Cherish Essays

  • The Gift I Cherish

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    The Gift I Cherish Right before Haldun went back to Turkey, he gave me a good luck charm that he brought here from home. The good luck charm was a hand made gift Haldun had received from his parents before coming here. I thought that this was the greatest thing ever, especially coming from one of my best friends. To make any sense of this, I would have to go back about nine months ago. It was the first day of school when I had my study hall in the cafeteria, I noticed a student which resembled

  • Miller

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    “Severing the Human Connection” by H. Bruce Miller there is a valid argument that our society has turned for the worse. In the past our society has expected everyone to behave in a manner which benefits everyone in it, everyone should respect and cherish the freedom and therefore the freedom should stay. But as we all see and experience every day there is a strong fear of detection and punishment which becomes the only deterrent of crime. Pre-paid gas stations, burglar alarms in every house, guards

  • Death of a Salesman is a Tragedy as Defined in Miller's Tragedy and the Common Man

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    evaluate his timeless work, Death of A Salesman. The first major standard of tragedy set forth is:  “...if the exaltation of tragic action were truly a property of the high-bred character alone, it is inconceivable that the mass of mankind should cherish tragedy above all other forms.” All persons regardless of background, nobility stature, rank, or pretended or actual social division can innately empathize with the tragic hero. In the case of Willy Loman there is a certain familiarity. He is the

  • The Decision That Changed Me

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    on our future, directly or indirectly. When things do not always go your way, you can learn from these experiences and grow as a person. It will not be easy, but eventually with time things will improve. All the hard times really make a person cherish all the good times. Saying this, I wanted to do something a little more personal for my final paper. The environment has a certain pull on everyone's' lives whether they realize it or not. This paper expresses how the environment of Illinois College

  • Essay About Cherish

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    We hardly cherish what we obtain easily. It is like we always ignore the peoples’ feeling who are really close to us. However, people who are close to us are the people behind us and accompanying us whether positive things or negative things happen to us. Maybe we will ask who they are. The answer for sure is that they are our family and friends. To put it another way, everything happens for a reason. There was an event that happened to me and it makes me think a lot about cherish. One day I saw

  • Irony, Arrogance, And Oedipus

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    the sightless prophet Teiresias all but paints the entire tragic story of Sophocles' Oedipus the King, one of the most prominent pieces of Greek literary heritage. Greeks knew and loved the story of Oedipus from childhood, just as children today cherish the story of Cinderella. In his version of the beloved tale, Sophocles concentrates his attention on the events directly leading to Oedipus' destruction, portraying Oedipus as a helpless pawn of fate. The most prominent literary device is dramatic

  • Free College Admissions Essays: The Outreach Program

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    College Admissions: The Outreach Program The Panuluyan was a real eye-opener for me. It made me become aware of the things, which I have normally taken for granted. It was so surprising to see how much little they have, yet at the same time they cherish each little blessing they receive and they never cease to be grateful for what is given to them. It made me see that it was easier to please those who have less, because they expect less. The trip to Camarin also made me realize how much different

  • The Value of Diversity

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    right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Through this simple statement made so many years ago, the founding fathers laid down not only the framework for the basic freedoms that Americans cherish, but also the foundation for establishing a diverse nation. You see, without diversity, there cannot be freedom, and without freedom, there cannot be America. Since diversity is so vital for all free nations, it can also be said that diversity

  • Theme and Symbolism in American Music

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    Theme and Symbolism in American Music Music defines our culture. As Americans, we listen to music while we drive our cars, are at work, doing housework, studying, etc. We have songs for special occasions: Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays, weddings, parties, etc. We have taken songs from the various cultures that make us diverse: Arabic, German, Mexican, Native American, etc. We have many genres: country, hip-hop, rap, pop, blues, jazz, rock, heavy metal, etc. And although we may think of music

  • Pool Personalities

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    better skilled pool players. These people tend to take the game very seriously. Good pool players are generally some of the most nice and courteous people I have ever met. Most of these players play the game in the utmost gentleman-like fashion and cherish their moments at the table, but there are some who try to take advantage of others. These “hustlers” or “sharks” as they are commonly known will act as if they do not know much about the game, but in all actuality are some of the better players around

  • Scrapbooking

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    a great way to preserve memories and pass them down in a creative and unique way. When a person thinks of scrapbooking, what do they think? I think of all the pictures and memorabilia that I have saved to create a portrait of my life which I can cherish forever. Scrapbooking is more than making cute pages. Scrapbooking is a unique craft and strange hobby that is rapidly changing (“What”). One wants to make sure all the photos in the scrapbook are safe and won’t be destroyed. As the science of photography

  • Essay on Metaphors for Death in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

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    decay and passing are striking, and sets a somber tone throughout. He uses the season of Fall, the coming of night, and the burning out of a flame as metaphors for old age and death, and then uses the last two lines to suggest that we should love and cherish life while we can. The first four lines of the sonnet reflect the changing of seasons, and the oncoming of Fall: That time of year thou mayest in me behold, When yellow leaves, or none, or few do hang Upon those boughs which shake

  • Pride and Vanity in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

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    a failing. Pride, observed Mary, . . . is a very common failing, I believe. By all that I have ever read, I am convinced that it is very common indeed, that human nature is particularly prone to it, and that there are very few of us who do not cherish a feeling of self-complacency on the score of some quality or another, real or imaginary. Pride and/or vanity is exhibited in different forms by each character. Those characters who can recognize their flaw emerge as the true heroes of the story

  • Despair in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

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    Despair in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Linda Brent, Ms. Jacobs' pseudonym while writing "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl," became so entrenched in hatred of slaveholders and slavery that she lost sight of the possible good actions of slaveholders. When she "resolved never to be conquered" (p.17), she could no longer see any positive motivations or overtures made by slaveholders. Specifically, she could not see the good side of Mr. Flint, the father of her mistress. He showed

  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Knight's Tale

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    estate - noble and humble, courageous and gentle, a warrior and a saint. As befits his elevated class, he speaks with elegance and seriousness about the important attitudes and values that any human - and a privileged human in particular - should cherish. While as the beginning tale-teller by virtue of his rank he is committed to follow Harry Bailey's order to entertain and inform with "sentence and moost solas," like all his other activities in life he approaches his story with a sense of purpose:

  • Life Or Death

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    responsibilities we challenged take control of us or does our friendships eventually sail in the distance like the compost to become of us; or perhaps all three? Or conceivably we build a stronger love for life, and a stronger legacy for our loved ones to cherish? What pain do they feel? Yet, all in all we need to distinguish what it means to suffer? Is it “to endure death, pain, or distress?'; Or can it be to sustain loss or damage. In this paper I will attempt to show that as human beings we take for

  • Wedding Toasts to the Bride and Groom

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    Wedding Toasts to the Bride and Groom The Upper Hand The following tidbit began a wonderful and personal toast to the bride and groom: "John, take Emily's hand and place your hand over her's. Now, remember this moment and cherish it... because this will be the last time you'll ever have the upper hand!" Toilet Roll Let us all hope and pray that your married life is like this toilet roll - soft, strong and ever so long. Never Lie, Cheat, and Drink May you never lie, cheat or

  • Comparing the Cites where I have Lived

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    "ideal" conditions with the good aspects of those places where I have lived. Lastly, I will choose the place that I think is best for me. I was born in Taipei, and I lived there for a great part of my life. I consider it to be my hometown, and I cherish many of the memories I have form there. I like the people and places in Taipei, especially some of its unique characteristics, like the night markets. The pattern of the city is familiar to me, and the streets are always full of people shopping

  • We were kids…

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    was a kid when I came. I had tasted some small trickle of life and became certain of some things myself. I clung to an identity afraid I might be seen as a child who didn't know. I wasn't ready to listen and still I'm not. Not to those who do not cherish diversity. Not to those who post the same agenda on every face but for a different Ivy League university. Not to those who with their power, their judgement squeeze from me, my desires and dreams. Not to those who stifle my screams of pain and rage

  • Personal Narrative - My Real Father

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    My Real Father "Never forget the past…because it may haunt you forever. Regret all the bad things…cherish the good things. Look ahead always…but don't let the bad things from the past get in your mind." As a young child, there were so many incidents in my life that made me become the person I am today. There were rough times as well as good times. If I were to tell you all of them, I would remember half of them. I think some of my incidents really had some impact, and some were just simple ways