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  • Spider and Opiliones

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    Arachnida – opiliones are not spiders. Opiliones, sometimes mistaken for spiders, are known by some as “harvestsmen;” others call them “daddy longlegs.” Spiders in the family Pholcidae are also called “daddy longlegs,” but they are more commonly known as “cellar spiders.” (3) People confuse these two long-legged arachnids, and while they may look similar, numerous differences have been discovered and observed in all aspects of their lives. Body Spiders have two visible body segments – the cephalothorax,

  • Death Of The Romanov Death

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    way. On the 17th of July 1918, in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the death of the imperial Romanov family occurred. Awoken in the middle of the night, with the idea of being photographed, the family of seven, a doctor, and 3 servants were taken down to a cellar and there they learned of their fate. On March 15, 1917, a little over a year before their death, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated the throne. He and his family went under house arrest after his abdication and remained so until their death. Their

  • Wine Collecting

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    or it dies a premature death in the closet, garage, or warm cellar. The Passive Wine Cellar You might be fortunate enough to have conditions suitable for what is called a passive wine cellar. However, unless you inherited a castle in Scotland, this is highly doubtful. If the place where you intend to store your wine is very cool – below 60°F – and very damp -75 percent humidity- all year around, you can the lucky owner of a passive cellar. It is called passive because you do not have to do anything

  • Ghost House

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    trace but the cellar walls.” By his description of the house he seems unhappy with the condition of the house. In lines 11-13 he says “I dwell with a strangely aching heart in that vanished abode far apart on that disused road.” It is evident that he is feeling wistful and melancholy. Also you can tell he is not pleased with the visit and the way the house looks. In lines 1-3 the speaker says “I dwell in a lonely house I know that vanished many a summer ago, and left no trace but the cellar walls.” It

  • Lizzie Borden Case Study

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    Lizzie Borden (Final)     Axe in Cellar. No Fishing Pole. Ate three Pears. These are three of the  reasons of the Lizzie Borden case.The issue of the Lizzie Borden case is a complex one, but it is vital to discuss because there are many reasons why she could be proved guilty ,but there are also reasons why she should be proved not guilty. In the 1880’s the people thought that Lizzie Borden was not guilty.There was seven witnesses. The witnesses was Dr. Benjamin Handy, Hyman Lubinsky, Adelaide Churchill

  • Symbolism in "The Masque of the Red Death" and "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe

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    story develops Montessor expresses his desire to kill Fortunato for his insults. Montressor knows that he cannot just kill Fortunato; he knows he must do it so that he doesn’t place himself at risk. After tricking Fortunato into Montresor’s wine cellars in hopes of tasting a cask of Amontillado, Montressor entombs Fortunato in a wall crypt to remain hidden forever. Throughout the story some of the most notable symbols are Fortunato’s outfit and the nitre on the walls. To distract his guest, Prince

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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    a Hot Tin Roof many changes are made evident. In 1958, movie laws regulated what could be said and shown in movies. Because of this, there were many small changes, along with some large changes such as the story about skipper, the storm, and the cellar scene. These changes made a great difference between the movie and the play. There are many minor differences between the play and the movie of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. When converting the play to a movie many aspects were lost. One thing that changed

  • Twisted

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    sound like 2. How did parents direct us C.     What was seen 1.     How did the storm look 2.     What did the tornado look like II.     What was on the farm A.     House B.     Storm Cellar C.     Animals D.     Trees E.     Newly plowed and planted fields III. Where did we go A.     Root cellar B.     Neighbor III.     What did the tornado do A.     To the farm B.     To the family I guess everyone experiences at least one terrifying event in his or her lifetime. How

  • Short Story - The Thud

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    from, You scared me half to death." Arching its back it rubbed against Rose's thigh. "You must be hungry? How about a bowl of milk?" She rose to her feet and opened the fridge door. "Just a cat indeed," the man whispered from the shadows of the cellar. Candlelight glinted off the butcher knife in his fist.

  • Immigration And Immigration Act Essay

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    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also as known as the Hart-Cellar Act, was a crucial act about immigration policy of the United States in the twentieth century. This act was enacted by the 89th United States Congress. It became effective on June 30, 1968. The 1965 Immigration Act caused a steady increase in immigration. It made some major adjustments about immigration’s target population. It created the basic standards for new admissions of immigration which were mostly still applicable