everyone and also made friendship with the poor student. The class categorization disappeared for me after I was matured to some extent as I stepped to higher classes. While some people say that categorization or classification is the rule of nature. They argue that nothing is equal in nature and hence everything needs to be separated or categorized. While they may be true in some extent, but I do not completely believe that everything should be categorized. Due to the

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    At four years old, I already had a person who was there for every stepping-stone of my life; even though she is infuriating at times, I still love her. We all have different definitions of friendship, but I define it as a relationship between two people that share a common bond with each other. A friendship can either make or break us; it happens every day, they can either last or fail miserably. Therefore, as we grow older, our tastes, value and interests change hence, the person we loved yesterday

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    Classification is a supervised leaning process where the data is grouped against a known class tag. It is a task consists of discovering knowledge that can be used to forecast the class of a record whose class identify is unknown. In mammogram image classification it is used to categorize the images under different class tags depending on the characteristics of image. Classification is discrete and do not entail any order and continuous and floating point would designate a numerical target rather