Civil Conflict

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  • A Prolonged Civil Conflict

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    to a losing cause'; (19). Because the U.S. was obsessed with the domino theory and a communist threat in Southeast Asia, they became involved in and were partly to blame for prolonging a civil conflict.      After the U.S. had initially become involved in Vietnam’s civil conflict, they kept getting more and more involved. Besides several bomb raids the U.S. also kept sending more and more troops into South Vietnam. The massive bomb raids and the continuous flow of

  • Causes Of Civil Conflict

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    Introduction Civil conflict has been a focal point of the world’s attention in the post-Cold War Era, with news coverage of human rights violations, poverty, and casualties. This era has brought a systemic change from interstate wars to intra state wars. Civil conflicts may be arguably more severe than interstate wars because of the use of rebels, the lack of organized forces, and issues of sovereignty. The specific topic of this research is conflict and in particular, the causes of civil conflict. The

  • Essay On Civil Conflict

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    Civil conflicts tend to erupt “within nation-states and threaten their governments, the social order, and the rate and path of their development” (Anastasion et al. 17). Throughout the years there has been much debate centered on defining the underlying cause(s) of civil conflict. There are many theories that have evolved over time that suggest reasoning for the occurrence of civil conflict(s). Yet there still remains no concrete definition of cause. However, there was a theorist and scholar by the

  • Bosnian Conflict: Not A Civil War

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    Bosnia is a country located in the Baltic States near Italy. The conflict began on the 1st of March 1992. The following essay will prove that the Bosnian conflict is a genocide and not a civil war. The origin of the conflict was the territorial differences between the Bosnian Serb forces and the Bosniaks (Muslim Bosnians), after Bosnia and Herzegovina broke away from Yugoslav. The Bosnians got better resources and the Sarajevo (the capital of Yugoslavia). The angered Serbs followed in the steps of

  • Is The Conflict In Syria A Civil War, An Insurgency Or A Proxy Conflict?

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    Is the conflict in Syria a civil war, an insurgency or a proxy conflict? The Syrian Uprising is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Ba'ath government and those seeking to oust its regime. The conflict has many complex entities with factions present that are seeking their own foothold in the country’s struggle over power. However, this was not always the case and an examination will take place into weather the conflict can be defined as either a civil war, an insurgency

  • The American civil war: causes and conflicts

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    The American Civil War, which began in 1861 to 1865, has gone down in history as the one of the most significant events to have ever occurred in the United States of America, thus far. At that time, questions had arose wondering how the United States ever got so close to hitting rock bottom, especially being that it was a conflict within the country itself. Hostility steadily grew through the years dividing the nation further and further, and finally leading to the twelfth day in April 1861 in Fort

  • Sectarian Conflict In The Syrian Civil War

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    The Syrian Civil War, commonly referred to as the Syrian Uprising, is more than just the Assad Regime against the Free Syrian Army. It is a complex war of uprising against the Bashar al-Assad government, sectarian conflict, and outside country involvement. Overthrowing the Assad Regime in Syria would create more problems than there already are. Sectarian conflict has been part of the Middle East since the passing of Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century. The Syrian Civil War has opened up the sectarian

  • Third Party Intervention in Civil Conflict

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    Third Party Intervention in Civil Conflict Struggles involving civil wars and violence far outnumber those dealing with external aggression and conflict, especially in today’s society. These internal conflicts over identity, territory, and government are more difficult to resolve through peaceful negotiation, creating an augmented sense of collective responsibility to acknowledge. If handled incorrectly, the situation may worsen, causing tension and (possibly) execution. The use of third parties

  • Sudan's Conflict In Sudan As A Civil War

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    against humanity and genocide. His indictment took place at the international criminal court. Could the genocide have been avoided? Could the international community have done anything to prevent the genocide from taking place? Could the conflict be classified as a civil war? These are all arguments that have been greatly disgussed and argued. Sudan is the biggest country in North Africa and it became an independent country in 1960. Sudan is home to 37 million people and almost one fifth of Sudan’s population

  • Cultural Conflict In The Guatemalan Civil War

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    of life. Based on current trends regarding the socio-political situation in Latin America, migration away from these countries has blossomed. According to Understanding Social Conflict in Latin America, the socio-political aspects of Latin America revolve around globalization, institutional conflicts, and cultural conflicts. Goldberg and Pavcnik refer to globalization as a broad term used to describe “a variety of phenomena that reflect increase economic interdependence of countries”. Globalization