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  • Classic

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    as the ‘Gilded Age’, focused on emotions and fantasies that captured the attention of many. Although these works of literature are considered ‘classics’, people couldn’t relate the meanings to their own lives or the world around them. “A classic is a work of art so universal in has survived the ‘tests of time” (Lazarus). A true literary classic can be applied to the everyday lives of both people of the past and future. William Dean Howells, an American realist, used his writing to depict

  • ps classics

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    see Classics as one of the most important disciplines that can be studied. Our modern civilisation is built upon that of the ancient world, from our literature to our politics, and classical influences can be found in almost any aspect of modern culture. I believe that, through study of the ancient world, I can achieve a much better understanding of the world today. I consider myself a conscientious and hard-working student who is ready for the challenge of studying for a degree in Classics. Throughout

  • A True Classic

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    also rated the book with five stars. But what constitutes a great book that will live on for centuries? Is it a Nobel Prize-winning book? Many people have said that William Golding’s book is a modern classic which would be appropriate since his book won a Nobel Prize. His book has become a modern classic by having a strong author’s purpose, great embellishment of literary devices, and proposes many philosophical questions forcing students to think deeper than surface level. Certainly author’s purpose

  • A Beloved Classic

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    The New York Times called it “A whale of yarn! Crammed with adventure …lavish … sumptuous” (“The Scarlet Pimpernel”)! In November of 1982, the swashbuckling classic tale The Scarlet Pimpernel came to life on the screen, filled with blissful romance, assumed identities, and enthralling adventures. Based on the novels The Scarlet Pimpernel and Eldorado by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, this film adaptation tells the story of Sir Percy Blakeney, an English nobleman and master of disguise, who bears an infamous

  • The New Classic: Hip-Hop: The New Classic

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    Hip-Hop: The New Classic Many have made a statement similar to “Hip-hop isn’t music, it’s just talking and requires no talent.” People who have made this argument are partially right. Hip-hop isn’t just music anymore, hip-hop has grown from a music genre to a phenomenon, to a culture that transcends many forms of media, including film, fashion, and business. In other words, like rock and pop before it, hip-hop has become a classic genre in our society and has gone from just being a popular “fad”

  • Classics - Tragedy

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    Classics - Tragedy It seems that the nearly all critics of Medea are unanimous in one prominent feature of the play alone, and that is in their immense abhorrence for Jason. Kitto says 'In him (Jason) it is impossible to find anything that is not mean´, while Lucas says 'Jason is utterly selfish, and utterly unconscious of his selfishness'. It is hard to find anything kind about Jason as on face value he is such an obvious villain. But all these comments on the Medea centre round a study

  • Classic Airlines: Case Study: Classic Airlines

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    Case study: Classic Airlines Introduction The current global competition among businesses has attracted an environment where companies or organizations must devise all the possible ways in order to make the most of profits and also ensure growth by concentrating on the strategic marketing methods. A good example of a competitive business is Classic Airlines. The company has the potential to change the general outlook of the airlines business. As a way of guaranteeing its success in the airline industry

  • A Classic Hero: Jackie Robinson As A Classic Hero

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    Jackie Robinson A Classic Hero When people think of heroes, they usually think of a strong guy in tights and a cape, but in actuality, there are heroes all around us. Some heroes, for example, are Classic, Epic, Tragic, and Anti heroes. A classic hero is someone who possesses a skill which makes it possible to face overwhelming odds and have a chance at success. Even though Jackie Robinson seems like a national hero for fighting for a noble cause; he is a classic hero because he possesses a skill

  • A Classic Hero: Harvey Milk, A Classic Hero

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    What is a hero? A person admired for achievements or noble qualities. Harvey Milk was one of those people, specifically a classic hero, defined as otherwise normal people, except they have a great talent. Milk was a classic hero. Like most classic heroes, he had a strong ability to make people follow him. He had an Emotional quest. His death affected many people. Milk had a normal childhood, playing sports and singing in choir, he also worked in his family department store with his brother. He realized

  • An Apology for Classics

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    “Do you want to live forever?” This paraphrase is overused, but I think of it every time I read the literary works of the ancient Romans. Latin is considered to be a “dead” language, yet the understanding of Latin allows one to discover a time when the same conflicting opinions are at issue today. How did the Roman senate quell the famous Plebeian Labor Strike in 494 BC? How did Achilles, despite dying at a young age by an arrow wound from Paris, prince of Troy, manage to poetically