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  • Outdoor Learning Environment

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    play hopscotch, write with chalk, or play with a water table. Large motor muscles with hand and eye coordination can be fine tuned when bouncing a ball and playing with a jump rope. Children can practice balancing and learn to follow steps when playing hopscotch. In this area children will need to learn to social skills for example sharing, using words to communicate needs, taking turns, and forming a line to show that they want to participate. An area would be only for chalk, bubbles, and painting with

  • Lead Poisoning

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    Lead Poisoning One out of every six children under the age of six are suffering from health disorders due to the poisonous metal, lead. Lead is a natural occurring bluish-gray metal found in the earth's crust. It has no taste or smell. Lead can easily be found in all parts of our environment today. Most of it comes from mining, manufacturing, and the burning of fossil fuels. In the United States lead poison has increased because of the lack of knowledge in our society. Lead is released into the environment

  • A Reflection

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    even if she would forget again or giving an excuse, it doesn’t matter to me.” “How do you feel about Sophia, honestly?” “I like her. She is a good teacher, soft. Never threw a chalk at my face.” I deliberately teased her. She laughed and said, “I think you've started to learn catching the chalk.” “I will never waste any chalk no more.” “I... ... middle of paper ... ...another dinner date for us and this time the date is on me. I want to make it a surprise. I want to present the best for my Rina

  • How I Learned To Read And Write

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    Ron Padgett, the author of Creative Reading, recalls how he learned to read and write as though these things happened yesterday. Like Padgett, I tried recalling my reading and writing history. When my parents read to me, they enjoyed reading Dr. Suess books, which became popular with the publication of The Cat In The Hat. I was only interested in looking at books with color. When the books were colorful they grabbed my attention quickly. I couldn’t wait for my parents to come in my room at

  • Crystal Meth The Drug of Choice for Young People

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    Crystal meth has surpassed cocaine as the drug of choice for young people and has left a large amount of destroyed lives in its aftermath. Meth addiction runs unrestrained in America and throughout the world. Crystal meth also known as crystal methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant. Methamphetamine affects the centers of the brain that control judgment, control reward, and control memory. Women are more likely to use meth than cocaine. The average high from Methamphetamine lasts between

  • The Battle of Takur Ghar

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    The Battle of Takur Ghar was a short but intense military engagement between United States special operations forces and al Qaeda insurgents fought in March 2002, at the top of the Takur Ghar Mountain in Afghanistan. The Battle proved to be the deadliest entanglement of Operation Anaconda, an effort early in the war in Afghanistan to route al Qaeda forces from the Shahi-kot Valley and Arma Mountains. The battle saw three U.S. Helicopters landing on the mountain top, each greeted by direct fire from

  • Red Pigment Of Cinnabar

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    Cinnabar, also known as vermillion, is a bright red pigment made of the Cinnabar mineral which is chemically a mercury sulphide compound. Cinnabar (HgS), main ore of mercury is crushed and ground to powder which serves directly as a pigment. The ore is found in Central India. Red Ochre (Geru) Red Ochre (Geru in Hindi) is a pigment abundantly used in Indian paintings. Its deposits are found in almost all parts of India. The colour of red ochre is not as bright as that of Cinnabar but it

  • Argumentative Essay On Pan's Labyrinth

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    her disobedience of eating the “forbidden fruit” was the probable cause to the death of the two fairies. Although I think differently, Ofelia’s fantasy world may be very much real; otherwise, how could she escape from a dungeon with just a piece of chalk. Or how did she have the ability to heal her mother, if only temporarily, by placing the mandrake root under her bed. Based on my interpretation of the movie, Ofelia’s magical world is a figment of her imagination that draws parallels to the real world

  • Life Is A Road Of Obstacles

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    Life is a road of obstacles in which you step on nails, broken glass, hot coals, and blades of steel. Your feet bleed and your wounds throb, but how do we persevere? How do we keep pushing on from the nails digging at our strength, the glass biting on our pride, the coals burning our hope, and the blades shredding our dreams? The roads we tread on test us and break us down into dust. The persistence to walk through and keep fighting lies within us. We falter and stop, but undoubtedly and without

  • Matilda

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    Matilda Squinting her eyes and concentrating very hard, Matilda managed to tip the glass of water over onto Miss Trunchbull, this being only the beginning of what was to happen next with her new found powers. Matilda, by Roald Dahl was creative and fun. I recommend it to anyone who is in for a little youthful adventure. It tells the story of a little girl with a horrible life. Her parents have no interest in her, and the Headmistress at her school is monstrous. Matilda deals with her problems