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    The castle, a strong stone structure, which invokes images of kings and knights, dragons and princesses, is such an integral part of medieval history. One cannot think history without thinking about the towering structures of stone that dominated the green landscapes of the past. These stone monoliths served many purposes: buildings of government, defense, symbols of power, and homes. Just as it has varied purposes, the castles diverse and interesting history, from tiny wooden structures to the behemoth

  • Thornbury Castle

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    Thornbury Castle The first part of the assignment concerns the characteristics of Thornbury Castle, and in particular its defensive and palace like features. Having visited the site, in my opinion Thornbury Castle displays both defensive and luxurious, palace like features. The Castle has the beginning of a ditch which could be argued as being a moat. Crennelations, machicolations, gun/arrow loops and portcullis grooves are all strong defensive features included in the building of Thornbury

  • Portchester Castle

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    Portchester Castle Portchster Castle is a concentric castle, dating from Roman times situated at the top of Portsmouth harbour. It has a 9-acre site and was built from flint and stone. The castle had bastions and a tidal moat, at the centre of the castle would have been accommodation. Portchester Castle was originally built by the Romans to protect the South coast of England from invasion by the Saxons. Portchester was one of a series of forts built around the country and was typical of

  • Kenilworth Castle

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    look, Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, England, seems more like an abandoned ruin than an information-packed historical museum. Guests mill around the ruins, feel the stones, peer out between small tower windows, and stroll across the green hill into the gardens. There are not very many guides leading tours, at least during the winter, and those “telephone-like” self-guided tours squawking in visitors’ ears at so many public museums are nonexistent. Instead, Kenilworth Castle is allowed to steep

  • Whittington Castle

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    Whittington Castle When assigned the England project, I wanted to research something having to do with my heritage. My ancestors originate from England. Correspondingly, I chose Whittington Castle. According to an old English legend, one of my family ancestors, Dick Whittington, set out from the castle for London, in search of his fortune. After residing in London for a time, Dick Whittington went on to be "thrice Lord Mayor of London". That piece of history supposedly occurred in 1368, but

  • British Castles

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    BRITISH CASTLES Great Britain’s castles exemplify artistic characteristics and were essential elements in the lives of kings, lords, nobles, and chieftains. The word castle means a building or group of buildings usually intended as a residence of a king, lord, noble, or chieftain. There are many different types of castles, and the features about them are simply amazing. Warfare was also an important issue involving castles. They had to have some means of protection. The castles reached their

  • The castle review

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    The Castle The Castle, directed by Rob Sitch, is an Australian comedy, which delves into the lives of a stereotypical Australian family, the Kerrigans. The film touchs on issues close to home in a humourous way. The audience is introduced to the classic Aussie family, narrated in the viewpoint of the youngest of the Kerrigans, Dale. The setting is a lower class Melbourne suburb, adjacent to an airport. The head of the Kerrigan household, Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton), is simple, but a man of

  • Castles Made of Sand

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    Castles Made of Sand The song "Castles Made of Sand" was written by Jimi Hendrix in his album "Axis: Bold As Love," released in May of 1967. This song is basically composed of three narratives of life situations. The recurring theme throughout this song is slight variations of the line: "castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually." The overall message of this song seems to be that love, dreams, happiness and even life itself cannot be depended on to last. The first verse of the song

  • Castle Defense Architecture

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    Castle architecture was significant when constructing the ideal stronghold defensive castle. The architect and builders of the fortress had concise thoughtfulness into the construction of natural area, walls, towers, and gateways. The natural area gave the castle extra protection from the surrounding area, while the walls, towers, and gateways all amalgamated to protect the inside of the castle and protect the castle’s weakest points. Before the castle could even be constructed, they first had to

  • The Origin of Norwich Castle

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    ditches this all this was to set in motion the ground work for the castle of Norwich. Edward Boardman a Norwich born architect completed the Norwich Castle, a medieval and fantastic defense structure in the city of Norwich which was one of the greatest castles of its time because of its architecturally advanced structure, a symbol of military power, and a symbol of political control that was founded by the Normans. Norwich Castle, a royal fortification was founded by William the Conqueror between

  • The Castle by Rob Sitch

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    Darryl’s life is worth fighting for. “You can’t buy what I’ve got.” ‘The Castle’ directed by Rob Sitch, about one man, his family and neighbours on the verge of being homeless. Darryl Kerrigan, the “backbone of the family” won’t stand for that. Of course no one can buy what he has. He’s spent almost his entire lifetime building what he has, why should he give it up? Darryl’s way of life is simple yet filled with family values. 3 Highview Crescent is the home to Darryl, his wife Sal and their 3 children:

  • Medieval Castles

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    Medieval Castles and their Interior Although it is thought that medieval times were barbaric they too enjoyed many comforts we still do today. There is much more to the castle then its’ size or the stone arches inside which are still used in many homes today. Castles today are still flocked to by millions of people every year. Sometimes you even see copies of castles right here in the U.S.A but they are not quite the same. Although they were originally built

  • Analysis of The Last Castle

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    Analysis of The Last Castle In the film, The Last Castle, I found many aspects and theories that involve organizational communication throughout the movie. The film is about a US prison where the prisoners have formally served in the military and have committed crimes while serving their time. The movie shows how the prisoners come together when a former well-respected general is sent there to overpower the man that runs the facility. The first theory and probably the most noted theory is the

  • Crusader Castle Essay

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    the crusader castles was Crac des Chevalliers, that is Castle of the Knights in Syria. This castle is described as being the best conserved. In 1142, the castle was given to the Knights Hospitallers remodeled and developed it into the most well-known work of military architecture of all time during the next fifty years. With its location of 700 meters above sea level, and in between the valleys of Homs and Tripoli, and being the perfect design of middle age fortification, the castle was never taken

  • Chastershire Castle Attack Essay

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    Under Attack and Defence Many different clans and castles would have wanted attack Chastershire Castle to overthrow the King and Queen and take over such a powerful castle. To defend from such attack, Chastershire had built in defensive mechanisms and highly trained guards & knights. The Castle was defended with ease from all of the different attacks used in the Medieval Era. Chastershire was prepared for anyone who wanted to attack by climbing over the walls by rope, ladder or siege tower by not

  • British Castles

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    Castles have been, for many centuries, a symbol of great power and wealth. Originally built for protection, many designs of castles focused on defense mechanisms to keep the people of the land safe when under attack (McCulloch). William the Conqueror was the first ruler to bring castles to British lands after he invaded England from France. Building castles was the most efficient way for William to rule over his newly claimed land(Hull). Today, many people visit these castles to experience the greatness

  • Of Castles And Kings (chess)

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    Of Castles and Kings Chess, which is believed to have originated in India, has come a long way since it’s earliest record and perhaps violent history. Since it’s origin, chess has undergone a few changes. One of the biggest changes in chess is the switch from classical openings to a new style referred to as hypermodern openings. Before you can understand this change, you must know about the history, rules, and strategy of chess. There are many theories about the origination of chess. The most popular

  • Medieval Castles and Life of the Nobility

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    of battlements--Castles have the power to fascinate us in a way that few buildings have,” writes Christopher Gravett in The History of Castles. Even though the majority of castles across the world have similar basic structures, each country has its own personal style and touch to it. Castles are renowned around the world for their mysteries and their association with princesses such as Cinderella, but in reality they are much more complex than one would think. In their era, castles were centers for

  • Medieval Castle Research Paper

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    In modern times people look at castles and think of kings, queens, and luxurious living. But, nobody ever looks back to the time when castles were first built to find the truth of castles. When looking back at the Medieval Times, it is difficult to tell whether castles really did made life better and luxurious, or if the common stereotype of today is wrong. Castle life in the Medieval times definitely have the upsides that people can so easily think of. But there are also many downs that surprise

  • The Nature of Space in Kafka's The Castle

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    The Nature of Space in Kafka's The Castle From the end of the nineteenth century to the outbreak of World War I, great developments in technology and knowledge brought about significant changes in the way man viewed time and space. The necessity of clear train schedules led to the development of World Standard Time and the plurality of private time. In regards to space, with which this paper deals, man moved into other subjective realms beyond the two and three dimensions