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  • Country Music versus. Christian Music

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    around for many decades as well as Christian music. Country and Christian music are both very influential on people everywhere. Country music has great effects on society today. Christian music also has many effects on society today. Christian music and Country music have many similarities. Over time electrical guitars replaced more traditional instruments and country music became more acceptable to a national urban audience. Country music has many great influences on the artists and their fans. There

  • Perpetua and Felicitas Martyrs of Carthage: A Story of a Daughter, Women and Mothers

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    gives an account of the last days of a group of Christian martyrs in the Roman African city of Carthage. The historical account focuses mostly on its namesakes Perpetua, a young mother, and a little bit on Felicitas, an expecting mother. The text is a witness to the strength of their beliefs before their inevitable deaths.Through the experiences of Perpetua and Felicitas; one can derive information about early Christian women and mothers, the influence of Montanists, martyrdom and the place of visions

  • Religious Fundamentalism and Politics

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    Fundamentalism is rooted in American Protestantism where conflicts arose because of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century movement known as the Modernist Controversy. It concerned the leaning of some Christians toward intellectual developments such as evolutionary biology, which challenged the Bible’s account of creation. Gradually, Protestant denominations separated into two camps, modernists or liberals and traditionalists or conservatives. Liberals contended that believers should

  • The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez

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    awarded a Ph.D. He is also one of the first generation Latino theologians and instead of growing up Catholic, comes from a protestant background. In addition to writing many other books, Gonzalez is also Cokesbury’s publishing chief narrator of the Christian Believer study video lessons course and the recipient of the Ecumenism Award from the Theological Consortium in Washington, which he received as a result of his ecumenical work of bringing together churches of different denominations Summary Dr

  • Pragmatic Assimilation Of Christian Counseling

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    theology, and spirituality. Secondly, he explores the spirituality of a Christian counselor, and how this aspect of character affects the methods he or she may use to represent Jesus Christ when dealing with clients. Altogether, this book discusses the dual need for Biblical Counselors to multitask with clients while pursuing personal development in spirituality to advance a Christian worldview. The objective is to “help Christian counselors and researchers unite around certain key questions and perspectives

  • The Holocaust's Influences on My Concept of God

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    individual possesses drastically influences every other aspect of an individual’s life, including everything from social interactions, to career vocations, to daily decisions. That being said, while undertaking the process of education as I am in such an institution, every new idea that is learned has potential to influence my interpretation of who God is and what he looks like. My task then as a theologian is to use scripture to filter, test, and critique my influences to obtain more correct understanding

  • The Importance Of Christian Faith

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    I would have to say my development in Christian thought came with conviction. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus and our Father. My Christian faith has always been strong and I cannot remember a time when it was not. That being said, my studying at Wayland Baptist University has been a powerful influence for me, as I am now closer to the Lord than I have ever been. I am learning to pray more often and I know without any doubt The Holy Spirit fills me for the papers I write and the exams I take

  • Importance Of Missionary Discipleship

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    Spirituality The mystery of the call and intercultural living are really a test. Several years ago in the class of communal spirituality, my novice master said to all novitiates, “You choose God, but God chooses brothers for you.” This is a test of community life, especially living in a multicultural community. Missionary disciples need to pass this formative environment for a future of intercultural living. They may give up their vocation if they do not have a strong spiritual foundation to help

  • Schools of Thought in Chrisitanity

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    Theological Liberalism Tony Lane, author of the book A Concise History of Christian Thought, calls theological liberalism “a thorough-going adaptation of Christian theology to the modern world. Liberals are prepared to sacrifice many elements of traditional Christian orthodoxy in their search for contemporary relevance” (Lane, 237). This quote states that Liberal Christians are ready to abandon many elements important to a traditional Christian Orthodoxy. Neo-Orthodoxy According to Tony Lane (who calls it New

  • Roman Persecution of Christians

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    Christianity by glorifying Christians and beginning a tradition of martyrdom that shaped the Church, and the strength that Christians displayed shows that the persecutions could not have possible stopped the spread of Christianity. In the first half of the third century, Christian persecution was fragmented and while Christianity was illegal, there is not evidence that it was widely persecuted. It also grew enormously during this time. Mostly, very outspoken Christian leaders were persecuted. In