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  • Pez

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    and did extensive research with his products and the way children had grown attached to them. So in 1952 the first fruit flavored Pez was introduced along with the first Pez dispensers with character heads on them. The first flavors of Pez included cherry, lemon, orange and strawberry. These were the flavors that Edward thought the children would like the most. DispensersIn 1947 when the first Pez dispenser was invented it looked like a cigarette lighter and the "characters" that we know Pez by were

  • Analysis Of Beloved By Toni Morrison

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    African American literature is literature written about the experiences that African Americans have gone through and their culture in history. This type of literature tends to focus on themes concerning the role of African Americans within society itself and issues of African American culture, equality, slavery, freedom, and racism. Beloved by Toni Morrison describes how one woman’s escape from slavery leads to enslavement of her spirit. In order to truly be free, Sethe and the other characters discover

  • To Save the Earth

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    before. Once, a stately tree stood in each corner: a tall lilac, a pine, a cherry tree, and a droopy evergreen. My favorite tree lived in the middle. I never knew what kind it was, but every spring it blossomed in delicate pink, and on warm afternoons, I read under its canopy. The front yard no longer looks like that, however. My father removed the lilac bush because it made the lawn too difficult to mow, and cut many of the branches from the pine and my pink-flowered tree so that friends could park

  • Identity in Linda Hogan’s Poems "The Truth Is" and "Tear"

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    There has always existed an innate human craving for identity. In truth, identity is not solely definable through essential or generic characteristics. Identity is an amalgamation of many contingent components, perhaps the most fundamental being heritage. Achieving self-acquisition entails intertwining both forces of heredity and environment, but this task is made increasing difficult when the individual resides outside mainstream society. Coming from a mixed ancestry furthers this difficulty

  • William Blake's Songs of Innocence

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    Green” is longer than “The Shepherd.” It is a three stanza poem with an AABBCC rhyme scheme. It is about a field or park where there are birds flying and bells ringing. There are young people playing sports, while the old people are sitting under a tree talking about what they used to do on the echoing green in their youth. They stay until the little ones are weary and can no longer be merry. Then the sun goes down and the sports have to end. The sisters and brothers sit on their mothers laps and

  • Location, Location And Setting In Brontë's Jane Eyre

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    Location, location, location--physical setting functions symbolically in Jane Eyre. The author and filmmakers work with place to add depth to thematic concerns. Each location in Jane Eyre represents a different stage in Jane Eyre’s life, her childhood happens at Gateshead. She then moves on to her education at Lowood Institute until she wants to get out into the world and seek her fortune. Next at Thornfield comes young love, where she finds mystery and temptation. Afterward Jane endures a temporary

  • The Impact Of Coffee

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    Picture this, the alarm goes off at 5 am, you have to get up for work or school but you are mentally and physically exhausted from not getting enough sleep. What could start your morning better than the smell and taste of a large cup of coffee? Come time of the age 18, the reliance on coffee is significantly high in getting through the day. Does the majority of society actually take the time to sit down and think exactly what they are drinking? Is this beverage that we consume actually as good as

  • Asian Wedding Cake

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    Asian wedding cake: Weddings are an integral part of all cultures. The customs and traditions of the different culture vary from each other. Similarly Western weddings are quite different from the Asian weddings. A wedding cake is a very significant tradition of the Western weddings. Although not so significant, but the tradition of wedding cakes at Asian wedding is increasingly becoming popular. As such the Asian wedding cakes are baked in exquisite designs and delicious taste. Meaning: The

  • Anne of Green Gables

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    coming for me and I was imagining all the things that might have happened to prevent you. I made up my mind that if you didn’t come for me to-night I’d go down the track to that big cherry tree at the bend, and climb up into it to stay the night. I wouldn’t be a bit afraid, and it would be lovely to sleep in a wild cherry tree all white in bloom…” and she chatted the whole way back to Green Gables. Although Matthew being a shy guy around women especially little girls that he didn’t know, he found himself

  • Tosa nikki and Oku no hososmichi

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    Although written over 600 years apart from each other, Ki no Tsurayuki’s fictionalized depiction of his rough voyage to Kyoto, Tosa Nikki, has many similar qualities to Matsuo Bashō’s Oku no Hosomichi. Their focus on nature and a general journey, whether or not there is a set goal, creates a similar progression in both accounts based on actual events. One main difference between these two accounts are the medium in which they travel: one by foot, the other by boat. In Tosa Nikki, the narrator, along