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  • Black Elk Speaks

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    culture revolved around a circle, or what black Elk referrers to as their nation’s hoop. The flowering tree is the center of the hoop. The flowering tree is symbolic of growth and prosperity for all the people in the tribe. It is equally shared between all the members of the tribe. “Everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round” (APT 315). The flowering tree at the center of the circle was nourished by the

  • Conic Sections in Taxicab Geometry

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    explored the conic sections (circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola) of taxicab geometry. All pictures, except figure 12, were drawn by me in the program called Geogebra. DEFINING THE PROBLEM Problem given by teacher was: A probe on the surface of planet Mars has a limited amount of fuel left. Because of broken rudder it can only move north- south and east- west. Which points can it reach if it must return back to its base? I solved the problem hence finding a shape of a circle in so-called taxicab geometry

  • The Magic Circle

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    her house, and informed her of a desperate nobel whose son was dying. At first the Ugly One refused, for she was not a sorceress. Finally, Bala convinced her try to save the boy. That evening the Ugly One went into the woods; there she drew a magic circle to ward off demons. Then she spoke the unspeakable word, a word which only a true sorcerer or sorceress could pronounce. She used the word to summon a demon to tell her the name of the demon who was possessing the noble’s son. After getting the demons

  • Geometry: Euclid’s Elements

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    Most of geometry is based on two main constructions, circles and straight lines. In geometry, there are many different tools used for construction such as the compass, the straightedge, carpenter’s square, and mirrors. (Princeton) A compass is an instrument that is used to help draw circles. The two most well-known compasses are the modern compass and the collapsible compass. The straightedge is a tool that has no curves. It is used to draw straight line when knowing two points. (Princeton) The only

  • Significance Of Archimedes's Contribution To Mathematics

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    areas surround by geometric figure and the slope of the tangent lines of a curve or surface. His contribution in integral calculus helped Sir Isaac Newton to continue the development of calculus. From another work of Archimedes, Measurement of The Circle, recorded the method for approximating the value of pi (π). Pi means ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter. Based on the theorem of Euclid, Arc...

  • Preschool Classroom Observation

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    as scarves. Along with a library being used as a quiet area, there was a couch placed near the art center out of the way from all centers for children to sit on. Most of the time that I observed was during free play, centers and circle time. When they start their circle time, they begin with saying their five classroom rules. The rule... ... middle of paper ... ...theory, which I do feel is a great philosophy. A teacher who displays best and developmentally appropriate practices should always

  • Investigating Whether the Size of Cones Affects their Time to Fall from a Height

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    - to draw circle and record data Ø Compass - to draw circle Ø Scissors - to cut circle out Ø Sellotape - to stick cones Ø Stop clock - to measure time Ø Metre ruler - to measure height Ø Calculator - to calculate averages Method - Preliminary ==================== * I will use pencil and compass to draw 2 circles on sheets of A4 paper * I will

  • Physical Education for Elementary School Students

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    Section 1: Lesson Information o Grade level (specify what age/grade) : Pre-Kindergarten age: 4 year olds o Estimated level of developmental stage for this age/grade : Predictable and Self-Paced Tasks o Number of students : 19 o Fundamental skill to be taught: Throwing and Catching o Cues: a. Underhand throwing: “eye on target, arm way back, step, and extend to the target.” (Hastie, 2012,6.3) b. Catching cues: “keep your eye on the ball, extend your arms toward the ball, bring the ball into your

  • Circle of Gold

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    Earthly things can be very expensive, but love from a family is priceless, it is expressed in the following passage. By the end of the last hundred pages I’ve read (103-201) in Candy Dawson Boyd’s Circle of Gold, Mattie finally realizes this, as does the readers. Mattie gives her mom a golden pin for mother’s day, which she goes by any means to get, just to bring her family back together. Mattie was a smart “A” student from Brooklyn, New York. Her only brother and twin brother Matthew is an artist

  • The Fencing Problem

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    The Fencing Problem Introduction I am going to investigate different a range of different sized shapes made out of exactly 1000 meters of fencing. I am investigating these to see which one has the biggest area so a Farmer can fence her plot of land. The farmer isnÂ’t concerned about the shape of the plot, but it must have a perimeter of 1000 meters, however she wishes to fence off the plot of land in the shape with the maximum area. Rectangles I am going to look at different size