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  • Chinese Food: Potstickers

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    Chinese Food: Potstickers I was flipping through the “Food” section of the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, November 5th, 2003, and came across an enormous picture of a potsticker. The article about “Potstickers” caught my attention. I thought, so what? Is there really a history behind the famous dumpling? Surprisingly, yes. The article began with an introduction of how Amy Tan, the famous author of The Joy Luck Club, makes potstickers with her sisters in remembrance of their mother. They

  • The Importance Of Chinese Food

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    One of my favorite foods is Chinese food. Chinese food has to be one of the best foods that was ever created. There 's not one thing I dislike about Chinese, because it is amazingly delicious. I eat Chinese food at least 3 or 4 times a week, and I probably shouldn 't, because it 's unhealthy, but I can 't help it. Everyone always ask me do I ever get tired of eating Chinese, and the answer is always no! There’s so many choices not just fried rice, and I think that 's the main thing people think

  • Comparison Of Chinese Restaurant In Beijing Chinese Food

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    Restaurant in Beijing Chinese Food There are a variety of food available in Beijing is absolutely amazing. As for when it comes to Chinese food, you can find many regional specialties throughout China. Many small restaurants are proliferating in the city, offering a variety of flavors. Here are some suggestions for good Chinese food: Sichuan food The chain of "Chengdu Xiaochi" (成都 小吃) offers dishes of Sichuan province which is famous for its spicy flavor, and very famous among the Chinese people all over

  • Chinese Culture: Basics Of The Chinese Food Culture

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    Introduction:Basics about Chinese food “5000years history made China became the most advanced the country of fine foods...In many cities, flavor and cuisine can be totally different from its’ nearby cities...” said Mr. Wang(Wang Xue Tai), a professor from Bei Jing Shi Fan University, which published many books about Chinese history. There is a huge difference between Chinese food culture in 1965 and now days. The influence of urbanization in now days and famine in the past both affected the food culture of China

  • My Memories Of Chinese Food

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    The first time I tried Chinese food, I was 16 years old. My Jewish friends from high school were astounded that I’d never had Chinese food, because they’d grown up eating it. Not to mention the fact that we lived in a large and diverse suburb of Atlanta with more than enough Chinese restaurants at our fingertips. After their initial shock at my culinary naïveté, my friends Sandi and Lauren took me to dinner at my very first Chinese restaurant, and their local favorite, Tientsin II. My memories of

  • The Importance Of Chinese Food In China

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    CHINESE CUISINE: FINAL WRITE-UP China is famous for its food, its famous in all parts of the world. However, in most of the places, the way Chinese food is cooked, the ingredients used while cooking etc., have been changed to increase its productivity, especially in UK. The best part about it is that, Chinese always use fresh food while cooking, be it vegetables, fruits, sea food or meat, they hardly eat canned or frozen items. The Chinese are more concerned about its food’s flavour, colour, texture

  • Essay About Chinese Food

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    world of Chinese food. The Chinese have been cooking for thousands millenia. Most all their meals are homemade and have distinct flavors. A big ingredient in China is rice. People have been farming rice for 3,000 to 4,000 years. Rice is used in almost all foods and that is why you can grow rice almost anywhere in china. Their is so much information and history on Chinese food it is amazing and very interesting. Although, some people may say that American food is better than Chinese food they are

  • Chinese Food Culture Essay

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    one of the oldest cultures is the Chinese culture. China has a known history of over 4000 years and has been through more than 15 dynasties. Due to its broad history and an isolated natural geography, it has accumulated a rich culture with its own unique characteristics different from others. Among its culture, food takes a huge part of it. Going through the history, Chinese food has evolved from basic cooking to a very complex part of the Chinese culture. (Chinese History, 2005) China covers a vast

  • Authentic Chinese Food Is Better Than American Food?

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    savory rice. This is the world of authentic Chinese food. The 8 food regions in China are Sichuan, Hunan, Cantonese, Fujian, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. They all have different flavors and ingredients for each region. For example the Sichuan have very spicy and tongue numbing meals. While the Cantonese have sweet, salty and spicy dishes in their cuisine, The Chinese dining have different styles of cooking, ingredients and flavors. The Chinese diet is also very healthy compared to the American

  • What Are The Most Important Family Traditions

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    selling them would go into purchasing food that they could not procure from their own farm. This would include meat, rice, fish and other vegetables. They would go out to buy groceries, maybe once every 2 weeks or a month, depending on their income. They bought from other farmers who would set up little street side stalls to sell their own crops and livestock. Sometimes they would also go to small farmer markets that had appeared over the years in the area. Foods that they commonly had with their meals