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  • Food Supply In China Case Study

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    that China has 1.3 billion populations and still consistently growing, whereas the disparity is a significant issue. In some poor provinces or villages, there is a shortage of food problem, which leads them to death. Recently, China’s growing demand for agricultural imports has lightened up the concerns about worldwide food demand raised by Brown (1996). Due to loss of arable land and developing opulence in China, it has a soaring demand for more consumer goods now. It has progressively reliant on


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    increases, the Chinese urbanizations expand as well as the demand for food. In 2013, China became the largest destination for Brazil's agricultural products with $22.88 billion in trade . Out of this amount, $17.15 billion come from soybeans which is the main agricultural export product to China. This fact positioned Brazil as China's largest supplier of soybeans . Brazil can find economic motivations from the feeding necessities in China. The government of China faces challenges in providing food for its

  • Monosodium Glutamate

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    intake of monosodium glutamate (MSG) have raised a public outcry concerning human health. As a food addictive, Monosodium Glutamate is commonly applied on processed foods and mixed well during preparation to enhance the food flavour, particularly in Asian cuisine (He, 2008). Nevertheless, its flavour-enhancing effect is claimed to trigger various health illnesses, including adverse reactions of Chinese Restaurant Syndrome and overweight among society members. Consequently, the prevalence of these

  • Yin and Yang the Foundation of Chinese Beliefs

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    People of the Chinese culture have many different beliefs and practices of medicine and healthcare. It is extremely important for nurses to be culturally competent and to be able to understand different practices and beliefs of different cultures to ensure that they are providing the best care and making their patients as comfortable as possible. According to Shih-Yu Lee, ritual is defined as “a social essential collective activity within a culture,” it is also well recognized that culture and ritual

  • Reflection paper

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    was fun to attend the International Festival Spring 2014 program, because I was excited and enjoyed with different culture groups. According to the International students present their culture symbols, food and country presentations, I learned about Saudi, Turkish, African, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and Latin American cultures. It was cultural exchange giving me opportunities to learn and understand other’s cultures. Also, this exchange takes place between two or more different countries, who is

  • milk

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    for the company. The Able Food business principles are based on the fundamentals of the company culture that reflects the attitude of honesty, healthy and long-term thinking. Able Food always believes that the only way to sustain their business locally and internationally is through their operations and behavior strategies. This will ensure them to create value for the communities of the operating location, for their business partners and their customers too. Able Food vision is to meet the various

  • Bing Sat: The Symbol Of Good Old Times

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    good old times, as a part of Hong Kong’s food culture. Why “Bing Sat” has been regarded for having such special symbolic meaning, what is the relationship between “Bing Sat” and the identity of being

  • Descriptive Essay On Hangzhou

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    Hangzhou – historical and cultural city in China One of the most antique Chinese cities, Hangzhou was in Marco Polo’s eyes “the most impressive city in the globe where one whims himself to be in heaven”. The city was rated by the New York Times as one of the cities “most worth a visit”. We bag packed to explore the pristine beauty of Hangzhou which had many intriguing tales to narrate. The most intoxicating charm of the city is its perfect combination of scenic wonders and cultural richness. The

  • Malaysi Ethnic And Ethnic Culture In Malaysia

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    Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-racial society. The main ethnic groups within Malaysia comprise the Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous natives, each with its own languages and tradition. Even though they are educated in the same schools and might work in the same company, few marry with difference race too, but they tend to socialise within their own ethnic group to retain their individual lifestyle and traditions. The national and official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa

  • The Benefits Of The Chinese Diet

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    minerals’ while Chinese diet focus on the properties and flavors of food in nature. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) always consider balance of yin-yang. TCM doctors always use herbs along with diet therapy to treat illness or prevent diseases. Before using TCM diet, TCM doctors would first identify the constitutions of the individuals. In other words, the diet therapy is varied from one to one and it is used to achieve balance and compensate the weakness of individuals. In fact, TCM food is a special