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  • Critique of Kohlberg’s Claim of Cultural Moral Universality

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    Critique of Kohlberg’s Claim of Cultural Moral Universality Introduction As the American Heritage Dictionary plainly states, morality is "a system of ideas of right and wrong conduct" (American Heritage Dictionary 2000). People have been researching the development of this sense of morality for centuries. There is great debate over how a person’s morality is formed and then how to categorize one person’s level of morality compared to others. Most researchers believe that people reach different

  • Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim

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    Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim Popper asserts that "it is easy to obtain confirmations, or verifications, for nearly every theory--if we look for confirmations." Kuhn illustrates (page 6), in his discussion of cosmologies, that man needs a structure for his universe. Man needs to explain the physical relation between his personal habitat and nature in order to feel at home. Explaining this relation gives meaning to his actions. Moreover, Kuhn says observation is a double edged sword

  • Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim

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    Sir Karl Popper's Falsifiability Claim Popper's claim that "the criterion of the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability" (Klemke, 1988) may be viewed as an observation of, rather than a complete departure from, earlier criteria for science. Klemke states in his introduction to part one (p. 16) that defining science (or the scientific method) has traditionally consisted of utilizing seven criteria that must be met in a specific order. Criteria number (5) and (6) refer to deduction

  • The Government Denial of Agent Orange Claims

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    The Government Reaction to Agent Orange Claims PREFACE United States involvement in Vietnam has been surrounded by controversy since the 1960s. Many felt that controversy would end with the withdrawal of US troops in the 1970s. The troops came home and were not welcomed with the fanfare that surrounded veterans of previous wars. Was the controversy surrounding Vietnam a “dead” issue now that the troops were home? The answer is no. The controversy continues to this very day. The issue

  • Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness and the European’s Claim to Superiority

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    Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness and the European’s Claim to Superiority Incomplete Works Cited Just beyond the “biggest and greatest town on earth”, four men sit patiently on their boat, waiting for the serene waters of the Thames to ebb (65). One of the men, a Buddha, breaks the silence, saying, “and this also…has been one of the dark places of the earth” (67). This pensive and peaceful idol, Marlow, explains to his apathetic listeners how a great civilization is blindly made out of a darkness

  • Exploring Earth Creationist Claims for the Age of the Earth

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    back from known dates in the not-to-distant past, the creation of the world by the eternal Creator would have been around 4000 B.C. Because these creationists call their endeavors scientific, the question arises as to their method for making the claim of a young earth. Creation-science discussions of the age of the earth usually contain several standard items. The first is usually a criticism of the standard evolutionist methods for age determination, radiometric dating. Radiometric dating

  • Insurance Claims Adjuster

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    Insurance claims adjusters are a play a very important role in the insurance field. If a loss or catastrophe occurs claims adjusters are needed immediately to examine the claim and figure out how much money the insurance company must pay. An insurance claims adjuster is a very flexible job with hours varying every day and few qualifications and requirements. This is a very interesting and diverse job since no one claim is identical to another. People purchase insurance policies to help protect themselves

  • Refuting the Claims in Adam Kolasinski’s The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage

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    Refuting the Claims in Adam Kolasinski’s The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage Gay marriage has been one of the most controversial topics of the twenty first century and the topic has mainly circulated around such issues as procreation and marriage benefits. Although Adam Kolasinski, the author of “The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage,” never refers to homosexual behavior as “wrong,” he argues several key points, including financial issues, to conclude why homosexual marriage is not allowed in

  • Stem Cell Research - Protect Consumers from False Claims and Miracles

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    Stem Cell Research - Protect Consumers from False Claims and Miracles Due to the potential therapeutic uses and the potential profit from stem cells, there has been an increased interest in stem cell research. While some progress has been made, we do not know nearly enough about how stem cells work to use them for the treatment of human diseases. However, there are researchers that claim that they have developed the technology to apply stem cells to the treatment of aging and diseases. Websites

  • False Claims Act

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    False Claims Act and Pharmaceuticals Health care fraud cases continue to be problematic for health care systems and providers across the United States. According to Pozgar (2012), these cases not only pose financial burdens on the accused, but may also lead to unnecessary risks to patients. A violation against the Federal False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729-33, is one example of health care fraud that often enters into a settlement agreement. It is important to mention violations against the Federal

  • Assess The Claim That The Labour Governments Of 1924 And 1929 Were Unable To Achieve Anything

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    Assess the Claim that the Labour Governments of 1924 and 1929-31 Were Unable to Achieve Anything In 1924, for the first time the Labour government was appointed, headed by leader Ramsay Macdonald. At this time, a topic of much political debate was trade, Conservatives adopting a protectionist policy contrasting with the Liberal and Labour views in favour of free trade, and as the strongest free trade party it was asked to take office. Their main aims in 1924 were to deal with the increase in

  • The Small Claims Procedure

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    The Small Claims Procedure The small claims procedure is regulated by RSA 503 in 1973. It is a simple, speedy, and informal method by which an individual appears before a judge of the district or municipal court, presents his or her claim, and explains why another person or business owes money to him or her. Small Claims Court can award up to $5000 in damages (larger claims can be heard, but the maximum that can be awarded is $5000). Although not required in Small Claims Court, any persons

  • Consider the accuracy of Lear?s claim that he is ?a man / More sinned against than sinning?

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    King Lear is throught the whole play a man who is a sinner and the victim of the evil deeds of those who surround him, those he keeps most close mostly are the worst sinners against him. He thinks he does the right good things but has to find out that almost everything he did out of meaning well by the people he considered as the good ones at the time he did it were the wrong moves. When Lear realizes that his moves seem to have been wrong he tells Kent and the Fool during a storm that he is “a man

  • analysis Thomas Hobbes?s claim ?a state of nature is, or would be, a state of war of everyone against everyone.?

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    understand the logic behind Hobbes’s claim, we must first understand his point of view of human nature. The key element in Hobbes’s view on human nature was the importance of desires. Unlike many other philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, Hobbes had a different approach to desires. He believed desires were real motive behind human behaviors. (Leviathan, p119) What motivated human actions were not virtues such as wisdom as Aristotle and Plato would claim, nor was it a sense of duty as Cicero

  • Meacham v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

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    really does not allow disparate impact claims, citing Hazen Paper Co. v. Biggins, 507 U.S. 604 (1993), where a claim involved disparate treatment and what was needed was proof of intentional discrimination. The Court claims that the Hazen Paper Court had not resolved the appropriate use of ADEA in terms of disparate impact. It was further stated that the decisions to come from other circuits do not necessarily overrule prior cases. The idea that disparate impact claims may not be allowed under ADEA is

  • Thank You for Smoking?

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    swiftly lost all merit and became a means to assail the people in opposition of the author’s views. Brimelow makes a gallant effort to prove his major claim, or main idea (McFadden). He wants to get the audience to concur with him that smoking is not an altogether unhealthy habit (Brimelow 141). However, mistakes in his essay begin with his major claim statement. When Brimelow writes that “smoking might be, in some ways, good for you” (141), he already puts doubts in the minds of the audience. Instead

  • Skepticism in Russel´s The Problems of Philosophy

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    come to the end of the second page he claims that "anything. . . may be reasonably doubted" (Russell 8). He questions everything from the existence of the table to whether other minds exist. He asserts that reality is not what it appears and that "even the strangest hypothesis may not be true" (Russell 16). Regardless of this fact, Russell proceeds to explain which things are self-evident truths for him; i.e. that which is certain knowledge for him. He claims that the most certain kind of self-evident

  • Herbal Sports Cream

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    Cream, a sore muscle/weightlifting aid, and the claims made about it on the web ( In addition to the claims made about this particular product, each active ingredient has a literature provided by the large number of alternative medicine and herbal specialist sites on the Web. After describing this consumer information, I will provide you with a survey of the clinical research that supports, denies, or falls short of these claims. There are several active ingredients

  • The Christian Perspective in An Essay on Man

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    The Christian Perspective in An Essay on Man Some might argue that Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man" presents the viewpoint of a deist. Others might claim that the poem fails to exhibit Christian concepts of good and evil, especially since the poet concludes his first epistle with the seemingly unchristian claim that "whatever IS, is Right" (I. 1. 294).   Yet Pope's arguments actually reflect a traditional Christian perspective, which can be verified by comparing his poem with New Testament

  • The origins of World War One

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    focuses on the Kaiser, Gottlieb von Jagow, Bethmann Hollweg and Helmut von Moltke. These four were the German leading figures at that time; Fischer is convinced that these people were responsible for the outbreak of World War One. Fischer’s three main claims were: 1.     Germany was prepared to launch the First World War in order to become a great power. 2.     Germany encouraged Austria-Hungary to start a war with Serbia, and continued to do so, even when it seemed clear that such a war could not be