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  • The Role of Dreams in Genesis, Song of Songs, and The Oresteia

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    The Role of Dreams in Genesis, Song of Songs, and The Oresteia When describing the role of dreams in ancient texts, Freud wrote, “They took it for granted that dreams were related to the world of the supernatural beings in whom they believed, and that they brought inspirations from the gods and demons.  Moreover, it appeared to them that dreams must serve a special purpose in respect of the dreamer; that, as a rule, they predicted the future.”   He goes on to explain the findings of a fellow

  • Reproduction of the Oikos in Aeschylus’ Oresteia

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    Aeschylus’ Oresteia is the chronicles of a cursed family that includes a circle of betrayal, adultery, and murder, among other things. The Greek word oikos can be used to describe the Greek family structure. In Homer’s Odyssey, two polar opposites of oikoi are given. First, the son of Odysseus’ son Telemachus meets Nestor, who symbolizes a near-perfect oikos . The family is involved in a large sacrificial feast upon the arrival of Telemachus . He also utilizes xenia, the Greek word for manners or

  • Greek Prophetess-cassandra

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    seek advice from prophets or prophetesses (individuals who had special powers to speak on behalf of a god or foretell the future). Besides referring to an altar, the word oracle also refers to the prophet or prophetess, and to his/her prophecy” (Cassandra). The Ancient Greeks wholly believed in these sacred persons. When disease would corrupt a city, the people would go to the shrines to ask a prophet to speak on behalf of the gods. Once the Greeks knew the cause of the plague, they would do everything

  • cassandra Maas

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    Throughout World War I, there were various aspects that defined the war. Some involved direct combat, while others involved new technologies that had not previously been available. These new technologies affected the entire outcome of the war. All of the countries had different methods of communication, which enabled some to communicate more efficiently and faster than others. Without these methods of communication – utilizing new electrical communication devices, using animals effectively, and depending

  • Cassandra as a Tragic Figure

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    Cassandra as a Tragic Figure Cassandra is a tragic figure in Agamemnon. She is destroyed by a web of circumstances beyond her control, but not beyond her awareness. Cassandra has full knowledge of what is going to happen, yet she cannot change the tragic events. Cassandra’s tragic role is Agamemnon is best filled in three instances: as Cassandra is getting out of the chariot, during her dialogue with the leader of the chorus when she reveals her prophecy, and as she is approaching the doors

  • City of Bones

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    My book was The City of Bones, written by Cassandra Clare. As a child Cassandra spent a lot of time traveling around the world. She went to Los Angeles for high school. After high school she worked for many entertainment and tabloids. She began writing fan fiction using the name Cassandra Clare. She deleted her fan fiction shortly before she wrote her first novel, “City of Bones”. Cassandra has written many other books, including the rest of the series to City of Bones. City of Ashes is the second

  • “Cassandra” Florence Nightingale Historical Analysis

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    “Cassandra” is about Florence Nightingale’s effort to overcome her frustration of discrimination of sexism, as well as how she is affected by such a judicious and dictated society, and how her representation of women’s rights helped evolve the outlook of women during the Victorian Era. In the excerpt “Cassandra” by Florence Nightingale, Nightingale directs the passage toward the tragic condition in which women lived in the nineteenth century. In the excerpt, the character “Cassandra” is compared

  • Review of a Cassandra Wilson Concert

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    If it is blues and jazz style of music that is missing in life then check out Cassandra Wilson. The Warfield was the site of this performance which began at about eight p.m. on February 29th. The show began late and ran for about two hours. The was no opening performance just Wilson's set. At different intervals some tuning was necessary due to the instruments banging around in the tour bus that was parked outside. The stage was set up with basic blues and jazz instruments in addition to some

  • Hero Journey Books Description

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    The first steps in the journey are: accepting the call, crossing the threshold, and making allies. These three beginning steps will allow a hero to progress in their passage to become a hero. This is just how Clarissa Fray begins her journey in Cassandra Clare’s novel City of Bones: Mortal Instruments. In the beginning, Clarissa learns about whom she really is and the truth about her mother. Then she learns that the world she lives in is not as normal as she thought it to be. As her adventure continues

  • City Of Ashes Sparknotes

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    City Of Ashes, is an extraordinary book by Cassandra Clare, which was published on March 25th 2008, by and is actually the second book of The Mortal Instruments series, in this book Clary Fray is having some problems in which Simon her best friend is in love with her; Jace, her crush, is actually her brother; her mom is in the hospital in a coma — oh and her dad is making an army of demon to take over the world. The story begins when Clary returns to the institute and receives a text from Isabelle