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  • The Dangers Of Indifference In Life, By Martin Niemoller

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    Indifference is like an addiction that slowly outgrows from the inside of a person until there is absolute “no concern” left. Once indifference engulfs a person, it is very strenuous to recover from such a disease. Every human being has evidently dealt with this state of indifference, a simple yet perilous state in which individuals create an arbitrary world around them and conclusively decide upon taking no action to another person's’ struggles. The dangers of indifference effect and ultimately

  • Poetry Analysis: A Life By Sylvia Plath

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    Born on October 27, 1932 in a suburb of Boston Massachusetts, Sylvia Plath was a famous poet, novelist, and writer. Publishing her first poem in the Boston Herald’s children section, at the age of eight, showed her early interest in poetry. Subsequent to her fathers death, Sylvia Plath’s family moved to Wellesley Massachusetts, where she continued the duration of her scholastic experience until college. Sylvia Plath could be described as an exemplary daughter and star student who earned straight

  • ' The Moment You Believe Something Is Impossible, It Is?

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    “The moment you believe something is impossible, it is.” This quote can be can be applied to many things in a lot of people’s lives. The first time I heard this quote I was driving around with Brady DeJoode after lifting the summer going into my junior year. It was in Mike Stud’s song Mike Jordan. This quote has stuck with me ever since because having the mindset that something is possible is the first step in achieving this goal or desire. On the contrary, if someone goes into a challenge thinking

  • Analysis Of Richard Garner's Production Of Dracula

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    When I sat down at the Cabell theatre with my friends to see Dracula, an usher provided each of us with a program. On the first page of this program were written the words “The Gainesville Theatre Alliance proudly presents, Dracula.””. All of the individuals involved should share the same choice of words to describe this production: proud. Director Richard Garner’s production of Dracula provides its audience with much to be absorbed. From its bleak and hopeless tones to its spectacular cast, Dracula

  • Theme Of The Lottery And The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

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    “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and “The Ones Who walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin seem to have few differences when it comes to plot and theme.. Both stories paint a picture of a perfect society built on dark secrets of human sacrifice and tradition. From start to finish the authors follow parallel story lines.. It seems the two stories were meant to teach the reader about blind attachment to repetitive rituals and the darkness of sacrifice. The two stories start off with the same calm

  • False Advertisement Analysis

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    We all see numerous advertisements everyday and think nothing of them. Instead of reading through them we just look at them for what they are, maybe colorful, full of fun and catchy words or phrases, and pictures plastered on billboards, in magazines, newspapers, etc. From listening to my english instructor I realized that ads are advertising a lot more than they claim to be, especially ones about alcohol. In my essay about "false advertisements" I've elaborated on how ads about alcohol are sending

  • The Complete Maus : Homework Task

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    The Complete MAUS: Homework Task 1. What did you think was the message of the book? Why? Make reference to details from the book in your answer. The author clearly states in the graphic novel that “I-I never thought of reducing it to a message I mean. I wasn’t trying to CONVICE anybody of anything.” Spiegelman represents a struggle to create meaning out of both the Holocaust and what happened to his father afterwards. Art says to Francoise at one point: “I can’t even make any sense of out my relationship

  • Gothic Elements In Gothic Literature

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    In the late 18th century/early 19th century, gothic literature was introduced to England and quickly migrated to the United States. It falls under the classification of romantic literature, where hope in the feelings, senses, and imagination were enhanced. Gothic literature is more dark and tragic than other romantic works of the period and influenced many stories of the time including, but not limited to, Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Claire Bampton and Mary Shelley, Wuthering Heights

  • The Black Cat - Abnormal Madness

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    The  Black Cat - Abnormal Madness It seems that almost every Edgar Allen Poe story ever written has a much deeper and darker meaning hidden inside its lines.  Many of these pieces are demented enough even if the reader does not read "between the lines." "The Black Cat" is an example of this kind of story.  In this morbid look into the narrator's mind, the reader follows the narrator as he does many disturbing things in his household.  This story, like many of Poe's other pieces, is a venture into

  • Family History Project

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    Print. "The Philippines and the U.S.: An Enduring Connection." Filipino Americans : Asian-Nation. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2014. . "U.S. Immigration Legislation: 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (Hart-Cellar Act)." U.S. Immigration Legislation: 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (Hart-Cellar Act). N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Mar. 2014. . Wills, Chuck. Destination America. New York: DK Pub., 2005. Print.