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  • A Cinderella Story

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    A Cinderella Story When examining adaptations of fairytales you must look at the original source. This can be a very difficult task because with fairytales we never really know where the original came from. I will base my paper on the theory that the original tale of Cinderella comes from the Grimm Brothers version of Ashputtle. In comparison we will examine two movies. First there is the Disney version Cinderella. Secondly we will look at the movie 'Ever After'. Characterization is an important

  • A Cinderella Story the Movie

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    A Cinderella Story is set firmly in reality and in the present day; in fact, it's every bit a fantasy as the original story. This film refrains from any allusions to magic, but instead lets serendipitous occurrences provide the engine on which this fairy tale creates its plot. The impression A Cinderella Story is in place of a well-thought out story and characters that anyone could relate to or believe. Although the target audience of the film are teens, females, and romantics, A Cinderella Story

  • Review of A Cinderella Story

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    Many traditional fairy tales have been remade into Hollywood movies. The fairy tale of Cinderella has been produced in movies many times like Ever After (1998) and A Cinderella Story (2004). A Cinderella Story (2004) has an interesting storyline, cast, themes, and appeals to teenagers and young adults. The movie begins as Sam narrating how she is in a far away kingdom with a beautiful little girl with her “weirdo” father. Then Sam clarifies that this was not “long ago” and “not a really far away

  • Cinderella Story

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    ashen? I think I'll change your name to Cinderella. Do you like that?" Poor Cinderella had to sleep in the attic, where bats and mice roamed. In the fall, Cinderella was allowed to go to school, but also had to do the household chores- mowing the lawn, cleaning up the stables, and preparing the next meals as soon as she arrived home from school. In her spare time, Cinderella would travel to her parents’ house, and dig through the rubble. By luck or magic, Cinderella happened upon a chest, which had no

  • Cinderella Story Analysis

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    The Cinderella story has been part of many cultures even though it may not have been called cinderella but, the meaning of these stories are all very similar. “Cinderella, as we know it, is experienced as a story about the agonies and hopes … and about the degraded heroine winning out over her siblings who abused her” (Bettelheim, 2). We see the story as a women overcoming small problems and getting help from an outside source to help fulfill her dreams. As a child watches or reads this folktale

  • Grimm's Cinderella Story

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    The Grimm’s stories have strict criteria for good and evil. Good women are not the hero, they do not plan, nor do they get themselves out of bad situations; they are obtuse and wait until a Prince saves them. These qualities doom the female protagonists (and readers) to pursue the only destiny women have, and that is to be a wife and mother (Rowe, 1978). Cinderella is the heroine and the ideal good girl. She is unambiguously beautiful, kind, and compassionate. She does not complain or get angry.

  • The Cinderella Story: Cinderella's Story

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    Work, Work and Work. This was Cinderella's life, and it was all because of my mother. You may think you know how Cinderella's story went but its not true I am not just one of the evil stepsister. This is what really happened. Mother treated cinderella terribly and I hate it. I want to be kind to her because she is kind to us even with the way we treat her. We got

  • The Rise Of Perrault's Rocky As A Cinderella Story

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    Rocky (1976) by Sylvester Stallone is a movie that shows the story of Rocky Balboa, an American-Italian small-time boxer from Philadelphia. At the beginning of the movie the audience can see that Rocky is an underdog who earns his living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo and fighting once in awhile for money in a church. Mickey, Rocky’s ex-trainer thinks that Rocky has the potential to become a great boxer but his lack of willpower and inspiration have not allowed Rocky to succeed

  • Rapunzel: A Cinderella Story

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    really was not created by Walt Disney himself. A lot of the time, a lot of movies, books, etc., are taken from stories that were written long ago and twisted to satisfy the person creating a new version of a tale. Like many famous tales, Rapunzel first originated or was written in 1812 by the Grimm Brothers. The Grimm brothers were inspired by earlier tales similar to Rapunzel, but the story plot was the first of its kind. Rapunzel has been made into hit movies, tv shows, tales, poems, name anything

  • Anne Sexton’s Cinderella Story

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    It starts with a fairy tale story, where all magical things happen and ends happily. The goodness is rewarded but the evil ones are punish. The closing of the story always ends with “and they live happily ever after,” and the main character becomes unhappy but eventually gains happiness at the end. The traditional Cinderella story figure is from “rags to riches.” It begins with a poor maid girl named Cinderella whose stepmother and stepsisters treated her unkindly, but because of the help of her

  • Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre as a Cinderella Story

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    Bronte's Jane Eyre as a Cinderella Story Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre can be characterized in many ways as a variation of Cinderella. There are several versions of this popular fairy--tale. At the time Bronte’s novel was published, the Grimms’ book of tales, which included Cinderella, was very popular. According to Sally Mitchell, "The serious interest in folklore was spurred by the translation, in 1823, of the stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm." A version of Cinderella was also written

  • Comparing Grimm Brothers And Perrault's Story Of Cinderella

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    Contradistincts of Cinderella How many different versions of a fairy tale are there? It is truly astonishing how so many authors can the same story, but with different features. For example, Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault’s version of Cinderella are different and unique in their own way. Grimm Brothers gave the story of Cinderella a more gruesome touch, while Perrault’s story of Cinderella is similar to the stories of Cinderella we see and hear today. There are many similarities in each Cinderella story

  • What the Cinderella Story Has to Teach Young Girls

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    reader may not be conscious of. A wonderful story that achieves all of this is Cinderella, but not the traditional tale many American’s have heard. Oochigeaskw, or The Rough-Faced Girl, and Ashputtle would be fitting for a seven-year-old because they get the gears of the mind turning, allowing for an escape on the surface, with an underlying enlightenment for children of the ways of the world. The Rough Faced Girl is the Native American variation of Cinderella. It was originally told in the language

  • Cinderella : A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts, by Bruno Bettelheim

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    whom may or may not have siblings, for hundreds of years. Several stories represent this crisis, including the Biblical story of Abel and Cain which was written over 3000 years ago. Abel of whom was forced to be Cain’s ash-brother. Cain had developed an intense feeling of jealousy of Abel when his offering to the Lord was rejected while Abel’s was accepted. This caused him great agony, but he wasn’t the only one. The fairytale “Cinderella” encompasses the ideas of sibling rivalry as well as the agonies

  • Snow White By Brother Grimm And Ever After: A Cinderella Story

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    many fairy tales that have been discussed in this class. The most interesting stories to me are Snow White by Brother Grimm and Ever After: A Cinderella Story directed by Andy Tennant based on Cinderella by Charles Perrault. There are many different versions of Snow White and Cinderella from numerous cultures. In every version, both stories are known as children bedtime stories. In addition, the purpose of both stories is to give a life lesson to the children about overcoming evil to attain happiness

  • Cinderella Story In Gina Prince-Bythewood's Beyond The Lights

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    Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her wicked stepmother and two stepsister who treated her like a servant. One day, they were invited to a ball at the king’s castle, but Cinderella’s wicked stepmother would not let her go. Against her stepmother’s orders, Cinderella attended the ball and met the prince who she fell madly in love with. Together they lived happily ever after. The familiar tale of Cinderella has made its way through history for centuries. However

  • The Cinderella Story: The Grimm Brothers Version Of Cinderella

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    version of Cinderella, she goes through anguish and depression due to the death of her mother, the nonexistent presence of a father and the hardships she deals with at home. This is what causes her to go to her mother's grave multiple times a day and to be able to cry enough tears to be able to water an entire tree. These hardships Cinderella endures, the depression she experiences and many other elements of the story are a common part of virtually all the various versions of Cinderella. For example

  • Into The Woods: A Cinderella Story

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    entertainment and to learn and teach important life lessons. Adults read these stories to their children, so their children can develop a wondrous imagination. Fairy tales are suitable for kids because in stories like Rapunzel and Ariel’s, they are taught to think outside the box and to try new things. In addition, Cinderella’s story instructs kids to always be kind and courageous even if you are being treated unfairly. Cinderella is appropriate for children to read because of the chosen audiences for each

  • The Diana Phenomenon

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    The Diana Phenomenon The sudden death of Diana Princess of Wales at the end of August 1997 sparked off a massive display of emotion in the world, especially in Britain. The event provided the opportunity for the expression of what appeared to be a short-term and superficial, but undoubtedly sincere, manner by a large number of people. “An emotion felt throughout the countryside was that many people saw themselves in some way connected to this public figure and able to grieve for her as if she were

  • White Oleander

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    a myriad of unmerited situations- the foster homes. One evil stepmother leads to another in this tale of adversity and just when Astrid’s prospects brighten under a shining sun, the clouds roll in and it begins to rain. “White Oleander” is a Cinderella story with all the ingredients of misery and misfortune but the wrong ending. At the beginning of her first real encounter with calamity, Astrid is inundated with a deluge of emotions, leaving her dazed. It is during this time of bewilderment that