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  • EDUC 202 research paper 1

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    this time school reform swept through the city, taking advantage of the damage and transforming the area into a testing ground for charter schools. The majority of students attending public schools in New Orleans now attend independent public charter schools - making New Orleans the only city in the nation where more than half of all public school children attend charter schools. This natural disaster caused the population of New Orleans to drop over half after hurricane Katrina hit. Seven years after

  • Privatization in the Philadelphia School District The True Key to a Democratic Society

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    The United States has an outstanding history of Democracy. Our country prides itself on personal freedoms including, but not limited to, the freedom of speech, education, religion, etc. These freedoms allow for individual thought, choice, and pursuit of happiness. The birthplace of these taught freedoms first take root in early education, religion, and family. All of these influences mold democratic citizens that participate and decide the future of our country. One of the most important factors

  • Magnent School

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    Magnet Schools are schools that offer special programs to promote educational excellence in a particular area, such as computer science, math, the arts, or foreign languages. These schools were originally created to attract students from a wide variety of districts to achieve integration. These magnet schools are able to overcome residential segregation patterns and are able to create a more diversified student population. The parents of the students usually pick the school that is best suitable

  • The Death And Life Of The Great American School System By Diane Ravitch

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    options (Ravitch, 2011, p. 115). As a result of the choice movement, the public received three versions of school choice: voucher schools, private schools, and charter schools. Each of these schools receives public funding, but do not operate as traditional public schools, and are not managed by a government agency (Ravitch, 2011, p. 121). Charter schools became the most popular choice of this new

  • Analysis Of Waiting For Superman

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    options for all five families in the documentary are charter schools. What the documentary does not address is charter schools have their own funding problems and are not as prosperous as the documentary makes them look like. Lack of funding is also a problem for charter schools, just like the public schools. If these schools are located in the same, low-income area, the charter schools funding will be just as little as the public schools. Charter schools do receive tuition, but if they are located

  • Pitbull

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    middle of paper ... .../>. "History." The Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine . Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine, n.d. Web. 10 Apr 2014. . "Rapper Pitbull Opening a Miami Charter School Run by a Company Making $158M in Annual Revenue." The We Party. We Party Patriots, 03 JUly 2013. Web. 10 Apr 2014. . Tucker, Neely. "Pitbull’s school: Star promotes a radical idea for at-risk kids." The Washington Post. The Washington Post

  • The Pros And Cons Of School Choice

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    generally assigned by their family residence. School choice initiatives allow parents the freedom to choose individualized educational options for theirs kids who are excluded in the “one size fits all” public school system. School voucher programs and charter schools are examples of such initiatives. A school voucher is a certificate of funding issued by the government that can be used to fund education at schools of the parent’s choices as opposed to the public school to which they are assigned. A ..

  • Commercialism and American Childhood

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    “Commercialism has transformed American childhood and the institutions that serve children. As virtually every public space has become branded with the symbols of corporations that seek to sell products, services, and ideas…” (Molnar p. 5) Marketers are solely focused on buying and selling. When we allow these marketers and their advertisements into our schools we certainly “undermine their essential civic function to promote the general welfare and strengthen civil society” (Molnar p. 9) because

  • Challenging the Process

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    potential employees need to be trained and educated to enhance their performances in these fields of their choice. Several challenges exist within the educational arena and the three challenges that I will address are 1) class size 2) private, charter or public school, and 3) educational leadership... ... middle of paper ... ... (2007). True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership (1st ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons. Green, J., Chirichello, M., Mallory, B., Melton

  • The Argument Against Longer School Days

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    neighborhoods with the highest property taxes [Web log message]. Retrieved from Karp, S. (2011, October 27). Charters line up for extended-day cash. Catalyst Chicago. Retrieved from Levin, H. M., & Stanford Univ., C. e. (1984). Clocking Instruction: A Reform Whose Time Has Come?IFG Policy Perspectives. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Spielman