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  • Chocolate Store

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    Chocolate Store Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or RMCF for short is a franchise store with the parent company located in Durango, Colorado which was established in 1981.There are many different Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factories around the U.S. and there are a few in Michigan.There is the one I work at in Somerset Mall in Troy, one at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights and another one at Great Lakes Crossing to name a few.The particular store that I work in has been there for 3 ½ years (since

  • The Benefits of Chocolate

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    Chocolate There is nothing any better than a good piece of chocolate. Its rich, its creamy, its smooth, and it makes us feel so-o-o-o good for a few moments of course, that is; until the guilt of the calories kick in. Chocolate happens to be one of my favorite sweets. The wonderful creamy milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, white chocolate, or even my personal favorite a silky dark chocolate, the choices are hard. I sat down this weekend to really think about, and compare the differences

  • Chocolate Essay

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    The history and beginning of Chocolate Who developed Chocolate? (Afroakwa E.o, 2010) The saying "cocoa" is a debasement of the expression "cacao" that is taken straight from Mayan and Aztec dialects. (Grivetti L.e, 2009) Until generally as of late individuals finished not consider consuming the chocolate bar, drinking was the first utilization of chocolate, paying little respect to the confirmation of the Amazonian birthplaces, Mesoamericans were its unique organizers. (Backett S.t, 2008) The

  • The Wonderful World of Chocolate

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    Chocolate has become one of the most popular food type and flavors in today’s industry. From dark, to milk, to white, and so many other flavors, the enhancing ability this ingredient has is very important to chefs in order to make their dishes staples. From putting it into a chilli to folding it into batter there is no other flavor that can compare to chocolate. But where does this extraordinary flavor come from, how do we get it, and what is the difference between all the different types of chocolate

  • Chocolate Cake Essay

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    How To Make A Chocolate Cracks Cake A chocolate cake should be easy and fun to make at home with friends, family, or even your children. They could help you and learn how to make a chocolate cake too. It could be a perfect cake for a birthday party, friends to come over, or a Thanksgivings and Christmas party dessert. The decadent dessert is great for chocolate lovers and will be a hit at your next party. The cake shouldn 't take you long to make it, but you will make a lot of mess doing the

  • The Columbian Exchange: Chocolate

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    Exchange: Chocolate During the time frame of 1450-1750, the Columbian Exchange was at its height of power and influence. Many products were introduced from foreign lands, like animals such as cattle, chickens, and horse, and agriculture such as potatoes, bananas, and avocados. Diseases also became widespread and persisted to distant lands where it wreaked devastation upon the non-immunized people. One such influential product during this time period was the cacao, or more commonly known as chocolate. First

  • The Cacao Tree and Chocolate

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    chocolate is a food that people can just THINK about chocolate and feel satisfaction. chocolate is made from the cacao tree which is found in the amazon, and the forests of central and south america. these “chocolate beans” grow inside of cacao pods and then are made into a chocolate liquid. there is an ongoing debate on where chocolate was first made and who made it. some think that it was the aztecs, some think it was the mayans but others think that the olmecs were the people who made chocolate

  • Cookies and Hot Chocolate

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    "I'm back." Aleks called into the hallway of the creature house with small sneeze escaping after. He shivered as he felt his skin relax to the new heat source. He unbuttoned his coat and practically tore off the layers of wet sticky clothing that stuck to all of the curves on his body. When he received no reply he popped his head into the living room where both the lights and TV were off, which was unusual. Usually someone was sprawled over the sofa with munchies strewn around the floor by now. He

  • The Chocolate War

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    The Chocolate War Many people often meet different characters in literature and in life that they admire or despise. They conclude if those characters are good or evil and at the same time they reflect on the choices and responsibilities that those characters have. From The Chocolate War I admire Roland Goubert or The Goober based on his actions. I despise Archie Costello (The Assigner of The Vigils) because of the choices that he made and also because of his actions. I admire Roland Goubert

  • Informative Speech: Chocolate

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    Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the production of chocolate Central Idea: Explain how cocoa beans are processed to produce the chocolate we all know and love Method of Organization: Chronological Visual Aid: Before my introduction and before class begins, I will have a chocolate collection for people to choose from as a snack. It will not be handed out during my speech so that it will not distract others. In addition, I do not want to put