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  • Exploring Characteristics of Charter Schools in America

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    to the challenges and successes of charter schools. A charter school is defined as a school that operates independently from the local school board, often with a curriculum and educational philosophy that are different from the other schools in the system. Advocates for charters schools, while focusing on the success stories, believe that funding is needed for these schools so that the successes will continue to grow. Others claim that the success of charter schools is exaggerated and additional

  • A Unique Approach: Education in Public and Charter Schools

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    Approach: Education in Public and Charter Schools School choice: two words that together spell out a multitude of educational options for students today. Among them are charter schools and public schools; public schools standing the test of time and charter schools being at the forefront of a revolution in educational change. Surprisingly, these two educational institutions have more in common than one might think, but maintain their differences. Key differences between charter and public schools include

  • The Pros and Cons of California's Charter Schools

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    Los Angeles Times 20 Nov. 2011, Main News sec.: 1. Print. Wilson, Steven F., and Research American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Success At Scale In Charter Schooling. Education Outlook. No. 3. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 2009. ERIC. Web. 11 Nov. 2011. Zimmer, R. and Buddin, R. (2009), Is Charter School Competition in California Improving the Performance of Traditional Public Schools?. Public Administration Review, 69: 831–845. doi: 10.1111/j.1540-6210.2009

  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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    (1) The Charter protects a range of rights and freedoms, but these rights often conflict. In some instances, courts are called upon to weigh competing rights. In your opinion, is freedom of religion or freedom of expression more important? Why? Use case law examples to support and defend your argument. The Charter of rights and freedoms focuses on many fundamental rights of individual, but often these rights conflict with one another. When such an issue arises there is a judicial review that the

  • The Pros And Cons Of Charter Vs. Public Schools

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    As the 2010 documentary, The Lottery, reveals, the charter vs. public school controversy continues to increase, creating rising tensions in communities nationally. The film centers on the issue in New York's Harlem and an actual lottery enabling a select few children to attend a charter, rather than a zoned school. This is however, essentially a microcosmic version of the larger debate, and perhaps the most interesting aspect of it is that both sides are after the same goal: the best possible education

  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has fundamentally shaped Canadian society since its inception through the Constitution Act of 1982. Promising egalitarian, linguistic, religious as well as other basic rights, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one of the primary doctrines in which Canadian law is founded upon. Many have argued that the advent of the Charter has transformed Canadian society into one that is preoccupied with that of rights. The rise in social movements, specifically in areas of

  • Charter Schools in Washington DC: A Reasonable Solution?

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    long-term negligence of public education, charter schools emerged in the city in 1996 (Pardo 11). Since their start, charter schools have become a more popular option for D.C. parents looking for better results than public schools (Cane 9). But is it appropriate for charter schools to dominate the education scene in Washington D.C., while other traditional public schools still struggle? This research paper will investigate the background and success of the D.C. charter school movement as well as ongoing

  • Comparison and Contrast Essay Between Public Schools and Successful Charter Schools

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    Comparison and contrast essay between public schools and success charter schools Education is a way of learning hence gaining knowledge and skills. This knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next and with it, one is able to tackle life’s challenges. In order for it to pass from generations to generations, schools were created and children would attend them so as to be taught. With time schools have advanced into public and charters so as to improve the quality of education. Parents are faced

  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted under the Pierre Trudeau government on April 17, 1982. According to Phillip Bryden, “With the entrenchment of the Charter into the Canadian Constitution, Canadians were not only given an explicit definition of their rights, but the courts were empowered to rule on the constitutionality of government legislation” (101). Prior to 1982, Canada’s central constitutional document was the British North America Act of 1867. According to Kallen, “The

  • America’s Failing Public Schools: Charter Schools Are Not the Solution

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    America’s Failing Public Schools: Charter Schools Are Not the Solution It was with wild fanfare that the state’s Republican legislature and Republican Governor enacted their reforms for the state’s public school system. Among the panaceas was charter schools, a ‘90s education fad that gives individual parents the right to send their children to state-approved public charter schools at public expense. Politicians reasoned that less-bureaucratic charter schools would teach students better than